shiver me timbers!

I think I’m gonna get a flu soon..Telltale signs include stuffy nose, uncomfy throat and throbbing headaches.>_

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” That’s what’s running in my mind now. In my opinion, how can I work if I can’t even play? I’m stuck with my books for an entire day, and I wanna go online for awhile…Sometimes this reminds me of a drug rehab center..I can’t do what I want to most, and I’m stuck doing something I really don’t like but it’s good for me. I guess it’s become an obsession. But hey, I *do* know how to control myself. Gimme an hour and a half and then I can pop back to studying… Something, anything…=_=

Wonder where I’m going to get my prom dress… or find the time to. Sometimes I hate wearing them cause I never remembered ever looking good in one. Maybe it’s because to begin with I never wore dresses much anyway. It’s so troublesome, I can’t sit comfortably or run comfortably in it either.

heh..and then there’s CF..I don’t know…I really hope we can pull it off without screwing up..cause I know, I know, we haven’t been practicing..SPM just 2 weeks away. We scrapped ryuusei..TiA’s voice is just too damned high… We’d end up having no voice for the next song if we’re gonna do it.

Biology’s on the last day..So I figure I won’t touch it yet.. First few on the danger list is addmath, BM and history. Then comes the 3 science subjects and Moral. Okay then. Off to study history. Past few days I’ve been working on my f4 chem and I just finished acids, alkalis and salts yesterday. Good. =D

boomerang boogie

Happy anniversary mom and dad. Now if memory serves me right it’s your 25th. Yes, I cut that paper segment cause it said “happy birthday” and dad was desperate~ such is the wonder of birthday cards with misleading messages. Wonder where you guys are going for dinner tonight, I bet it’s some elegant dining at a hotel. I will definitely pester them when they get back. I insist on knowing what they had for dinner, especially if it’s a good one.*goes off to imagine all the fine food*

A friend taught me some german today. Some simple stuff, like gutten nacht(good night) and um. danke schoen(thank you)… I forgot. Cause the exchange student Christian was teaching her class some basic stuff when he dropped by their class. He’s 17, but a form4 student. I guess he’s not taking SPM =P which is pretty logical reasoning. Wanted to skip school altogether and go for breakfast…but got stopped on the way out. That’s when I thought, “Why are we parading out of school in bright daylight in the middle of the school car park where even the blindest of fools can see us?” Oh well.

We were crapping about aipeng and her super-weird dreams. “After hearing that I don’t think I’ll ever see praevin, jianwen and dinesh the same way again” *laughs*, or so leeyee claims aloud. And kenming climbing out of a manhole in his scout uniform is hilarious..Speak of the devil, not long after we were laughing about it we saw kenming.

Then we drifted on to running away from home. Would we plan our getaway or recklessly take a course that lies in front of us? Where to run? Who to run to? What to do? That kinda stuff. In my opinion, I would not run to a friend’s house. Come on, you get caught faster there than in your own house.

I wonder what people think of me. Call it curiosity, or whatever you will. Ai-chan thinks I am easy to read..Probably meaning it doesn’t take much to figure out what I’m thinking of. I don’t know what to make of that though. But there is a truth when she adds I’ve got nothing to hide, so, being ignorantly happy in more ways than one I have no need to shield my thoughts. Then the majority calls me sarcastic, sardonic, and merciless, to name a few. I recall some saying unbalanced and at times too carefree, kinda like jazz music. Yeah, I like jazz. Free tempo music means everything is up to you, a diversities of expressions in a single piece. But not the overly slow ones, more of the medium and faster beats. My parents label me undecisive, moody and obedient. Definitely not your typical mould of plasticine on the face of this planet. Then again, what is it we call typical anyway..

alles gute fur die prufung = all the best for your exam


I’m so sleepy today, I don’t know why either. I collapsed at 11 after breakfast…Felt much more awake after lunch..haven’t had nasi kandar in awhile. Everything looks brown when they dump it on the plate, so I couldn’t really tell what I was eating. Tasted good anyway, soo.. XD

Finished reading “The boy with paper wings” in a day. sigh. It has potential to go further, the ending was a little too abrupt for my liking. And in a way, distorted. Man, I really liked all those mini-origami lessons. Will try when I have free time. And the polygons…what was it, Icosahedron=20 sided polygon. Yes, I learnt it from this children’s book.

