Day Three, 서울

Today’s main itinerary was the National Museum of Korea.

We had samgyetang for lunch at a really small cozy place near the hostel. Probably the healthiest meal we’ve had this entire trip.Still awesome, made even more awesome cause they gave one cup of soju too!

The museum itself was massive and beautiful! Reminded me of MOMA in San Francisco. The special thing about this museum though is that there is a lake and a little pondok kind of area where people sit and look out onto the lake… And there are ducks still swimming about even when half the lake is already frozen in.. And that you can see the marks on the ice where the ducks were waddling on before they went swimming.

Ahem. Sorry. On with the museum.

The museum had a lot of weapons on display for some reason. Even if I wasn’t really paying attention to all of them, I guess I just generally like to explore museums. The children’s museum was quite cute too.

We stayed till sundown, but the museum actually closes at 9PM.

Street food of the day. Tonkatsu and rice where the tonkatsu was too much panko, daejang chicken which was awesome, and taiyaki. The Japanese ones taste better. XD

Socials tonight, and I went to Swing Zoo! Was so much fun to see Mung Chi again, and dance with him too 😀 it was one dance after another, nonstop! Superb fun. XD

On my way back though, I realized I lost my Tmoney card, so I haas to get another one. XP

Surprisingly I expected the Myeongdong area to be really crowded, but it was empty by the time we got back. Hmm.

Aaaand I got back just in time to greet everyone Merry Christmas! ;D

Day 2, 서울

The day was quite leisurely.. went up N Seoul Tower. It’s basically like a Tokyo Tower.. But the One thing that I really liked was the Teddy Bear museum. Cost us W14000 for both the museum and the tower, but it was pretty and cuteness overload!! Plus, if you’re near the exhibit the bears will move cause they’re fitted wit some mechanics that enables them to simulate some actions in the scenery they’re placed in… Like farming , or some court scene, or telling a story.

The guys and I pooled some money to buy guama a teddy in a nice pink hanbok. And I bought myself a little Teddy as a keychain. XP

We went to the COEX mall after.. The place is basically like a 1U, but not as big. On one end is the mall, and on the others, there’s a exhibition hall, a cinema and an aquarium which har gau said was supposed to be really nice, but I think no one was really interested in going to another aquarium. Ah well.

There was a jazz band performing that day, so I sat around and watched them for abit. They were quite good, but the one at stole the show IMO was the emcee. He is one funny dude. Walked around summore, and I saw them advertising Just Dance 2 for Wii?

There was also this really cute shop called Artbox, bought socks there. Haha! I think if I have the chance I’ll go back there to get that bunny jumper, it looks really cute!

Oh, also went to dance at SwingTime Bar. Hahah it took kor and I a good 20mins to find the place. first time round we went into a really dodgy entry and wondered, “omg where the hell is this place?!” after asking some random dude, WE FINALLY FOUND THE PLACE!

The floor is a dedicated floor,it was packed, and the dancers there are all sooooo good I felt a little embarrassed having to ask one good dancer after another to dance with me. But the thick faced requests did their magic. I was so glad I came. I had a little door gift too cause i dressed for the occasion! I know a lot of them don’t speak English, but swing and lindy was always all bout how the lead-follow connection does the talking, after all XD

It was sooooooo FUN, I didn’t want to leave! but I promised I wouldn’t be back too late, plus kor was getting really bored. So I said goodbye and left as one helluva satisfied dancer.

Then some real winter magic happened. It was SNOWING gently, and it was so beautiful outside! Fluffy, light, and quite an experience indeed at Seocho.

What a perfect way to end the day. 😀

recap, recap!

Ending the 2nd week. Found this little nifty app (Noom) that I’m using, see how that works out. =P Was inspired because guama said I was getting shapeless. (the ‘nicer’ or ‘harsher’ way of saying that I’m fat I guess, I dunno.. guama works in mysterious ways)

I kinda wish they gamified it a little, like having little badges of glory like 4sq does. But I do love the way they make you classify your food into categories, a simpler concept to grasp that painstakingly counting calories. Honestly, might work for overseas where they display it just about everywhere (including the greasy spoon places!), but here in KL where the mere concept of it to the masses is almost unheard of, this is a really awesome alternative to a diet diary.


