Gimp and Moopy

Today I was at the library, and while I was flipping through an Oxford dictionary I found this loose sheet of paper sticking in it. This was what was printed on it:

Gimp and Moopy were ackles. One tragfen Gimp and Moopy were brooching quassed. Moopy poated one of Gimp’s frapers because il couldn’t scrop ils. Gimp powed,”Comp ap my frapers!” But Moopy couldn’t come ho to ilt. So Gimp sworched Moopy and the ackles conbreted to squit. then, Armp deperted into the slep. Il taupled both of the ackles, and luped em off to edsen.

Ideas anyone?

This one probably raised the eyebrows of those who read it…about 5 people. Then proceeded to doing more math homework…I hate technical drawings.It’s so damn tedious. Moreover, one mistake means dunking the entire sheet of paper(now crumpled) into the bin. I cringe at the thought of the countless papers sacrificed for this lost cause.

Fuuh~~59 pages to the end of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ book. XD. Now what do I read after this?


whoa…aiori’s blog shocked me. I didn’t know her feelings for Lacan were that deep. Something that I’d like to experience(I think?Maybe not.) at least once. IMO, love(the lover’s kind) is one of the things that make or break a person. It’s an obsession. I can’t really say that I never in my entire life fell in love, but I never thought that me liking anyone would get anywhere..So I sort of forgot about it in time. I think a day or two did the trick quite well.

Speaking about the school prom, I guess I’m not partnering to go with anyone. Me and reeis will be some of the mad hobos chasing after the food, getting drunk, laughing mad or something along those lines. XD. I lightly touched the subject while conversing with my mom, and she, with great enthusiasm told me to go for it~~That’s something I didn’t expect. Now comes the fun( or so I think) part: getting the outfit and accessories. Won’t be anytime soon though, since exams are round the corner.

Today is hot. Hot, hot hot! I finally gotten off my lazy bum to go and study. Well, a start is a start. Next to me is a cup of Slurpee(registered trademark of 7-11), cold and icy. huuuuu~~XD but it’s apple flavoured, so it tastes a li’l weird. Still used to pina colada I guess.

the weekend approaches

I’m happy cause it’s friday! Friday is a time for rejoice, a time to remember that when cloudy skies come it will eventually go and bright sunny skies reappear once again.

^_^ I love the suikoden series, but sadly I only got the opportunity to play one, which is suikoden II. Now that suiko4’s out, I’ll wait for the english one and play it. At the end of the year, that is. The main chara for suikoIV looks girly, but I guess that’s what majority of japanese like. Girly-guys and lots of fanservice. I don’t know how it works but it seems that this kinda thing gets alot of people heated up, guys and girls alike..I’m not one of those, thankfully.

Today I updated again reeis’ story..I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out in the end but at curent things are very weird…and icky. We(aiori,me,reeis) turned the ‘coolest’ character there into some touchy-feely guy…UGH. Let’s hope something good happens…At this rate it could turn into a disaster.

my haircut sucks.I hope my hair grows faster.

I had a haircut, and the truth is: it sucks. I never thought I’d give that much a damn about it, but it really does. When I came out of the shop I felt that this was the worst thing that coulda happened to me. My brothers laughed at me, and that was when I really couldn’t take it. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, so I cried in the open. After that they were trying to console me. Now when I think about it I probably felt humiliated.

My mood didn’t change when I went to school this morning either..I could feel the snickers from behind my back and the stifled gasps of laughter. I felt that people were trying not to offend me by saying it(the cursed crappy haircut) suited me. I really couldn’t face society looking like a disaster from the 60’s. So I wandered aimlessly around the school during recess, hoping that I wouldn’t see anyone and vice versa.

Then later when I faced reeis and aiori I felt so stupid..and guilty. Guilty for being so outwardly cold towards them. Stupid for the sake of my haircut.

Now that I’m home and shielded from the world by four cement walls, I feel better for the fact that noone can laugh at me. And now I have a cold which is blocking my ears, feel a bit whoozy cause I haven’t had my lunch.

fingers fly, thoughts wander

Aiori didn’t come to school yesterday..So I didn’t get my Famous Amos.Damn.But I guess it’s good that her throat got the better of her. She should take a rest, she looked really terrible and kept on insisting she was fine..I hope she’s feeling better now, and will come back to school on Monday.I felt sorta guilty cause I didn’t call. Maybe will do so later today.

Ate my lunch on the way to the airport to pick up my relatives. Was an interesting experience as it was my first time eating soup noodles in a car in my school uniform. Good thing I didn’t spill any if not my dad would probably explode.

Shortly after we took a short break and I got a change of clothes we went shopping. I’m not one to shop but I did, after much pestering from alot of people. I bought a skirt. People who know me will raise eyebrows and stare like I’ve finally decided to submit to cocaine. And I finally managed to buy the book ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’.Yay~also means I don’t have to depend on the copy at the library anymore. I read some more to discover Macondo is turning upside down and inside out by a whole gang of weirdos that fall into the abyss of death just looking at Remedios the Beauty. It’s just a title but man she’s one weirdo…She’s so simple and so backward that I’m surprised she actually came about to live her life for so long and not get tainted by life’s worst experiences.So there.

one hundred years of solitude

Attendance rate was low in class today..Wanted to skip school altogether but knowing my parents it’s just about as good as asking permission to jump a cliff.