Got some more chemistry done today. I’m progressing XDXDXD yay..I’m slooowly getting a little further. I am happy. A little further and I won’t be posting so often.

Sometimes I think I’m living in the wrong century. I hunger for the simple life led by people before me. The simpler, the less worries. Unlike the people of today. I probably would be satisfied with a good book and….hmm.. maybe I live to work off a farm or something, like in the 18th century.

Took some time off and watched 風の物語. It’s such a sleepy show. Leave the art aside, I like it for its sleepiness. And all those flying cats~ 風の猫だ!

Cant’ wait to watch that anime based on “The count of Monte Cristo”. Gonzo production, it looks like serious eye candy. And a dark story. Right up my avenue. Just that the clothing patterns don’t sync with the clothing movement. Now that seriously sucks.

brain food

I was thirsting for a good read since I’m done with Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Avalon triology. That stuff is a mix of politics and love and piety to the goddess.

Bought a book:The boy with paper wings by Susan Lowell. This book is funny. About an overimaginative 11-year old boy with viral fever. Okay, out of 30 pages I read so far, there were some really funny bits like this one:

Joe(one of Paul’s green clay soldiers):

Get your boyfriend to rescue you..What’s his name? That boy Barbie? He has flat feet, hasn’t he?

Barbie(yes, it’s the doll):

Ken? That wimp? He’s never there when I want him. He’s always out with some other Barbie, and then he says he can’t tell us apart. Ken’s like a total airhead!(Whoa, look who’s talking~ XD)

And this one made me laugh. Paul has a way with words, this was how he threatened Barbie to cooperate:


Listen, this is your only chance. If KRON and the Braindrainers win the war, they;ll take your yacht and your sports car and your castle and implant brains in them and make them do bad work for KRON. They might even put brains in you!

The idea’s so cute~ just a pity that Paul’s bomb blew her into smithereens. And there’s alot on origami planes and birds and boats. Definitely a children’s book but who cares, man, it’s nice! It’s been awhile since I came across a book like this that makes me laugh. I have to hand it to Paul, he has a good eye for detail and creativity… The authoress is so careful to capture the reality of his miniature warfield and his thoughts.

malicious little serpent

My brains are thoroughly fried. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Watched my こうはい chair a meeting, and they actually looked pretty serious about it. Didn’t get to stay for long cause the teacher advisor shooed me. dingdong. Despite my being an ex-member of the board, I still could poke at them. Mercilessly got at them with that sharp tongue of mine. All in the name of fun. XD

Today’s gonna be pretty busy, gonna have my evening spent with loads of chemistry and physics work to be done. sighhhhh….I really want this to be over soon. This waiting is wearing me out faster than I think it does. Patience does have its 098656 limits and mine’s wearing thin.

Found solace in playing card games. Spider solitiare is good company, freecell makes me think~ Maybe it’s also cause I like to arrange things, as is my habit. Is a very addictive way of passing time… when I’m taking a break from studying.

弟 ain’t all that bad..He’s actually quite nice~ even though I tend to treat him pretty badly. Must be this sibling relation that cause us to bicker everyday like cats and dogs. Then again he can be such a deceited,

stuck-up moron that doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone.

garbled gnarled growly

GAARGH! I can’t take having my entries lag my thoughts. I post yesterday’s posts today, and so it seems like I’ll never catch up. T_T Another good one is this the horrifically dreaded SPM. It’s like hobbling after a snatch-thief. You try,really hard, you run even though it hurts like crap, you curse that lousy leg of yours and it never looks like you’ll ever get any closer. You really really wanna catch up cause you wanna get back that wallet of yours containing your identity-card with that god-forsaken picture of yours taken aeons ago that only a mother could love and you’re afraid of that obscenity exposed to the world, the fella can go to Timbuktu for all you care but *YOU WANT IT BACK!*. Then when you DO get there you realize you’re wishing you could turn back time and make amends, maybe regret for being so careless and should have just lodge a police report cause you’re now gonna get thwacked in the face(or anywhere else for that matter) with a club or some damage-inflicting item and boy that’s gonna hurt.

