this year…

I want to be more positive about a lot of things. I mean, sometimes I think the worst about nothing at all, but if I project this outward, I’ll only get it back in return. And the cycle will continue. So no, this is not me. I want my fun-loving, ever-confident, don’t-give-a-shit girl back. *nods* I love the people around me, so I should definitely let them know in ways that I know how. And learn new ways of doing it too if I can.

Also, I think it’s time to restart my running. The end year adventures really made me gain a whopping 3kg in 2 months. _$)^(#+$&)*@#+^_! Great part is that when Evelyn comes back in April I’ll get my TomTom Runner which I won off eBay. Whopping $70. HELL YEAH! =D No more lugging around 20 items with me (keys, ID, money, phone… damnit so mafan) and the heaviest is definitely my phone. The rest, I can deal with. I want to run another 21km. I think I can do it with better timing. My first run in Penang (granted, it was a mostly straight, uninteresting trek) took me around 3 hours. I wanna slice that to 2.5 hours if I can.. I don’t believe I cannot do it!

Work has been crawling, I think I’ve been focusing more on coordinating efforts and communicating between teams and team members, which is something I seem to excel in. A Human BabelFish, if you will. Hahahah! But I really think it’s not that tricky – just a matter of understanding what makes each side tick, and translating the core message between the two parties (or multiple, depending on how things go). Also still playing a super advisory role – what *should* we do, planning stuff, looking forward and from a bird’s eye view. This is tricky. But I do miss times where I can just sit and fully focus on my coding task(s) instead of throwing them aside – I’m sure they feel unloved! DON’T WORRY I’LL BE BACK FOR YOUUUUU <3 I also want to learn to cook better. I seem to be flopping magnificently in most kitchen adventures, something which I wanna improve on. I can grasp things theoretically, and pretty quickly too.. but when it comes to the actual action I feel like I'm going to make everything explode. I CAN DO EETS. AND I WILL. Somewhat related to all of the above - I also want to be a better girlfriend. Yes, that's right. However that may be. Trust, communication, taking care of myself, and finding pockets of time with the ever-busy boyfriend and making those moments count. Pictures? Words? Gifts? Laughs? Kisses? I'm all in. I need to be brave - this is just as good as every other adventure that I will go through in my life. *hmph* Here's to a great 2015! And Happy Chinese New Year! =D

quarter life crisis

Mom woke me up singing this song today, and it was soooo funny and cute and sweet and cheesy at the same time! XD


Work today didn’t really feel like work. Then again, I didn’t really do that much work to begin with. =P

Not gonna deny it, wasn’t expecting the little diversion, birthday cake, and the Hatsune Miku Append Nendroid figurine! :3

Also, all the Facebook messages on my wall was really nice too! =D Especially from people whom I haven’t heard from in awhile, it was nice of them =)

Took the family out to dinner at Decanter, and I’m glad they liked it alot! =) We had some good food – from soft-shell crabs to rack of lamb, and they even had to turn off the central a/c to let me blow the candle out on my little slice of cake! ^___^


Let this year be one that I will continue to love and appreciate the people I have in my life now, and to welcome those that will make my life memorable, and fun, and happy =)

Looking back at the past year, I suppose it was a year of growth, personally.
I’m glad to have stuck around my current workplace, it’s allowed me to grow as a person, and to grow as a programmer.
Lindy has allowed me to remain the youngest at heart (at the expense of being called the smurfette), and has introduced alot of interesting characters into the mix of regulars.
My love life was a real roller coaster, but I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learnt from it all – I don’t regret a single moment of it.
My family has always been there for me, and I have tried my best to be there for them too, and they’ve taught me countless lessons, or made me re-learn certain lessons that I might have forgotten.
To my nakamas, we have always, always been there for each other – and I hope that it will stay that way =)
I’ve grown much closer to some friends, more distant to some other friends.. but hopefully the bond that we have will remain, for these people collectively have made such an impact to my life that I wouldn’t be me without them!

