Serenity in the midst of chaos

Now we all know Hong Kong is really bustling, rarely a quiet moment to be had. Which was why the trip out to 志蓮淨苑 (Chi Lin nunnery) and 南蓮園池 (Nan Lian gardens) was absolutely worth the trip!

It’s free, and to wander about the place to take pictures of just rest and relax can really take up the better part of the day. (which it did for us) was really glad that my parents enjoyed themselves too cause it meant that nobody needed to rush around.

I remembered the taxi driver said to us that the begrudge restaurant there was super expensive and not with the money… Like taking tourists for a ride and ripping then off. So we took his advice and had a late lunch at the nearby Plaza Hollywood food court (Food Republic) which was also good. Wantan mee, with woh tip, and some steamed rice (with chicken feet + pork & squid mince) to share. And also had some cute pig shaped custard buns as dessert. XD

The cabbie on the ride home really dotes on his grandson, he chatted to mom about him while watching videos of him. Haha!

Also. 5 people to a cab kind of sucks when you’re the smallest person, but thankfully I didn’t have to feel cramped throughout a traffic jam.

Midnight meals on touchdown

Always the best. XD

Went to a random resto place opposite our hotel to have something to eat. Curry fried rice, porridge with pork+century eggs, mom-style beehoon canto style (but not as good as the one at home of course), one whole portion of siu yuk, and siu yuk + chicken rice! All devoured , all good.

The other thing is that 7-11 has some nice things too! Discovery of the night was definitely Kowloon Dairy milk. IN A GLASS BOTTLE! and if you return the glass bottle you can get a $1 refund! Quite neat XD glad they’re still staying true to the original. 😀