When I wake up in the morning for school, I ask:

“Should I go to school? I mean, what the heck…there’s (pick any other from the 9 subjects for the average pure science stream student and replace accordingly here) today…and worse still, there’s bm *every*day and hell it’s gonna be blardy boring unless I bring some addmath or chem to do or bring my reference book and study despite the ‘exam’… And I’d readily say to the teacher ‘I am not going to take this exam today wether you like it or not. School makes it an obligation to us pitiful fools to do this kind of 3674 and can’t the seniors be banned from school until there is an appropriate reason for us to reappear in this 16598 3687452? It’s so nice to snuggle up in bed’s only 6.50am…why…why..why…T_T”

I spend a few moments contemplating, rolling around in bed..still sleeping, still in subconsciousness. Then when I make up my mind to convince mom/dad/both to stay home, Conscience speaks:

“アイちゃんはどうするナノヨ? アイちゃんが学校に一人で行こうで寂しいのか?もう。。 それとレイスくんともう。。 友達だからさあ~ Also if you stay at home you may end up not studying at all, so by going to school you’re forced to ram something into that 8913 3216 brain of yours. So just drag yourself outta that shortlived haven of yours and get on with life.” (<--or something along those lines...) And that’s when my resolution crumbles and I get up resignedly and get ready for school. Such is a dispute of minds.
On a lighter note, today I drew a collab art with ai-chan..Finished my part of the 2nd one..She can just fill in the blanks. I like snowmen. And I like christmas even though I don’t celebrate it. Yes, I like festivals. It means happiness is around the corner. Need I mention the food? The company? The fun? =^_^=

I like to believe. But it’s so hard, so hard to believe when the world is filled with lies.

bleak cold days

School is getting boring as it is getting useless…They’re now doing mock tests which I don’t hold any interest in cause the whole thing is like a farce. Not that I don’t know that it’s for my own benefit. But I’m of the opinion that I’m definitely better off at home studying. SPM is in about 2 weeks…but it’s gonna last for another month. sigh.

It rained almost all morning at school, so it was pretty cooling all morning. Stayed in the library, where people returned most of their books- with a hefty fine.. I mean, these people don’t return books until almost 3 months later. What the heck? To top it off it’s almost the end of the year. If they don’t return it by then the fine will probably override the cost of the book itself. And that’s if the book doesn’t get lost.

Did addmath exercises all day.. I’m personally surprised that I didn’t drop off or just throw the whole damned thing away. But not that I did much anyway. Then there’s ai-chan and jay. *laughs* I think they spend their time more often than not getting at each other. I prefer not to intrude in their business though. Let sleeping dogs lie, and I’d rather they torment each other than tormenting me~ Then again, ai-chan rarely gets that golden chance to get back at me where it counts.

Sometimes I wonder what I’d miss when I leave school. Maybe it’s the people that made school enjoyable, and I would wonder when I’ll be able to see them again.. Maybe I’d miss the teachers too..some of them. I definitely wouldn’t miss those grumpy unreasonable teachers. More of the teachers that are understandable. And that little bit more logical.^_^


The school magazine came out today. I liked the blue on the cover, but to have it as a cover is an understatement…It was pixelated. And good grief, why are the photos so god-forsaken?? And here we have aiori commenting on how she emphasized on hq resolutions for the mag last year. Hahaha~ that’s gloating on her part. She’s right about the graphics though. It really does look like an amateur ken-chan graphic work on almost all the feature articles. Abstract and messy, reappearing in most articles making it pretty bland. Something plain and simple woulda worked just as well.