And to the greater God somewhere out there, whoever and wherever you are… thank you for everything.

attempt at being a smartass – faaaiilled.

sigh, just killed my Friday night mood because I realized, when I changed the code just a little too much (going beyond the call of duty?), I caused another problem to occur. One that didn’t get reported till I was out to dinner with mom. So I spent the evening being stressed about what possible mistake I could have done to cause such an error.

On the brighter side of things, it was wrongly overcharging as compared to undercharging, so situation could still be salvaged. Although it meant some people (or rather, *one* person) had to do some extra manual work.

Spaghetti code – the best way to torture the next person who’s going to take over your bits of code. Seriously. Some scripts I look at, I cry. How can they ever let this go into production? But I guess that tends to happen when you have extremely limited resources working around the clock trying to maintain the damn thing. Patch after patch after patch – reminiscent of a time long gone (to be accurate, almost 2 friggin’ years ago!)

Lesson learned: Do not cincai try to improve things when you don’t understand how the system works as a whole. All that patching was there for some reason, even if it defies your logic. And today I also learned that I don’t necessarily believe in the “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” principle. If coding looks like shit, my fingers are itching to fix it and untangle that mess into something more presentable. Maybe I’m a closet OCD. I dunno.

writing time

Installed FC15 + Gnome3 on shirohiro, it’s been a good 2 weeks. =)

First time though I managed to bork the install by installing the OS on my thumbdrive =_= *note to self: NEVER do huge installs at 1:30AM*

Still takes some getting used to since I’ve been on Windows for so long (even if my workstation is using the exact same config, but still!)

Few things I love about Fedora though:
No more ctrl+alt+del, kill is my new best friend (esp on a machine as old as this one)
Startup/shutdown/wakeup is fast!
I really do like the Empathy/Evolution integration (even though I’m abit more used to Pidgin but not a real issue here)
My geekdom factor just upped by around 10points XD

Nevermind that not everything is as polished on Fedora (no iTunes! I think I’ve gotten used to iTunes more than I realize~) Cataloguing my incoming music will be that bit more un-fun. =P

Colleague’s gonna be away in SG for awhile, some visa-related matters. Gonna miss the guy, he’s really fun to work with and has a lot of quirks that is like a ‘habit’ of sorts. Not having him around to go “Hello!” in the way that he does is abit.. =( *sadface! but he’ll be back sometime next month, so we’ll just have to fill in the void somehow =P

So we had a little ‘farewell party’ of sorts by going for an epic 6-hour karaoke sesh yesti. Really, really really had a lot of fun! Some fails from the night:

Ed: “I don’t know this song la! Forgot the lyrics already!”
Me: “Eh what kind of excuse is this, the lyrics are on the screen lar!”

lawl, tried to do a last-minute save, but failed!

That, and Adam calling out randomly to people and getting all these “deer stuck in headlights” looks immortalized on his DSLR. Geezus we look terrible in them!

12 of us squished into a pretty small room, made it cosy! And alot of people yelling to Aerosmith and Queen songs (among others) was really. Awesome.

One of the reasons why I love the place I work at now. XD

Work’s been flatlining. Not that I’ve none to do, just that I keep generating incomplete bits of code and that’s just abit frustrating. Everytime I test it, I discover new problems. So fix, fix, fix. And I have people on the other end asking me “So when can we finally release it?”

Please let the testing go OK tomorrow then I can ditch this module already ~___~

bits and pieces

wandered around the net and read a blog that made me feel abit depressed. I guess, let bygones be bygones. I am a mostly shallow creature – my life’s too short to be unhappy.

Over the weekend I was asking myself if I was getting involved in too many projects at once. I find focusing on one tough enough, and I’ve got 2 now. o_______O I CAN DO IT! Maybe I just need to spend more late nights, I find somehow coding keeps me pumped and awake. Realized my full potential as an antisocial happeninglife coder after #hackweekend, haha!

I think I might end up liking someone after all, but no. Now’s not the time. I think.

