curiosity kinda does pay off

Woke up at around 730ish to go to Extreme Park Shah Alam after buying a deal from lifkor. =D Met up with Pika & Hong ge for brekkie @ maccas while waiting for Chris & Evelyn, ahhh those two are so funny XD

Rock climbing, archery, flying fox *and* abseiling in 3 hours? Let’s do this man!

Started with rock climbing… the equipment I find isn’t as shiney new as the one in Camp5, and the harness does sit abit low at the hip instead of the waist. And they have no shoes for rent. Can’t climb the wall with my flipflops, so I had to resort to climbing barefoot. Also, the wall face actually had holds which weren’t securely fastened! More on this in abit.

As it so happens, we got the toughie wall for beginners. The first few holds were ok and doable, but there’s this one bit where the wall juts inward *away* from me, and I just couldn’t reach the damn hold. Jump but failed, reached but failed (oh why am I so vertically challenged, T_T). I yelled to the people below “Can I come down? I think cannot lah.” And the dude (the guy who did the orientation) went “No cannot, YOU CAN DO IT!” Haha I remember letting out a groan of despair at that point. After trying several times (this is prolly 10-15 mins later), I finally managed to reach that tricky hold. And most importantly, I managed to complete that stretch of the wall! So bangga! Evelyn made it too, yay! =D But Hong ge was soooooo close.. but he didn’t make it past the same tricky part. Pika didn’t get to try this wall, she and Chris did the easier stretch cause noone seemed to be climbing those at the time.

Thought I could do the other vertical wall, but the holds were further apart.. And I don’t have enough upper body strength to tackle it, gah! Also, there were like 2 holds which weren’t securely fastened to the wall, so they rotated when I tried to grab onto them! @_@ Ultimately, I failed this wall. I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU! *stares at the wall*

Second up was archery. This was where Evelyn & Chris injured themselves from the bowstring recoil, either that or the arrow tail scraped their arms hard enough to scrape off the skin at the forearm, or bruise it quite seriously @_@ The distance wasn’t too far, we were shooting the slope behind the target half the time. =P

After a short break, photos and posing, we tried the flying fox. There’s a ninja doorway behind the rockface, and we were inside the wall structure. We had to climb up 2 stretches of ladders (this was the really tiring bit), but it was kinda fun! =D “Weeeeeeeeeeee~~” I went in my flipflops, and thankfully they didn’t fall off and hit anyone in the head. XD

Abseiling was the shortest though. Same ninja doorway, same ladders, but this time we hoisted ourselves down. The gloves are really. Really. Sweaty. EEEEEEEEEWWWW! The part that I found freakiest on the first try was that I had to sit with my arse hanging in mid air – kinda like falling over backwards. Scary as, the first time. Once I got over it, it was alright I guess.

Our bak kut teh lunch was well earned. Bak kut teh + vege + steam drunken lala = zomg so awesome!! We were full and happy by the time we were done. WE need to do this agaaaain~~

tried Brazilian waxing later in the afternoon, after a good shower.

When I arrived, they served me some ginger-soupy sweet drink, which was kinda nice, and warm, and is kinda relaxing. When the lady ushered me into the room, I was like “Let me take a last sip of this.. ok, let’s do this!”

verdict: “zomg it’s hot!” –> “uwah! what was that?!” –> “omg can I walk straight after this >_< sibeh painful~" but it was quite an interesting experience. Does help that the lady was so nice about the whole thing, she was like "Your first time? It's ok, it'll hurt for now.. but that's about it. If you do it regularly enough, the growth will be fine, and alot less than now. Also doesn't hurt as much." I wonder if this was one of the things I put in my to-do/resolution list for 2011. If I did, I can cross this one out. =P

recap, recap!

Ending the 2nd week. Found this little nifty app (Noom) that I’m using, see how that works out. =P Was inspired because guama said I was getting shapeless. (the ‘nicer’ or ‘harsher’ way of saying that I’m fat I guess, I dunno.. guama works in mysterious ways)

I kinda wish they gamified it a little, like having little badges of glory like 4sq does. But I do love the way they make you classify your food into categories, a simpler concept to grasp that painstakingly counting calories. Honestly, might work for overseas where they display it just about everywhere (including the greasy spoon places!), but here in KL where the mere concept of it to the masses is almost unheard of, this is a really awesome alternative to a diet diary.


Last weekend was epic (I know, telling it late! but still)

1) Teambuilding event @ Port Dickson
Our team won *both* challenges! With Venee! Which was amazing, she was sporting enough to go through most of the challenges, so I think our team as a whole was really proud of her. Some daunting things like the 6-foot and 8-foot wall, she conquered them too! =D

Last obstacle. I nearly fell back into the mud backwards, but Young saved me! *phew* I is thankful, but for the rest of this week I keep getting made fun of. muh.

