Friday evening in Cibadak

So after work today, Me, Bear, Andre & Nadya met at Cibadak.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I was not expecting the amount of food gloriousness that night.

The main agenda here was Nasi Campur, so we rushed off to get a number (street stall being efficient, I LIKE!) so that we didn’t have to wait too long for the food to prep when the stall ‘officially’ opens at 7pm. Nadya suggested we take a walk and explore the rest of the street, so off we went.


Started with Putu Pisang! I spied it from the corner of my eye, and I thought — hey, that would be a good appetizer. So off we went! It was fresh, full of banana, and the combination with dried coconut shavings was amazingly good. (Then again, I could have been biased because I was starting to get hungry.)


Walking on a little further, we saw some Sate Babi. Was thinking of whether to eat there or not, when Andre said that we could tapau it and eat with the nasi campur when we got back to the stall. Done deal. OF COURSE I’M UP FOR SATE BABI. =D Bear and I stayed to pick up the tapau while the couple went off to make sure we had seats for dinner later, and wait for the food.

After the tapau, we headed back to wait together with them for dinner. In the meantime, there was a Sekoteng Jahe stall right next to it, and we were getting a little hungry. (Sate babi with the food, remember?) so we had a bowl of that to share.


Ingredients (It’s a mix of these ingredients in jahe (ginger) sweet soup):

  • the jelly thing reminiscent in the Thai dessert Thab Tim Grob
  • bread (I have no idea why, but somehow in the grand scheme of things, it works)
  • peanuts
  • attap chee (i.e. palm fruit. another omgyay moment for me! I LOVE attap chee)
  • crackers / biscuits

Finally, the main agenda: Nasi Campur 88 (Siang Siang). CHOCK FULL OF STUFF! And is very tasty too! Each portion was about IDR40k so I don’t think it was cheap, but the plate was packed full! Also, they have some crazy spicy chilli oil thing which I made a mistake of taking a small spoonful. The hot soup helped lift the chilli off my tongue so it was a real lifesaver.



  • a generous handful of Samcan (i.e. siu yok)
  • also another generous handful of Casiu (i.e. char siew)
  • some fish paste thing, sliced thin
  • some meatball thingy, also sliced thinly
  • and a bit of chicken, I think.

With that done (remaining stomach space: maybe 40%) we went on in search of more snacks. =D Saw some yummy looking guotie, and Andre was in the mood to eat Bakut (basically pork rib soup + sayur masin / salted vegetables) so we went to eat BOTH. =D Forgot to take pictures of the bakut because we were too busy eating it. =D Bakut itself was good, milder in taste than the ones we get in KL.


The guotie stall guy taught us how to mix the epic sauce, which included garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil (but this is flavoured I think) and vinegar. Heavenly combination when eaten together with the guotie.

Next up was the yakitori stall, which we stopped by cause it also happens to be owned by Nadya’s friend. The marinate sauce they dip it in before BBQ-ing the sticks is sweet, and topped with some spice powder. The interesting one was the ham & cheese sando on a stick. It’s surprisingly palatable =D


Heheh what we also discovered while eating this: Nadya’s friend looks ALOT like tai sou. Especially from the side view. Bear and I agree it’s because of the high cheekbones, and just the way she smiles. Maybe its the pointed chin, and the eyes. =P No pics, cause I promised her I wouldn’t sell her pic. =P


By this time we were almost full (maybe not the Bear, cause that’s what he is.) but we had enough space for one more dish. Ending it on a sweet note, we headed off to the stall across the street – Wedang Ronde Jahe Alkateri!

Wedang Ronde basically is Tangyuan. The soup’s gingery kick was just whoa (but in a good way), and they even give extra ginger extract / sauce(?) to make the soup EVEN MORE GINGERY (or if you feel like it needs to go over 9000). It was a mix of big and small tangyuan, the large one stuffed with peanuts. Yummy. =D


And that concludes the epic food trip, on an epic food street, with epic food people. I’ll always be thankful for the hospitality you both have shown me. =D

Day Three, μ„œμšΈ

Today’s main itinerary was the National Museum of Korea.

We had samgyetang for lunch at a really small cozy place near the hostel. Probably the healthiest meal we’ve had this entire trip.Still awesome, made even more awesome cause they gave one cup of soju too!