Lindy keeps me happy =) Saw a lengzhai (maybe 2) newb lead(s)! How rare is that! XD

Work’s been good. Busy good. =D The new intern’s in, he’s a talllll guy. haha! “A new challenger has arrived!” Also, been doing stupid things – talking to the server room, mishearing things all day, and accidentally booting Nick out (and him booting me out) of the same server.

caturday noons

went out with pika + wh, chris + eve.  lawl I am such a tiang lampuuuuuuu!

We originally intended to go to Dirty Nelly’s, but the plan failed seeing that the place was closed when we reached there close to 1pm! -.- so we ended up going to Craftbrews and had a pretty long and satisfying lunch. =D The burger tasted great but I dunno why the patty was so crumbly. Still loved the goreng-pisang tasting potato wedges. XD

Ended up watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes after lunch – it’s a really good movie! I clicked with it on a more personal level though, seeing the pain that Rob had to go through with his father having Alzheimer’s and him desperately trying to cure him of it. But on the flipside I was pretty amused to see some comedy sitcom actors in the movie. 3rd Rock from the Sun (zomg 90s series, does anyone remember this?) and Fraiser!

edit: just ninja-pressed some key (I think) and suddenly my screen’s reso is 1024×768… whaaaa?! I need to learn how to do that!

laugh, and laugh

I don’t remember laughing so much ever over the span of 48 hours – it seems to me that every single thing is funny, or just good to laugh at. So much so I ran out of breath a couple of times, and I still giggle to myself even after 15 mins of practically laughing at the same thing.

Funny (ok, pun so intended) thing is that I’ve been really enjoying my colleagues’ company. I mean, I know they’re nice and everything, but the crazy side of them is something I can really click with, and I’m glad I had the chance to get to know this side of them.

I remember same time last year, when I was still pretty fresh in this place, and I was thinking that I really didn’t quite fit in. As in, it wasn’t too difficult to talk to people as is, but to gel into their group dynamics was abit of a challenge because there were some things that they found funny that I didn’t – to the point that I thought some of it was offensive. So I did keep my distance abit, just trying to figure out how they worked, how I worked, and how both could integrate.

Strange, but now that I think of it, was probably for the best. Looking at the way things turned out so far, I’m glad I’m here, and met them. I’m having a different sort of fun at work, and having my fair share of serious moments.

Things like these, make me thankful that I’m where I am, doing what I’m doing. Although there are aspects I would like to change, and I will get around to making that happen, I’m just glad I’m here. =)

on traveling, happenings and what not! I love it =)

haven’t been here for awhile. So many, many, many things have been happening.

and poof, just like that, April’s gone.

I’ve yet to have a full writeup of my amazing time in San Francisco – I had such a hard time leaving the place. The kind of… mm.. aura that you get from the place – it’s relaxing, goes at its own pace, and really welcoming. Well, in the lindy scene, I really felt that. And I really loved it! =) Even if it meant putting myself out there more than usual, it was worth it. Danced with alot of cute guys, talented dancers, and met alot of new people. Loved the people I was staying with, just sort of living their lifestyle made me wish I lived there. gosh!

Visited Golden Gate Park 3x! Went to the Golden Gate twice, Haight Street is super awesome. Got this really lovely pair of heels there, and I think I wear it more often than any of my other shoes (at the moment).


Then there was the Labor Day weekend in Kuta, Bali. A pity that it was a guided tour, cause I think we would have seen more things on our own. =P The food generally sucked – except for 2 meals. First meal was the one we had on our own at some nearby Warong in Kuta downtown. Granted, it was nasi goreng, but it was pretty good =) The second meal was the lunch on the last day – I will never forget the awesomeness that is Nasi Timbel Komplit. ZOMG I WANNA GO BACK AND EAT THERE AGAAAINN!!

Then there was the really awesome night we had at Hard Rock Cafe. The band was amazing, their covers were good, and the band really had chemistry – with the audience, and amongst themselves. Had a mix of both male and female singers, so that was a refreshing change. I normally see all one gender or the other. We had a group of 6; but 3 of us drank a fair bit, I remember slurring, and I could barely keep my eyes open. Damn man, that was kind of risky. but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnn they were good. I was totally sold after they performed “Use Somebody”. XDXD I would love to see them live in KL.