They interviewed A. Samad Said (he is the nearly historical literary figure.. he’s got the complete ulama look, from the snow-white beard and hair right down to the clothing). Not bad though I venture to say the opposite of the venue. A&W;? *knocks own head into a wall*

*gasp* they had an interview with the one, the only Tun Dr. Mahathir too~ I’m pretty impressed. Not every student gets to meet him face to face…but once again the photos screwed up the general article. *bleargh*

The fivers’ pages were…eheh. Belian’s was not bad, Jati’s was ok..I mean, I didn’t have much to say since I did draw pictures for it. IMO, my drawings really didn’t fit anywhere, except for maybe Pn. Paramjeet. At least she looked like herself.XD Kempas’ pictures were really down the drain, I pity them..It *is* the last school mag for the fivers. To have bad photos is the last thing on anyone’s minds. And Bain’s mug shot made me laugh. I don’t know why. He’s just a damned weird character.

They DID copy some of the previous year’s ideas…like quotes from the top 6 of the Board…and the hand-drawn autograph page. I think there were more..

ai-chan is madly ‘in love’ with mugen…or so she claims. sigh. She could just drive me and reeis-kun insane..but I pity reeis…she hasn’t seen much of champloo, so she can’t understand ai-chan’s ramblings. hehehe~

Still stuck with ulcers in my mouth…makes it so ^%$&^%$ hard to eat. And it’s making me feel as though I have a bad toothache. Curses..



And so here we are twin stars of brilliant brightness

Lanterns lit by life for all the depths of night

And every day will return us to arms of the ever eternal


life is like a boat

nobody knows who I really am

I’ve never felt this empty before

and if I ever need someone to come along

who’s gonna comfort me, and keep me strong?

With the coming and the going of the tide, things change too often for us to notice, so we we just take it all in stride. Sometimes, I would just like to close my eyes, and drift in the wind like another falling leaf. Uncaring for the future, leaving everything to come as fate would have it.

I’ve been out of it all day. I would like to see time pass by, somewhere where everyone bustles along with life, and me trapped in the middle of a zone frozen within time itself. Time moves on, but I feel like alot of things have stopped. Nothing catches my eye, a question answered without words, a gliding seagull that has the wind in its wings, trees shuffle close by to whisper their well-kept secrets…. a sea of nothing, which is everything in my mind.

When the day ends, the joy of entering a dream begins. Coloured with wild strokes of a paintbrush, all its mistakes exposed, an untidy style which amuses me. Sometimes there will be a little girl to greet me, in an orange dress and quaint red shoes. If not a meek girl, bespectacled and donned in a mellow-coloured shirt and jeans, with dark brown pennyloafers. On her neck she wears a short necklace of black strings. From then on, it could be an adventure into the depths of the unknown. Or just a dreamless space. That is left to the subconsciousness.

Some dream and are dreamt of but all dismiss them as an unreal imagery of the mindframe.

we are rowing the boat of fate

the waves keep on coming and we can’t escape

but if we ever get lost on our way

the waves will guide us through another day


Feeling unbelievably sleepy throughout the day. Woke at 10 to sleep again at 3. Damnit.

finished downloading:

samurai champloo music record: Impression

koda kumi – Love & Honey

Bleach ep 1[Lunar]

I was so angry at myself, goddamit after Lunar’s then ANBU-Aone came with their own. I know I shoulda waited for that one instead. Some of Lunar’s trans for the subs is wrong.. but Bleach rocks anyway. Rukia’s voice reminds me of Kenshin’s..this woman trying to sound like a guy. But *drool* Ichigo’s voice is so かっこい! And I can’t wait for Kon to come into the series..and Ishida too.

Addicted to nikopachi. Especially “The garden of Everything”. Steve Conte’s the main singer, maaya is just a background. I found it weird that it should be featured in maaya’s album. Oh well. Then there were the cute ones like “shippo no uta”’s so cute..and so christmassy. The tinkle of bells tickled me.

Got some chemistry done, still have plenty of bio and physics and history.*sigh* Don’t even want to talk about moral, that god-forsaken subject.

Dad and I got talking about the after SPM part of my life; what I wanted to do, and all that kinda stuff. While we were at it I was reminded of a time when we were joking about marriages, how parents torture the kids by unscrupulously flashing those humiliating kiddy pictures at them.. It was pretty funny crapping with my dad, that makes him so much more fun to talk to. But like all parents, he’s usually serious.