breezy afternoons are great for sleeping.

Too bad I’m not sleeping now..the weather’s not too hot too. Well, on my lap there’s a physics reference book. Go figure.

I wonder how long those foreign exchange students are gonna be here. A month, maybe a year? Beats me. There are two, one Spanish and one German. Personally I like the German accent, harsh and metallic, and reminds me of Monster. I was half-asleep when they were introducing themselves to the school..not that it mattered.

Read Gantz last night. At first I thought it was a pretty lame manga, cause the main character’s a real loser.. but as the story continues it’s almost like a reality TV show. A really gory reality TV show. Thinking of all the blood spilt, the severed heads(body parts as well) and the bogus action that you would not find in a Jackie Chan movie makes me drool for more. My brother came up with a good question though..”Where’s the dog?”

reminiscence of horror

When was the last time I tried to keep a diary? Must’ve been about six years ago.Back then I lived in paranoid of my diary getting seen by others, and now here I am starting an online blog where everyone can see the crap I’m going to spew from this day forth.

Today I took a chemistry test,and I got 25%..In short,I failed.I sure hope it’s not going to affect my grades or anything cause I didn’t even bother to flip through the chapter I was supposed to study. Heck, I only knew about it this morning.

I wanna watch Samurai Champloo…And I don’t have the time to watch the damn thing, thanks to my upcoming exam in 4 weeks, give or take. Nor do I have the time to watch the rest of the lovely anime I’ve acquired over the weeks…sighhh…

When I aiori told me something about her and Lacan, well, to tell the truth, I didn’t know what to think. Cause it reminded me of someone I thought I liked(I definitely have no interest in him now), and it really troubled me for a couple of days. After my uneasiness went, everything was a sunny sky and friendly chirping birds once more.I kept on asking myself,”Do I like him?Am I crazy?You think too damn much.It was no date, and you are really screwed up!Just go to sleep,dammit!Sleep!!!!”Now that was the first REAL case of insomnia.God, that was horrible. I sure don’t wanna go through all that again.