Hmm the most fun I had was walking around Kuta and just *buying* things. Seriously. They’re nice, and they’re decently priced (as long as you give them the stare of death if they try to con you). Also, they really have master pengukir in Indo – such intricate designs on everyday things. In this aspect, it does remind me of Japan – their culture permeates and is a permanent inclusion in their daily lives, even with the rapid changing of times. This aspect I really love.

A pity we didn’t get to eat babi guling and we didn’t get to play in the sea, but hey, there’s a next time for that – I’m sure of it =)

Next trip: London for Reading Festival 2011, and being a tourist once more! =D Finally secured my tickets after a long period of dillydallying. Not good for the wallet, but still relatively affordable given the other choices we’ve had to work with o____o

Work’s been pretty slow after I got back, but the pace has been picking up again. I like. Dealing more with payment processing, and it’s quite interesting to see how messy some code can get simply because of the requirements thrown at the dept. Not entirely our dept’s fault, but I hope to clean it up a little. Ambitious plans for little ol’ me. =D I CAN DO EEEET.

And this week will be pretty happening for me too =D
Lindy classes on Monday,
Lindy socials on Tuesday,
Borneo Jazz Fest Preview on Wednesday,
Dinner on Thursday,
Karaoke on Friday,
Airport Driver duty and Meeting with Hou on Saturday.

I kinda love weeks like these sometimes =D
I remember having a period of time, 2 weeks where I had events and outings back to back – at the end of it all, I was just glad to have some time to myself. And a few weeks later, I’m thinking “man, I’m SO BORED!”

Satisfaction is a rare feeling for a human. Once obtained, hold on to it as long as possible! =P


Today was lihao’s (everyone calls him haoge) last day… lesigh! We pooled in some moneh to get him a digital photo frame filled with his old and new photos of days gone by, and someone chose some Sam Hui song which was.. super duper emo!~~ He kept touching the screen and stuff (haha obviously the Apple fanboy) and we had to tell him “oy, this isn’t an iPhone/iPad!” =P A day or two before we were drawing on pieces of paper to be scanned and put into the frame, which was a really nice idea =3

Totally unrelated, but loving jQuery =3 Its transitions and animation effects are ever so pretty! XD Also learned loads bout the sine wave and color spectrums and randomizing numbers! Combine all three and I get to tinker around with generating random colours to build a layout! (some part of it, anyway – and it turned out awesome!)

having so much fun generating random hues! Learnt alot about the color wheel and *sine waves* XDless than a minute ago via TwitterGadget

RGB+HSL=plenty of things one can do with colours. Spent most of the day admiring this and the final outcome of my experimentation – which was a success, if I do say so myself XDXDXDXD For this feature, save the paging and actual data retrieval, the layout look is more or less complete =3

Next week, I can move on with the next section! Yippee~

After work, some of them decided to stay back (they just live too far away to warrant a trip home and back for supper later… so they played WWE on the Xbox (lawl! classic!) and also earlier I stayed back awhile to play some really crappy games of pingpong (haha I’m not good at it, so there!) before I decided that I had embarrassed myself enough and that I should leave *nodnod*

Took a quick shower and headed back to office to get the rest of them to head out to supper! We kinda made sure it ended on a high note with a trip to tenji @ Solaris Mt Kiara!~~

The drive was kinda funny cause the Alza that was leading us was going so slowly Edwin (presumably and predictably) got impatient and just zoomed ahead – and I laughed knowing what would happen next. XD A minute or so later Novi’s phone rings – it’s a call from Feebs! (who was in Edwin’s car and he didn’t know the directions to the place, so put two and two together)  Had a good laugh and decided to take the lead..

