caturday noons

went out with pika + wh, chris + eve.  lawl I am such a tiang lampuuuuuuu!

We originally intended to go to Dirty Nelly’s, but the plan failed seeing that the place was closed when we reached there close to 1pm! -.- so we ended up going to Craftbrews and had a pretty long and satisfying lunch. =D The burger tasted great but I dunno why the patty was so crumbly. Still loved the goreng-pisang tasting potato wedges. XD

Ended up watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes after lunch – it’s a really good movie! I clicked with it on a more personal level though, seeing the pain that Rob had to go through with his father having Alzheimer’s and him desperately trying to cure him of it. But on the flipside I was pretty amused to see some comedy sitcom actors in the movie. 3rd Rock from the Sun (zomg 90s series, does anyone remember this?) and Fraiser!

edit: just ninja-pressed some key (I think) and suddenly my screen’s reso is 1024×768… whaaaa?! I need to learn how to do that!

odd but good

yesterday was a public holiday, and yet we had to attend one of those talks by image consultants about what clothes to wear… kinda like shopping 101/shopping for dummies. Can’t say that I enjoyed it very much, it was kinda boring and I do know some of this stuff – besides, if I really needed to the Internet and uncle Google’s always there to point me in the right direction. And we were there for the entire afternoon (from 1PM – 6PM! lesigh – I want my public holiday Saturdayyyy!)

After that was more fun though… we (+ lihao, adam, seon, feebs, jas, ed, eric) went to have dinner and bersampat about things we observed during that afternoon (apart from all the obscenity during that bit about sexual harassment that made us all cringe and laugh so hard at the same time, and especially some comment(s) we saw on facebook)~~

Went to watch the Prince of Persia after dinner, which was quite interesting. I kinda expected the prince to be abit more goofy and douchebag-ish but considering everything, he was alright I guess. Loved the action, I thought it really reminded me of the game itself – all that jumping and running around (which reminds me of Unchartered, really!) was really nicely done. We were kinda joking about all the ‘potong stim’ moments cause it was only a 3rd time lucky thing, and even on the fourth go it faaaiiled (lawls!) I did like the scenery and some of the charas,  but the story I suppose is kind of predictable. Nicely done costumes too. Although the last bit really reminded me of Unchartered/Indy Jones, it does make me wonder if they will someday make a movie out of Unchartered – it would be interesting XD Alot of witty lines and phrases in the movie made me laugh! Love the scriptwriter for that!

Went to Piccadilly @ Millenium Square after for some drinks.. I think for the most part we were talking about sports and some really compromising positions the fighters were in (we were watching some free-for-all fighting competition). Probably the first time I saw so many sports on so many screens at the same time. And I heard some really interesting stories too =P Hanging out like this, well it feels kinda different compared to just having lunches on a regular work day somehow. Not so inhibited (maybe cause the manager wasn’t there with us~) and alot more.. gossipy? hahaha! I guess that’s part of work life… which doesn’t really appeal to me, but I think as long as I don’t spread the fire along, it’s interesting to listen to. (although that means someone has to spread it in the first place =P)