The museum itself was massive and beautiful! Reminded me of MOMA in San Francisco. The special thing about this museum though is that there is a lake and a little pondok kind of area where people sit and look out onto the lake… And there are ducks still swimming about even when half the lake is already frozen in.. And that you can see the marks on the ice where the ducks were waddling on before they went swimming.

Ahem. Sorry. On with the museum.

The museum had a lot of weapons on display for some reason. Even if I wasn’t really paying attention to all of them, I guess I just generally like to explore museums. The children’s museum was quite cute too.

We stayed till sundown, but the museum actually closes at 9PM.

Street food of the day. Tonkatsu and rice where the tonkatsu was too much panko, daejang chicken which was awesome, and taiyaki. The Japanese ones taste better. XD

Socials tonight, and I went to Swing Zoo! Was so much fun to see Mung Chi again, and dance with him too πŸ˜€ it was one dance after another, nonstop! Superb fun. XD

On my way back though, I realized I lost my Tmoney card, so I haas to get another one. XP

Surprisingly I expected the Myeongdong area to be really crowded, but it was empty by the time we got back. Hmm.

Aaaand I got back just in time to greet everyone Merry Christmas! ;D

Day One, μ„œμšΈ

Ahhh that night flight was so uncomfy, but the pair of Korean steward and stewardess was a pretty sight. XD

The first thing we did when we reached was to exhale our breath in the cold wintry air. We are jakun like that. XD hated the taco ride to the hostel though, had the urge to puke a few times cause the car was so jerky half the time.

When we finally reached our hostel in Myeongdong λͺ…동, I was pleasantly surprised cause the room fit 5 people comfortably! Dumped our stuff in the room and set out for the day to Myeongdong.

Myeongdong has like… At least 4 of the same brand of skincare in the same vicinity. Innisfree, Nature Republic, Etude House, Holika Holika, SkinFood. Each with a salesgirl or a mascot outside the store. It’s the season to be shopping I guess, after all, xmas is just around the corner. XD

Had our first taste of Korean food for lunch. Had some kimchi stew, mackerel and octopus in the Korean compulsory marinade… Daejang? Need to find out what it is. XD

Initially we overshot the street, but eventually we found it. The Nanta Theater in Myeongdong! They had a special price for the afternoon show for W25000, and boy was that well spent. The show was amazing, and funny and entertaining, and I’d definitely go to watch it again. the head chef was awesomely funny, and I mean it XD

Had my first taste of ddeokbokki 떑볢이 and that was interesting..the best street food of the day is still ho ddeok ν˜Έλ–‘ though, even if it got all over my jacket. XP the stall owner was abit miffed that I was so slow though, it’s based on the trust system where you put the money in a box, and help yourself to the food.

Managed to take a picture at the purikura too. XD

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curiosity kinda does pay off

Woke up at around 730ish to go to Extreme Park Shah Alam after buying a deal from lifkor. =D Met up with Pika & Hong ge for brekkie @ maccas while waiting for Chris & Evelyn, ahhh those two are so funny XD

Rock climbing, archery, flying fox *and* abseiling in 3 hours? Let’s do this man!

Started with rock climbing… the equipment I find isn’t as shiney new as the one in Camp5, and the harness does sit abit low at the hip instead of the waist. And they have no shoes for rent. Can’t climb the wall with my flipflops, so I had to resort to climbing barefoot. Also, the wall face actually had holds which weren’t securely fastened! More on this in abit.

As it so happens, we got the toughie wall for beginners. The first few holds were ok and doable, but there’s this one bit where the wall juts inward *away* from me, and I just couldn’t reach the damn hold. Jump but failed, reached but failed (oh why am I so vertically challenged, T_T). I yelled to the people below “Can I come down? I think cannot lah.” And the dude (the guy who did the orientation) went “No cannot, YOU CAN DO IT!” Haha I remember letting out a groan of despair at that point. After trying several times (this is prolly 10-15 mins later), I finally managed to reach that tricky hold. And most importantly, I managed to complete that stretch of the wall! So bangga! Evelyn made it too, yay! =D But Hong ge was soooooo close.. but he didn’t make it past the same tricky part. Pika didn’t get to try this wall, she and Chris did the easier stretch cause noone seemed to be climbing those at the time.

