Day One, Istanbul

Let me say this now – I HATE FLIGHT DELAYS!! Especially when its been delayed by 4 hours and no one informed us beforehand.. having to spend few hours in an airport is really boring. We were lucky though that mom and dad managed to get us all into the airport lounge.. INTERNET I RABURABU YOUUUU~

Flying with a handicapped person has its benefits I suppose, mostly getting to skip the queues. 😛 but most people were quite accommodating, so we are quite thankful for that.
Haha we got abit lost looking for the Topkapi Sarayi, but we found Sultanahmet and Aya Sofya cause they’re really quite hard to miss 🙂

The palace itself is really huge and amazing, the architecture is quite something else. They had quite a few displays on armor, the sacred treasury which had a lot of items from the Kaabah.. even an English translation of the Quran which was being read out while we were in that section. And the small section which was the council hall where they held meetings.. and a display of clocks and assorted watches given by people from different parts of the world!

In the evening it was also quite a different vibe to the place. Lots of neon lights, restaurants still packed to the brim… just window shopping for baklava and Turkish delights was fun 🙂

Unfortunately some of the people we met wee pretty dodgy or rude… Lawl kamon la, we’re (potential) paying customers and we weren’t being rude, there’s no reason to think were being unreasonable or demanding. Sheesh.

However, not all is bleak here… we did come across some people who were genuinely nice and welcoming, so that was nice 🙂 like the hotel manager who explained the interesting points and sights for first timers and all.

before I go.

Am kinda excited for this trip cause I’ve never been before! First stop, Istanbuuuu (as aichan calls it XD)~

Did my packing at the 11th hour really, man that was pretty intense. But I managed to fit most of the things in, I hope I’ll still have some extra space for shopping! >_<


Been at Bootcamp for 3 weeks now – I find that I’m more awake in the mornings, so yippeee =D Haven’t really figured out how much I really weigh since my scales are crazy inaccurate. Hopefully it’ll inspire me to keep fit.

Also signed up for December already, so HOOYAH! =D

My main gripe is that my eating is getting out of control.. @_@ I know I have to discipline myself more, but after bootcamp I seem to be starving come lunchtime, and I stuff myself silly. I think I know what it feels like to be bloated, so No More Stuffing My Face. *nodnods*

Random thought: I know this is already very obvious, but a guy who dresses smart really impresses me. And I think it’s hawt when they do. Eyecandy! =D You boleh berselekeh at home, but not in public.

Heading to Seoul for Xmas, I can’t wait! =D Although I think it will be freezing cold by then, and plus we’re doing this on our own, so I hope my parents will be able to endure it. Otherwise, we’ll most likely stay indoors =P And shop. bwhahah!