Sea rafting was probably one of the more awesome experiences I’ve had. Building the raft was a challenge in itself, but it was fun. And ROWING. zomg rowing was AWESOME LAH! Was yelling my heart out, half angry, and half going “OMG WHEN IS THIS GOING TO FUCKING END” even though my arms were killing me – simply because I knew if I stopped for any longer than 10 seconds, I would totally give up. I would love to do it again.

Was amazing too that I managed to drive back and have enough strength to hit the gas. haha!

2) KLSwing! 3rd Anniversary Partay
‘Twas a whirlwind after I got back home from PD: quickly showered, prettified and made my way to F Buffalo Kitchens. I have to say, I nearly pigged out on the fish fillets. SO DAMN GOOD. Also loved the salad with seared tuna. Now, this is quite something because I’d normally shy away from tuna *UNLESS* it’s fresh. And this one was. =D I need to go back there just to have a proper meal.

Managed to squeeze in some dancing too. At this point fatigue hadn’t killed me yet, so all was good. XD There were Singaporeans. There was the Shanghai dude. And there were us KLSwingers. Small, neat crowd, at a place with really nice ambiance. And nice flooring. And also, nice props! Took some pictars at the conservatory, library, dining area, and the spot with the little garden gnomes. XD So. That was a really really great end to my Saturday.

3) Lunchies with Reeis & Co.
When I woke up. OMAGAWDS I CANNOT LIFT MY FUCKING ARMS. Wearing a t-shirt was easily the dumbest (and most painful thing) to do. But off I went. =D

I got a Holga!! XDXDXD I can’t wait to go out and take some pretty pictures with it. =) Also bought an extra roll of film for my Actionsampler.

With the Guardian of the Monkey Temple almost physically bruising me where I sat, the fun started. (After we had eaten, of course.) Reeis was like “hey hey hey, it’s your birthday!” So she was hustling me to be the center of attention when sly Sara and Nat said “Hey Reeis, you might want to re-read that card on the cake again.”

“Happy Birthday Reeis & Sook”

I LAWLED SOOOO HARD! They were good XD So it was Reeis and me singing “WEEE AAREE THE CHAAAMMPIIONNSS!” in the middle of Fridays on that fateful Sunday noon.

We sat back for abit and talked about.. “What ifs”. It turned into a mini RPG-esque storytelling thingamajiggy though, involving Minotaurs and Medusa in a cave and having our own.. Patronuses. Kind of. XD

It reminded me of days back in primary school where Jyan and I would participate in YK’s Dungeon Master-style RPG, with him as the game master, of course. Complete with fictional characters and sometimes he would antagonize my character just so we all could have some laughs. I miss those days.

writing time

Installed FC15 + Gnome3 on shirohiro, it’s been a good 2 weeks. =)

First time though I managed to bork the install by installing the OS on my thumbdrive =_= *note to self: NEVER do huge installs at 1:30AM*

Still takes some getting used to since I’ve been on Windows for so long (even if my workstation is using the exact same config, but still!)

Few things I love about Fedora though:
No more ctrl+alt+del, kill is my new best friend (esp on a machine as old as this one)
Startup/shutdown/wakeup is fast!
I really do like the Empathy/Evolution integration (even though I’m abit more used to Pidgin but not a real issue here)
My geekdom factor just upped by around 10points XD

Nevermind that not everything is as polished on Fedora (no iTunes! I think I’ve gotten used to iTunes more than I realize~) Cataloguing my incoming music will be that bit more un-fun. =P

Colleague’s gonna be away in SG for awhile, some visa-related matters. Gonna miss the guy, he’s really fun to work with and has a lot of quirks that is like a ‘habit’ of sorts. Not having him around to go “Hello!” in the way that he does is abit.. =( *sadface! but he’ll be back sometime next month, so we’ll just have to fill in the void somehow =P

So we had a little ‘farewell party’ of sorts by going for an epic 6-hour karaoke sesh yesti. Really, really really had a lot of fun! Some fails from the night:

Ed: “I don’t know this song la! Forgot the lyrics already!”
Me: “Eh what kind of excuse is this, the lyrics are on the screen lar!”

lawl, tried to do a last-minute save, but failed!

That, and Adam calling out randomly to people and getting all these “deer stuck in headlights” looks immortalized on his DSLR. Geezus we look terrible in them!

12 of us squished into a pretty small room, made it cosy! And alot of people yelling to Aerosmith and Queen songs (among others) was really. Awesome.

One of the reasons why I love the place I work at now. XD

Work’s been flatlining. Not that I’ve none to do, just that I keep generating incomplete bits of code and that’s just abit frustrating. Everytime I test it, I discover new problems. So fix, fix, fix. And I have people on the other end asking me “So when can we finally release it?”

Please let the testing go OK tomorrow then I can ditch this module already ~___~

caturday noons

went out with pika + wh, chris + eve.  lawl I am such a tiang lampuuuuuuu!