Thought I could do the other vertical wall, but the holds were further apart.. And I don’t have enough upper body strength to tackle it, gah! Also, there were like 2 holds which weren’t securely fastened to the wall, so they rotated when I tried to grab onto them! @_@ Ultimately, I failed this wall. I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU! *stares at the wall*

Second up was archery. This was where Evelyn & Chris injured themselves from the bowstring recoil, either that or the arrow tail scraped their arms hard enough to scrape off the skin at the forearm, or bruise it quite seriously @_@ The distance wasn’t too far, we were shooting the slope behind the target half the time. =P

After a short break, photos and posing, we tried the flying fox. There’s a ninja doorway behind the rockface, and we were inside the wall structure. We had to climb up 2 stretches of ladders (this was the really tiring bit), but it was kinda fun! =D “Weeeeeeeeeeee~~” I went in my flipflops, and thankfully they didn’t fall off and hit anyone in the head. XD

Abseiling was the shortest though. Same ninja doorway, same ladders, but this time we hoisted ourselves down. The gloves are really. Really. Sweaty. EEEEEEEEEWWWW! The part that I found freakiest on the first try was that I had to sit with my arse hanging in mid air – kinda like falling over backwards. Scary as, the first time. Once I got over it, it was alright I guess.

Our bak kut teh lunch was well earned. Bak kut teh + vege + steam drunken lala = zomg so awesome!! We were full and happy by the time we were done. WE need to do this agaaaain~~

tried Brazilian waxing later in the afternoon, after a good shower.

When I arrived, they served me some ginger-soupy sweet drink, which was kinda nice, and warm, and is kinda relaxing. When the lady ushered me into the room, I was like “Let me take a last sip of this.. ok, let’s do this!”

verdict: “zomg it’s hot!” –> “uwah! what was that?!” –> “omg can I walk straight after this >_< sibeh painful~" but it was quite an interesting experience. Does help that the lady was so nice about the whole thing, she was like "Your first time? It's ok, it'll hurt for now.. but that's about it. If you do it regularly enough, the growth will be fine, and alot less than now. Also doesn't hurt as much." I wonder if this was one of the things I put in my to-do/resolution list for 2011. If I did, I can cross this one out. =P

combating jetlag

I’ve been really pumped up about this trip for weeks! And now I’m here, I’ll say it’s reminded me of Gipps more than anything, somehow. The spaced out buildings, small communities, cosy cafes, shopping centers like the ones in Traralgon or Morwell.

First flight to Hong Kong was alright, it just took off late.

Which led to the mad chase of trying to get to the connecting flight on time. We landed 30mins to takeoff, ran up and down stairs and also had to take a shuttle to a different terminal. I really thought I was gonna miss the plane, but really I juuuuuuuuuuust made it 10 mins to takeoff. phew!

The one thing I really hated about this long haul flight was that my legs ached so I had to climb over the rest (yeah I got the window seat, gah) to go out on pretext of going to the bathroom. Haha and for some reason, I kept watching animated/fantasy movies like Alice in Wonderland and Tangled. Tangled is *awesome, btw*. Fell asleep for abit, had my entire body ache for abit, then rounded up the movie watching with The Tourist and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina Jolie is.. woot! =D

Landing in SFO was a joy! Well, not the queue at the immigration counter, but the officer himself (and henceforth for this part shall be called CIO – Cute Immigration Officer), hahah! =D

CIO: So, where are you from?
Me: KL.
CIO: Ah, then did you bring any food over?
Me: Nope.
CIO: Not bak kut teh, nasi lemak, nasi goreng, charkuayteow..etc.?
Me: If I did, I’d gladly give them to you.
…. some more idle chatter…
CIO: Ah, I was just going to say that you don’t seem like a Singaporean.
Me: Was that a compliment?
CIO: Knowing the catfights you Msians and Sporeans get yourselves into, yes (laughs)
Me: bwahahha!

Totally made my day, this dude. XD

Met Jon at Mountain View! First time getting bear hugs from him, haha it was a real pleasure to meet you too after so long! XD Grabbed some Subway (oh BLT, I WUB JOO SO! point #1: they has honey mustard! point #2: they have BACON!) but since I couldn’t eat in the train, had to wait till I got to my hotel room.

On the train ride, I managed to spot some big name logos on buildings, like Yahoo and Aol, haha it’s just as iconic as seeing Microsoft! Or Google, or any other big tech corp that you can think of. You get the idea.

(The bit bout checking in at the hotel, I think the lady incredulously looked at me thinking, “You? Here? But you look like a kid!!”) Thaaaatt slight bit iffy that the room was furthest away, but that was soon ignored once I opened the door and stepped in.

