plans for the brand-new shirohiro 2.0

well, shirohiro 1.0 is currently 5.5 years old. From 2007 Jan – 2012 Jan, and with my brilliant deduction that 1 computer year = 20 human years.. shirohiro is a centenarian!

Time for a change.

  • Her parts are all creaky
  • She tends to run into bad sectors that just kills the entire OS (meaning I have to hard reboot just to use it again)
  • Lags like crazy (having *upgraded* from Windows XP SP3 to Fedora 15!)
  • Speakers which are completely gone (crackling sounds, anyone? Must’ve driven the sound driver insane until it spoiled)

So here’s what I’ve decided on – this time, shirohiro 2.0 will be a desktop. A mini desktop, nonetheless, but a desktop powerful enough by today’s standards. A facelift, because you deserve it! =)

Phase 1: The main parts and necessary components (including monitor, cause I don’t have one!)
Casing: SilverstoneTek SG06
Motherboard: AsusTek Z77E-ITX
CPU: Ivy Bridge i5-3570K
Monitor: LGIPS236V

Phase 2: The pretty parts, not completely necessary but I WILL GET THEM because I only build a box once in a lifetime.. rest of the time I’ll just be upgrading parts.
PSU: 600W
Cooling system: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo
Keyboard: WASD V1 Semi-Custom Keyboard with Cherry Blue switches

And I guess, that’s it for now :3 Project will start prolly late August. See how my financials go. =P

writing time

Installed FC15 + Gnome3 on shirohiro, it’s been a good 2 weeks. =)

First time though I managed to bork the install by installing the OS on my thumbdrive =_= *note to self: NEVER do huge installs at 1:30AM*

Still takes some getting used to since I’ve been on Windows for so long (even if my workstation is using the exact same config, but still!)

Few things I love about Fedora though:
No more ctrl+alt+del, kill is my new best friend (esp on a machine as old as this one)
Startup/shutdown/wakeup is fast!
I really do like the Empathy/Evolution integration (even though I’m abit more used to Pidgin but not a real issue here)
My geekdom factor just upped by around 10points XD

Nevermind that not everything is as polished on Fedora (no iTunes! I think I’ve gotten used to iTunes more than I realize~) Cataloguing my incoming music will be that bit more un-fun. =P

Colleague’s gonna be away in SG for awhile, some visa-related matters. Gonna miss the guy, he’s really fun to work with and has a lot of quirks that is like a ‘habit’ of sorts. Not having him around to go “Hello!” in the way that he does is abit.. =( *sadface! but he’ll be back sometime next month, so we’ll just have to fill in the void somehow =P

So we had a little ‘farewell party’ of sorts by going for an epic 6-hour karaoke sesh yesti. Really, really really had a lot of fun! Some fails from the night:

Ed: “I don’t know this song la! Forgot the lyrics already!”
Me: “Eh what kind of excuse is this, the lyrics are on the screen lar!”

lawl, tried to do a last-minute save, but failed!

That, and Adam calling out randomly to people and getting all these “deer stuck in headlights” looks immortalized on his DSLR. Geezus we look terrible in them!

12 of us squished into a pretty small room, made it cosy! And alot of people yelling to Aerosmith and Queen songs (among others) was really. Awesome.

One of the reasons why I love the place I work at now. XD

Work’s been flatlining. Not that I’ve none to do, just that I keep generating incomplete bits of code and that’s just abit frustrating. Everytime I test it, I discover new problems. So fix, fix, fix. And I have people on the other end asking me “So when can we finally release it?”

Please let the testing go OK tomorrow then I can ditch this module already ~___~

more gadget talk

daaammnnn been online window shopping for like 2 days now. I really really would love an upgrade. Was considering the notebooks (which i think is an awesome buy) or maybe I should settle for a AIO. Although the argument for them isn’t really great – I can’t bring it around with me, specs are not that great if compared to a full-blown desktop (it’s like, mm, desktop sized physically, but laptop-sized components & power). But it’s still pretty though! So. I considered these.

  • Obviously, iMac 21″ – pretty, and powerful. but gawd damn it’s expensive
  • MSI Wind Top AE2210 – pretty-ish, power enough, and most likely more decently priced
  • Lenovo ThinkEdge 91z – zomg AIO with SSD?! I would love to try this out.  and the slim factor is really neat =3
sigh, so many options. XD
Also, Jord said he would take over shirohiro if/when I got my replacement. I suppose it also solves the question of what to do with my old machine.
End of  the year, I’ll make my choice. *nodnods*

another contender

for shirohiro’s replacement: Asus U36SD

After all, pricing at around RM3,100 for the i5 option, 4GB RAM, sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Compared to my earlier (albeit loftier) ambitions of owning a MBA/Series 9 which has a price point of roughly RM5,000. Which is overkill for a laptop IMO, even shirohiro cost about the same price as this Asus at the time of purchase.

Question though, what do I do with this shirohiro 1.0 after I’ve obtained 2.0?

  1. give to guama to use as a glorified media player (lawl aichan, you know I love you!)
  2. reccy Lowyat to see which places accept trade-in, even if it’s just for RM200 or whatever
  3. use it as my secondary/backup in case the main fails, play around with synergy and look like a BOSS YO!
Right now, option #3 seems to be most appealing, but I’ll reconsider when I come to the point of actually buying the thing. Probably at the PC fair at the end of this year. =P