We originally intended to go to Dirty Nelly’s, but the plan failed seeing that the place was closed when we reached there close to 1pm! -.- so we ended up going to Craftbrews and had a pretty long and satisfying lunch. =D The burger tasted great but I dunno why the patty was so crumbly. Still loved the goreng-pisang tasting potato wedges. XD

Ended up watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes after lunch – it’s a really good movie! I clicked with it on a more personal level though, seeing the pain that Rob had to go through with his father having Alzheimer’s and him desperately trying to cure him of it. But on the flipside I was pretty amused to see some comedy sitcom actors in the movie. 3rd Rock from the Sun (zomg 90s series, does anyone remember this?) and Fraiser!

edit: just ninja-pressed some key (I think) and suddenly my screen’s reso is 1024×768… whaaaa?! I need to learn how to do that!

odd but good

yesterday was a public holiday, and yet we had to attend one of those talks by image consultants about what clothes to wear… kinda like shopping 101/shopping for dummies. Can’t say that I enjoyed it very much, it was kinda boring and I do know some of this stuff – besides, if I really needed to the Internet and uncle Google’s always there to point me in the right direction. And we were there for the entire afternoon (from 1PM – 6PM! lesigh – I want my public holiday Saturdayyyy!)

After that was more fun though… we (+ lihao, adam, seon, feebs, jas, ed, eric) went to have dinner and bersampat about things we observed during that afternoon (apart from all the obscenity during that bit about sexual harassment that made us all cringe and laugh so hard at the same time, and especially some comment(s) we saw on facebook)~~

Went to watch the Prince of Persia after dinner, which was quite interesting. I kinda expected the prince to be abit more goofy and douchebag-ish but considering everything, he was alright I guess. Loved the action, I thought it really reminded me of the game itself – all that jumping and running around (which reminds me of Unchartered, really!) was really nicely done. We were kinda joking about all the ‘potong stim’ moments cause it was only a 3rd time lucky thing, and even on the fourth go it faaaiiled (lawls!) I did like the scenery and some of the charas,  but the story I suppose is kind of predictable. Nicely done costumes too. Although the last bit really reminded me of Unchartered/Indy Jones, it does make me wonder if they will someday make a movie out of Unchartered – it would be interesting XD Alot of witty lines and phrases in the movie made me laugh! Love the scriptwriter for that!

Went to Piccadilly @ Millenium Square after for some drinks.. I think for the most part we were talking about sports and some really compromising positions the fighters were in (we were watching some free-for-all fighting competition). Probably the first time I saw so many sports on so many screens at the same time. And I heard some really interesting stories too =P Hanging out like this, well it feels kinda different compared to just having lunches on a regular work day somehow. Not so inhibited (maybe cause the manager wasn’t there with us~) and alot more.. gossipy? hahaha! I guess that’s part of work life… which doesn’t really appeal to me, but I think as long as I don’t spread the fire along, it’s interesting to listen to. (although that means someone has to spread it in the first place =P)

recent random photos..

.. that I’ve been taking.. nothing great coming from a Sony Ericsson W595 but still XD threw in the occasional print screen where things are fun XD

zomg this morning as I was rushing out to work (haha yes I was *slightly* late today) the front gate terkepit (I can’t think of the english word for it for now, haha!) fleshy part of my palm and it hurt like *tooooooooooooooooot*! It was actually hard to drive with one hand, considering that I need my left hand to also turn the wheel, signal and shift gear (haha well I drive an auto so this doesn’t count, but imagine if I drove a manual! fml indeed…) because of this, my hand was totally numb for the next half hour or so…. gawd it hurt like hell! and nao there’s this long-ish line where the kepit happened and the black-ish area where I suspect will be the location of a massive bruise. This morning it was way worse cause I swear I could feel the swelling where my palm was practically screaming in paaaiinn~~

[update] dunno why photobucket removed the image.. *shrug*


Was at one of the weekly meetings (ok so I’m bored enough to doodle on the meetings =P) an elefunt, a platypus, a penguiney and a giraffeeeey! and they’re all tweeting! (well just for one bubble, otherwise the page would be filled with bubbles)


The next series of images is about the first ever pedicure I’ve had in my life! So jakun right! XD That day was feet day too~ so it started with the fishies and ended with painted toenails XD soo purdy! I remember when they were freshly painted I kept staring at them saying “zomg fatty (to my bro) isn’t it pretty and shiney!”


This was the zombie fish session haha! I think auntie nae freaked out cause she expected the fishies to be alot smaller! My first thought was *omg* it will be so geli! (which it was, I think my toes were curled most of the time when they were in the water)


This was quite some time ago while fatty and I were heading home… and we saw cars with distinct faces on them! XD


hahah isn’t it cute how Sungai Kelang is angled all over the face! Therefore I call this the wonkeh font XD


The picture really says it all! XD It’s just regular mints, but I just like the box so much that my manager gave it to me XD this was shortly after my manager and senior got back from an SQL conference in US.


[random note]

ZOMG so cute! I was looking for the button to link photos, and I saw this icon that says “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink”! hahahaha! Me thinks it’s very funny XD