ZOMG this place is like a fully furnished apartment! Proper kitchenette, working table with Internet connection, a living area with a LCD TV, seperated bedroom with *yet* another LCD TV, a seperate wet and dry toilet. I was so jakun XD

Jon & I decided to head out to the San Jose Marketplace, and that place has so much carpark one could only dream bout of back in KL. Bought some chocos, and wandered around most of the shops.

Dinner was Mexican food, haha I’ve come to learn that Jon does not like stuff with corn in them. So I ate the tortillas, he sapu-ed a fair bit of the salsa XD The service was abit sucky so I was abit hesitant to tip them, but I had this feeling she was trying to imply we were so cheapo that we had to share a meal.

Sure, it’s pricey, but we can’t eat much (mainly cause Jon had a Carls. Jr burger couple of moments earlier) and now I think what that excellent service they’ve given, I won’t be walking into this resto anytime soon.

We talked alot about disciplining kids, fussy eating, staff with bad waitering skills, work life.. haha he’s got a list of lessons to learn. Which is very reasonable indeed =D

Chatted abit with the folks over Skype, and now I’m friggin’ sleepy. Upload photos and tidur I go!


On Tuesday, guama woke up and said:

“Za meh wa nngk si hau… lo chueh lou ai chuk ke, kia ji ko, jia hi ko, boi tik chue lou chuk ke.. pia ji ko, pia hi ko ping sama ou ou kai.. then uu ji kai ta pou kia lai, ee ta ‘eh ah sou, lai tue wa, kia lou chuk ke si na hi poi la..’ wa pung tue ee kia lor – wa ee si ta jing kai wor, wa tue ee ke, kia ji ko, kia hi ko ma chue tiok kia lou chuk ke.. then wa ki lai liou! mm zhai ee kai ta pou kia si mi kai nang kai, ou ou pue mm zhai si mangali or si mi kai.. hahaha ho ki khuai..”

Talk about dreams that linger on even after you’ve woken up.

Been playing Valkyrie Profile these past few days – I think video game dubbing isn’t as terrible as anime dubbing. They still sound fake-ish but it somehow is more appropriate. I like collecting my random Einherjar (and seeing the story of their final moments as a human before Lenneth comes along to take their souls). And the fighting’s fun, I like shooting the crystals to climb up and up and freeze those enemies *take that!* XD

Can’t bear to finish Suikoden I cause I love playing it so much I don’t want it to end! =P So I’m close to the end, will go back to it when I have the time to finish it off in one day.

Next I’m obviously gonna play Suikoden II, and maybe Star Ocean..

Work has its good bits, and has its bad bits. There are things (albeit small ones at that) here and there that irk me to the point of indignation (my spelling and repo as thesaurus/dictionary going down the drain with this) but I try to not let it get to me… so in an effort to repress it I suspect it’s draining my brain.

Sometimes I get home, and fall asleep right after dinner *at* the table.. sometimes, I miss swing because of it.

So gaming after I wake up helps me unwind abit, stay away from the outside world abit to recollect my sanity (and have some fun in the process) and helps me escape (from what? maybe the idea of just *escaping* is fun)

random point: going out with reeis tomorrow to watch Toy Story 3!

Made her go out with me cause I haven’t been to a movie in what seems to be *aaaaages* (lawl makings of a ronerryyyy despo person? XP)

This Facebook Note…

Makes for an interesting conversation.
Personally, I like this note very much – I wish I was as gutsy. =) I don’t have to be… yet.

Sparks of Broadway

Omg sparks of broadway = kawaiiness overload! XD awesomess at every single minute!less than a minute ago via mobile web

Just got back from watching “Sparks of Broadway”, and I was highly entertained by it – wonderful music, excellent performance and kawainess overload! XD

Some good favourites were:

  • “Fully Dressed” – Annie
  • “Nothing” – A Chorus Line
  • “Seasons of Love” – Rent
  • “Mack the Knife” – Threepenny Opera
  • “Bring Him Home” – Les Miserables
  • “Summer Night” – Grease
  • “America” – West Side Story
  • “When You Got It, Flaunt It!” – The Producers

A pity the mics weren’t working properly during their first performance, which was Chicago’s “All That Jazz”, but the rest of the show pretty much made up for it =3

I can’t express in words how *cute* the kids were on the show! Jumping everywhere, dancing like there was no tomorrow – the pure energy and effort put into the performances just made you wanna jump up on stage and go join them, really XD

The vocals were very good too – surprisingly good. Especially this girl who sang Fame’s “Out Here On My Own”, as well as the singer for the song “Nothing”, those two in particular stood out to me. There was another girl who sang “Summer Night”, who had this really sweet voice! Also noteworthy was the guy singing “Bring Him Home” (oh, so, difficult song, but he nailed it just fine!) as well as the singer for “Mack The Knife”.