Was reading One hundred years of solitude written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in class, since I couldn’t be bothered to study..And yes, that’s a bad habit.I also don’t know how many weeks it’s been since I first read,and the thing is it’s not really thick but why the hell am I taking so long to finish the book?

The names in the novel are so few,but I was confused cause so many people of the Buendia family have the same name, it drives me nuts trying to remember who they’re talking about. Four generations of the same bunch of names and nearly identical characters to the previous generations definitely will drive you up the wall. So far I think Ursula Buendia is the most sensible and practical character, which is probably why she lived to see four generations come and go. Sounds like she’s gonna go down under pretty soon, with eyes nearly blinded by cataracts and leathery skin. Then again, she contradicts herself with the eternal mourning rule in the house.Weird, and yet I like this book. Makes me curious to read more. I knew I should have snitched the book home..for the day anyway.

I enjoy the silence and solitude whenever I can, which is probably why I like sleeping. Escaping the troubles of the present day and time to an infinity of adventure. Throughout whole day I look forward to going to sleep.To lash my fear and anger at the unknown,, to cry in anguish of the present day, to go on adventures unreal enough to be real and yet in all the action to find solace, to gain courage, to be human in a dream.Then again I remind myself that I live a life to experience what I have yet to discover, so I wake to a new day and hopefully do what I set out to do.

lomography and fried maggi…..

…..mix like orange and blue.It’s an acquired taste~

After school I went to pick up my photos clicked via lomo.There was one that I particularly liked, and the ironic thing is, I didn’t take it.sigh.Oh well.Anyway, I’m still practicing, so bring on the film.I uploaded it into my lomohome too..go check it out.

My cousin and my aunt are coming on Friday, and dad says I can go pick them up after school too~!Yay!Means my dad gets to pick me up from school.It’s a rare occasion to get anyone pick me up from school at all.So yeah, I like the idea.Along with my cousin comes a whole stash of anime**drool**that I’ve been waiting for..cause I can’t buy the DVDs, and anyhow the subs suck.No way I’m gonna waste that money on something that may as well ruin the whole thing.

Stayed up last night doing stupid biology homework, but I ended up rushing the entire thing in school, and finished in record time(with help from friends in drawing graphs and labeled pictures cause the chemistry teacher didn’t come to class XD).Phew.

I want an iPOD.Currently listening to takaoka ai – hikari to kaze to kimi no naka de.Now I should practice on my piano..the only FF piano piece I can play properly is Blue Fields -FFVIII.Now working on Tidus’ Theme – FFX and Eyes on me – FFVIII.So far the FFVIII Piano Collection is the easiest, FFIX the hardest,FFX the most relaxing,FFX-2 the most finger-flying(even though the book’s not out yet) and FFVII the weirdest-sounding one.

personal hopes for the moment(16:41:07):wishes for self to buck up and go study

breezy afternoons are great for sleeping.

Too bad I’m not sleeping now..the weather’s not too hot too. Well, on my lap there’s a physics reference book. Go figure.

I wonder how long those foreign exchange students are gonna be here. A month, maybe a year? Beats me. There are two, one Spanish and one German. Personally I like the German accent, harsh and metallic, and reminds me of Monster. I was half-asleep when they were introducing themselves to the school..not that it mattered.

Read Gantz last night. At first I thought it was a pretty lame manga, cause the main character’s a real loser.. but as the story continues it’s almost like a reality TV show. A really gory reality TV show. Thinking of all the blood spilt, the severed heads(body parts as well) and the bogus action that you would not find in a Jackie Chan movie makes me drool for more. My brother came up with a good question though..”Where’s the dog?”

reminiscence of horror

When was the last time I tried to keep a diary? Must’ve been about six years ago.Back then I lived in paranoid of my diary getting seen by others, and now here I am starting an online blog where everyone can see the crap I’m going to spew from this day forth.

Today I took a chemistry test,and I got 25%..In short,I failed.I sure hope it’s not going to affect my grades or anything cause I didn’t even bother to flip through the chapter I was supposed to study. Heck, I only knew about it this morning.

I wanna watch Samurai Champloo…And I don’t have the time to watch the damn thing, thanks to my upcoming exam in 4 weeks, give or take. Nor do I have the time to watch the rest of the lovely anime I’ve acquired over the weeks…sighhh…

When I aiori told me something about her and Lacan, well, to tell the truth, I didn’t know what to think. Cause it reminded me of someone I thought I liked(I definitely have no interest in him now), and it really troubled me for a couple of days. After my uneasiness went, everything was a sunny sky and friendly chirping birds once more.I kept on asking myself,”Do I like him?Am I crazy?You think too damn much.It was no date, and you are really screwed up!Just go to sleep,dammit!Sleep!!!!”Now that was the first REAL case of insomnia.God, that was horrible. I sure don’t wanna go through all that again.