Last weekend was epic (I know, telling it late! but still)

1) Teambuilding event @ Port Dickson
Our team won *both* challenges! With Venee! Which was amazing, she was sporting enough to go through most of the challenges, so I think our team as a whole was really proud of her. Some daunting things like the 6-foot and 8-foot wall, she conquered them too! =D

Last obstacle. I nearly fell back into the mud backwards, but Young saved me! *phew* I is thankful, but for the rest of this week I keep getting made fun of. muh.

Sea rafting was probably one of the more awesome experiences I’ve had. Building the raft was a challenge in itself, but it was fun. And ROWING. zomg rowing was AWESOME LAH! Was yelling my heart out, half angry, and half going “OMG WHEN IS THIS GOING TO FUCKING END” even though my arms were killing me – simply because I knew if I stopped for any longer than 10 seconds, I would totally give up. I would love to do it again.

Was amazing too that I managed to drive back and have enough strength to hit the gas. haha!

2) KLSwing! 3rd Anniversary Partay
‘Twas a whirlwind after I got back home from PD: quickly showered, prettified and made my way to F Buffalo Kitchens. I have to say, I nearly pigged out on the fish fillets. SO DAMN GOOD. Also loved the salad with seared tuna. Now, this is quite something because I’d normally shy away from tuna *UNLESS* it’s fresh. And this one was. =D I need to go back there just to have a proper meal.

Managed to squeeze in some dancing too. At this point fatigue hadn’t killed me yet, so all was good. XD There were Singaporeans. There was the Shanghai dude. And there were us KLSwingers. Small, neat crowd, at a place with really nice ambiance. And nice flooring. And also, nice props! Took some pictars at the conservatory, library, dining area, and the spot with the little garden gnomes. XD So. That was a really really great end to my Saturday.

3) Lunchies with Reeis & Co.
When I woke up. OMAGAWDS I CANNOT LIFT MY FUCKING ARMS. Wearing a t-shirt was easily the dumbest (and most painful thing) to do. But off I went. =D

I got a Holga!! XDXDXD I can’t wait to go out and take some pretty pictures with it. =) Also bought an extra roll of film for my Actionsampler.

With the Guardian of the Monkey Temple almost physically bruising me where I sat, the fun started. (After we had eaten, of course.) Reeis was like “hey hey hey, it’s your birthday!” So she was hustling me to be the center of attention when sly Sara and Nat said “Hey Reeis, you might want to re-read that card on the cake again.”

“Happy Birthday Reeis & Sook”

I LAWLED SOOOO HARD! They were good XD So it was Reeis and me singing “WEEE AAREE THE CHAAAMMPIIONNSS!” in the middle of Fridays on that fateful Sunday noon.

We sat back for abit and talked about.. “What ifs”. It turned into a mini RPG-esque storytelling thingamajiggy though, involving Minotaurs and Medusa in a cave and having our own.. Patronuses. Kind of. XD

It reminded me of days back in primary school where Jyan and I would participate in YK’s Dungeon Master-style RPG, with him as the game master, of course. Complete with fictional characters and sometimes he would antagonize my character just so we all could have some laughs. I miss those days.

bits and pieces

wandered around the net and read a blog that made me feel abit depressed. I guess, let bygones be bygones. I am a mostly shallow creature – my life’s too short to be unhappy.

Over the weekend I was asking myself if I was getting involved in too many projects at once. I find focusing on one tough enough, and I’ve got 2 now. o_______O I CAN DO IT! Maybe I just need to spend more late nights, I find somehow coding keeps me pumped and awake. Realized my full potential as an antisocial happeninglife coder after #hackweekend, haha!

I think I might end up liking someone after all, but no. Now’s not the time. I think.

Lindy keeps me happy =) Saw a lengzhai (maybe 2) newb lead(s)! How rare is that! XD

Work’s been good. Busy good. =D The new intern’s in, he’s a talllll guy. haha! “A new challenger has arrived!” Also, been doing stupid things – talking to the server room, mishearing things all day, and accidentally booting Nick out (and him booting me out) of the same server.