Didn’t notice it till mom pointed it out, but it seems we were sitting behind this Malaysian Idol singer Zamil (had to Google this, haha~ I recognize the face but not the name)! XD Oh since we’re on the topic on more famous people, saw this politician dude as well as 2 comedians from the local scene (I have this gut feeling they’re from Senario or PiMai PiMai Tang Tu)… unfortunately I’m not the best with names =P

Nothing ends a weekend better than re-instilled faith in the Malaysian talent! XD


During halftime, took this opportunity to check Facebook and twitter (haha! such a social media addict, then again what’s not to love! =P well okay, so Facebook could work on their privacy issues, but not gonna touch on this right now, there are enough people on Zuckerberg’s case as is)

I saw this horrific piece of news on my feed – the StanChart KL Marathon (10K) saw the loss of a life due to poor emergency assistance. I was honestly rendered quite speechless by it.

*Note on Facebook here*


Initially I was quite annoyed with the ticketing system.

Tried buying the tickets on Friday night using mom’s credit card, but once I got to the page I couldn’t go back once she realized she didn’t remember the passcode… I mean, what kinda page doesn’t allow you to go back/cancel the payment *before* you’ve paid? Nonsense lah. Tried with another card, same thing. So silly ok! Plus the seats we were gonna buy were marked as “sold” which kinda made me go “wtf” for abit. Maybe someone just happened to buy the tickets, but all 3x we tried to pay? Oyh something’s wrong here buddy! Also, using Microsoft Silverlight.. aiks. >_> Nearly jammed up my Chrome & Firefox. Could be shirohiro acting up, but also Microsoft was never really well-known for proper memory management (neither is Firefox, but if we’re playing the blame game you can see which side I’m *not* on)

On Sat, tried again but this time using Maybank2U. Paid successfully apparently, but I get the status message of “Successful, but some parameters missing” – which again, “wtf?! so does that mean I paid it or not? ” Wasn’t amused with the possibility that my money could’ve vanished in thin air. Also, when checking the purchase status online, I get a “Tickets Released/Invalid Reference No.” error. uh… at this point I was going “nehmai, going to bitchslap them kaukau tmr if they try to bs me with this error bullshit” – which luckily I didn’t have to resort to.


Had some awesome fish for lunch at this place deep in that neck of the woods people refer to as “Kota Damansara” with the parents and the parents’ friends that my dad has known since his uni years. Awesome bunch, awesome food to boot! XD The place serves fish in 3 flavours (normal, spicy or super spicy) XDXD So I kinda ate more than half the fish (I’m such a glutton!) and we had some taufu (with egg sauce, naisu) and vege (cooked with salted fish, also naisu) and sweet & sour chicken (nothing noteworthy). What was lacking was a proper drinks menu, but aiyah with all the ginger, garlic, green and red chilipadis might as well just down some good ol’ H20.

Dinner was some super duper nasi briyani with chicken (had strong tomatoey flavour despite its curry-ish appearance), ditto the mutton curry, some acar and dhal-like kuah from the TTDI pasar malam XD mmmmmmm *is hungry!*

gallavanting with reeis…

… is one helluva experience, I tell you.

Started off the day with eating cheong fun that mom brought back from the Section 17 wet market, awesome stuff I tell you. After I washed the dishes, and was reading the paper, mom comes out with the lightsaber bubble blowing thingy and goes “hey what’s this I found in the bathroom?!” and the rest of my morning was spent entertaining my parents while blowing bubbles using the lightsaber bubble blowing thingy XD (well, until reeis showed up.)

We went to have nasi lemak @ Village Park (excellent nasi lemak! XD) and had a chat on how college changed our lives, and the way of thinking that there are many ways to get to the same answer, none being more correct than the other. And some things we really struggled through during school life – the rounding up of numbers (me) and the failure to grasp physics concepts till 2 weeks before SPM (her)~

Next stop was what I call the Neo-Nazi Building~ aka PJ Trade Center. Seriously, at first glance it looks like some building from the post-industrial times (quote reeis) and it looks like some unfinished construction site.. So I was quite *meh* about the whole thing at first. After taking a look around, though, there is more than meets the eye to this place. It’s really.. raw and organic, and I think if they decided to use flourescent lighting for this place it would look like some Nazi detention center or something – creepiness factor up by 10000! @_@ Unpainted cement walls, tile bricks for walls (lotsa natural light), halogen lighting… it was certainly *weird* at first sight.