Once we got there, whaddya know – we saw Seon and Anne parked at the row right in front of ours XD Talk about superb timing skills yawl =3 When we reached the restaurant, we saw heaps of people standing outside – hmm apparently the supper doesn’t start till 9:30PM so we waited for the rest to get in. Was kinda surprised to know that even with a reservation we were made to wait – but Alex (being Alex) said “eh what is this BS, I have to go make noise already!” Not surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait long before Yinchee comes over to say “Come on, let’s go!” XD And off we went to start the makans~~

As a buffet, it was pretty alright~ Loaded up on sashimi, took some rolls, had some teppan, and one of my faves (*takoyaki* YAY!) and also topped it off with some cheesecake. I took a small piece of tiramisu as well, but didn’t have the space for it. Ah well. Also, beer is free flow! XD Had two mugs of that while watching the 10PM game –  Portugal vs. Brazil!

In short:

the #por vs #bra game was… totally potong stim. ronaldo too busy faking his falls, and a slew of yellow cards in the first half. aish.less than a minute ago via Chromed Bird

Seriously lah! There were so many tries made on both sides but they all (less than spectacularly) failed! I mean this was such a boring game, really.

One, no exciting goals to shout to~
Two, you can kinda tell Brazil wasn’t really trying.
Three, Portugal players are fine actors – almost everything warrants a trip/fall onto the field and crying foul. Oh except for some that looked more painful like one of the Portugal players stepping on the Brazilian player’s ankle, or one of the Portugal players (again?) stepping on the back of the Brazilian goalie.

“You know why Brazil’s playing this way? Do you know who’s the coach this time? His strategy is to ‘play safe’ ma!”-kimwooi

Kinda sad that my parents don’t subscribe to sports – ‘twould be fun to watch at home, esp. all the 2:30AM games XDXD If that happens, it’s highly probable that I would also get afflicted with the “World Cup” syndrome~ Sleeping at lunchtime and rushing to the TV at indicated match times.

On another note, I do wish I got to know you better before you left. *pif! You’re a funny guy =3


It’s been awhile since I’ve placed shirohiro on a desk… it’s usually sitting on a chair… well I came home to a much more neatly organized room – this is usually a good indicator that guama was here. =P

The wind’s blowing pretty fiercely tonight – which reminds me of the classic line,

“‘Twas a Dark and Stormy night…”

Oh! Which reminds me – at lunch, we were talking about girls/boys’ schools versus mixed schools… and somehow, somewhere along the line we got to telling ghost stories that people hear of in school, to some super creepy abandoned hospital in Thailand where there’s this really really old wheelchair (made of wood) that moves on its own accord! Apparently some daredevils heard of the story and decided to check it out, and there are videos on it too! @__________@


A colleague I really wished I got to know better is leaving for good tomorrow. lesigh.

Somehow I can’t help but feel heavy-hearted. I know I’ve been through these kinds of situations before, but I guess there is no such thing as a perfect workplace and perfect colleagues. In search of the next greener grass field, we move from place to place till we find that one thing (or several things, really) that keeps us there.


Somehow, it’s always fun going grocery shopping – even funner still when someone else is there to buy you stuff you’d normally not buy XD So among the other things, I bought a little box of Ligo Raisins! Don’t tell me that doesn’t bring you down memory lane when you were a kid XDXD And a loaf of Gardenia Butterscotch bread, I really love the smell and to hell with the calorie count (not like I’ve ever paid *that* much attention to it anyway)


I want more Gregory Macguire books! Last weekend we stopped by the Curve – headed to Borders to check out what other titles look like fun to read, and I chanced upon some of his books. daammnnn I want moarrr~~


And my virgin experience with the iPad on Tues (or was it Wed?) was totally coooool~~ It really does have a solid build like the reviews say. Mainly I was looking at the various apps and I was surprised to find I actually knew *how* to make those effects come about! I feel so proud! XD The book I was reading really made some points click together XD Not a fan of the smudge-inviting surface, but that’s what touch devices are all about, isn’t it?

Explored the e-Reader, and some other apps downloaded by the boss on the device. The games are fun, making full use of the accelerometer and the popover menus and all the other fancy stuff. Was a pretty fun tool to do some oekaki-ing, and the digital keyboard app was fun (makes me miss my piano! *sob*) The user interface was quite easy to understand, and the keyboard response was accurate and surprisingly nice to use! (Was using the Notes app just to see what *else* it could do)