When we exited the lift we were really surprised by a few things~

  • For some reason they have this idea to have the ‘floor’ made out of metal grilles so you can see the floor below, and the one below it.. you get the point. So if you look down, and you’re afraid of heights, this might be a real challenge for you. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty cool.
  • There are hanging gardens wth! Cool but totally out of place imo!
  • There is a hanging chair thingy that is made out of iron/steel mesh thingy and it was SO FUN to sit on it! XD
  • Not to mention lawn furniture made out of real wire meshies that remind me of the ones @ KLPAC. Totally unexpected!
  • The wind that blows through this ‘rest area’ is reaaaaaallly ζ°—ζŒγ‘! Caught us both by surprise~ Plus, there are proper bean bags here too!
  • The restaurants downstairs have equally nice decor that fit in with the rest of the building structure. woot!
  • IMO the place has a very raw, unfinished feeling to it but throwing in all these super-modern touches gives it a unique identity. Very naisu!

To which I was commenting to her how we’ve forgotten the actual reason we came here – there was some Bata warehouse sale that she wanted to check out, haha so finally after snapping enough pics like tourists, we went to sniff around the sales area.

PS: Photos up on Facebook here =3

I considered it as a pretty good find as I found this adorable pair of yellow sneaks! XD This pic was after I got home, and decided to try out new ways of lacing the shoes – settled with lattice lacing on one side, and over-under lacing on the other.

Went to Ikea and browsed Daiso and Yamaha as well! XD Wasted alot of time in Ikea simply because it is Ikea XD Daiso had some real fun stuff too (usual lah!)

And we saw this MTV video at FOS (totally wtf XD)~~ the song’s called “15 Minutes” by The Yeah You’s. Catchy!

Had a nice dinner of nasi briyani with mom and dad XD yummo! Followed by durian and cherries XD

Also helped ti out (hopefully) with tackling his exam questions on initializing arrays in Alice. =P

*considerably long pause talking to aichan about petticoats*

#off topic no.1: petticoats

We trawled eBay and some other sites, but I found this site which I thought was really.. wow! House of Olivier – the photos are incredibly good, and apparently you can wear these as regular skirts as well! Double win XD Faves so far are Sofia and Juliette~

#off topic no.2: youtube video

This is simply hilarious! XD First of all, loving the Brit accent, and secondly, the remarks are snarky XD Will continue to watch the rest of it once I find time for it.


zhang season’s just around the corner! so guama needs to go and get the ingredients ready to pak zhang~ maybe I’ll fetch her to the mini mart to get the stuff.


“Will ask the buay chai nang to help me get the stuff so that the next time I see him I can get the items in time to pak zhang on Friday.. sigh, where am I going to find the time to do it?”

“My mother-in-law is actually pretty good in doing alot of things, sa ma pun oi tik cho, kou ping kalak ke (laughs)…. Last time when the pak zhang season came around, she would ask me to chop the he bi, mushroom finely, then fry it till bi pang pang… then when the time came to actually pak zhang she would chase me away, asking me to ‘go over there and do something else’.. why is it that she never wants to teach me how to make it? I have to observe for myself and didn’t really get to take part in it. I do know that the chuk bi will have to be steamed properly so the texture is right..”

“Once I’ve fried the he bi and mushrooms, I will pak zhang, but this zhang is not the normal ones you buy outside, my mom says that you have to add something special to the mix… it’s this slightly spicy black grainy powder, in it I’ll mix pek hou chio hung, ou hou chio hung, and some bi chai ji, you know, the seeds that will grow into this fine, long pretty plant.. sometimes they’ll use it when they cook chicken or duck, then just sprinkle a little on top of it after the cooking’s done.”

“Also, the special thing about this zhang is that it’s not black, like the ones you can find at shops, but mine is white.. cause I don’t use soya sauce, also a neh ou ou sek kia si lang, pek pek sek baru sui sui ma.. bo pe io bi tou kai!”


sidenote: I find trying to type in teochew very interesting cause unless you know what the word is, guessing the meaning might get pretty tricky. Plus I think the phrases are very guama, translating them into English kinda does them no justice.