glorious works of the mind

oh yes. I made several discoveries. and was greatly enlightened.

Roger Lancelyn Green – Tales of the Greek Heroes

Now Ganymede was a handsome young prince of Troy whom Zeus had chosen to be cup-bearer to the Immortals and assist his daughter Hebe in waiting on them as they feasted in golden Olympus. So he sent a great eagle to carry Ganymede up to heaven; and he gave Tros in exchange two magic white horses which could run over the sea or the standing corn as lightly and as swiftly as the wind.

It caught my eye cause I was thinking of Cowboy Bebop..It’s Jet’s home planet. XP And definitely nothing like the Disney adaptation. Come on.. it’s a far, far cry. Hercules killed; He went mad, he killed his wife Megara, the one he supposedly married in the end of the Disney movie. He had another wife too~ and NO, he is NOT son to Hera and Zeus. No siree! Hercules(the latin version) or Heracles(the greek version) was actually son to Alcmena and Zeus. Hera hated Hercules’ guts cause Zeus went cajoling with a mortal woman and had a son.. like duh, who wouldn’t?!

And now I’m reading The Jungle Book. I’m mad. I’m mad. And I heartily conclude that this one is nothing like the Disney version either. I love the original better. Miles better. Mowgli was definitely smart, and Baloo is alot more violent; a few ‘pats’ nearly beat Mowgli till he was half-dead; and Shere Khan the tiger is lame and he was killed by Mowgli who practically mowed Shere Khan with a herd of buffaloes he was herding while he was temporarily staying in the Indian village nearby his home Jungle. Bagheera is such a cynical panther…his pride is his life, and he was so unwilling to admit that he cried for Kaa’s help when he was being badly beaten up by the Bandar-log(monkeys)~ And I looove the Lone Wolf; now a ‘Dead Wolf’ cause he missed his kill once. yes, the Laws of the Free People, the wolves.

Then sorely went to study physics. XD funny that I don’t have much to say about it. I find the Jungle Book so much more enthralling. I really do.


I find myself withdrawing. from what I don’t really know. I don’t know why either.

I say self praise is no praise at all..then mom refutes, saying that you need self praise in order to be praised by others.. I don’t see her wrong. I guess when she opens her mouth suddenly everything I say is just about wrong. I don’t know if I’ve said right things. Out of formality, I do. Out of force, I do. Self-willed? never. The errorenous being before you. me.

I am but ordinary. Funny as it sounds, I hate being ordinary. It means when I die, nobody will know who I am. Maybe it’s better that way? -_- I don’t thrive on popularity. Maybe it’s just that sometimes I’d like to be talented at something I like to do. As is *shrugs* I don’t even know what it is that I do like to do. Everyone’s got something they like to do. A jack of all trades, master of none. Does it apply to me? no. I don’t even dabble in all things. Makes me feel so. raw. stupid. Can’t really find the words.

Is that really all there is to myself? all that I look at? what’s beneath..pretty empty. a void fills the space. contentment, resentment. daren’t go any further. you COWARD! delve into the unknown, for that is what makes experience more memorable. upbringing in a warm cardboard box teaches you to be afraid of the outside world, doesn’t it? doesn’t it?!

enough of the self praise. back to reality I go.


look. From the way things are going I’d say that laziness is kicking back in. I’d so very very very much like to succumb to temptation. Dearly, passionately, literally.@_@

Nutsy in the head, irritable in being. >_< *read on, read on* it's been ringing in my head. I need to read. Read, read read!!

So, after finishing The Moonstone I’ve lost it. Snapped. Cracked. I hunger, I thirst for another good read. So I crept into korg’s room and kidnapped his remaining books of literature interest. I think. So I’m now reading some malay anthology, “Dari Pulau ke Pulau”. I’m mad. And so are the stories in it. I think the general theme of it is about Malays losing their pride of their homeland. And some are pretty bleak too, from what I read.

T_T I’m supposed to be studying! Studying dammit!

Today, today.. hmm.

Another 24 hours at my disposal, of which I’ve disposed the sunlit hours.

My day began by trudging off at 8.50 am to chem tuition at jua’s house. sleepy-o =_= Got to play with cheanvoon’s shiny-brand-new samsung..and all of us (bring the count up to four) went on a photo-taking frenzy..the click-happy being jua, putri and cheanvoon. and the half-crazed from lack of sleep.

I’ve been hunting for layouts to use, cause yeah, I’m just plain lazy. Hopefully I can change it after SPM when I will have *indefinitely* more free time.

Well, today’s the festival of lights, deepavali. Went to dad’s friend’s house and had lunch. Stuff was simple but really nice.

Then when I got home I grabbed some rum’n raisin.. =D

Proceeded to read more of The Moonstone. I hate Miss Clack. AARGH~ she’s so irritating! She’s a fanatical. I can see why Lady Verinder died earlier that she should have, being constantly in this maniac’s company. I pity Mr. Franklin.. and I’m glad that Rosanna Spearman is dead. How she died I never really found out, and I don’t think she jumped into the Shivering Sand. Godfrey Ablewhite’s dead too, one of the Indians smothered him. I don’t think I’ll miss him either. =D

after the first hurdle

English and history were okay.. I was so tempted to do that question on caliphs but I really couldn’t remember the contributions of the 2nd caliph…>_< and if I did remember it woulda earnt me an easy 20. I so resent myself for forgetting that. And it was actually a likeable topic too, since it wasn't all that difficult. To me. So I end up wallowing in the deeper end and dripping all sorts of 7456543 about nationalism and patriotism and all that. egh. I don't even know wether I'll get the marks alloted. ah well, let's leave that in the past. ai-chan was constantly raving about how her impending doom stared her in the she was inevitably going to fail.. how blank her mind was at the current moment.. It is quite frustrating to see people falling even before they even try to stand. To add salt to the wound you have emily raving..”The cold war!! Argh!””Oh no! Where are my pens?! Someone stole my pens!”” Aiya how la, how la!” I’d leave it at that. The day’s over, there are alot of happy people starting bonfires in tribute to the history textbook, and it’s raining. weela.

grow up

My dad has this ridiculous sense of humour, but it’s funny.

I claim he was going about his egoistical being, men being very much like so regardless in reality or fiction.

He claims I’ve got screws loose after sitting for the exams today.

He got mom to back him up.

I protest,”Heyy no fair.”

He goes “It must be from all the excitement of the day.”

I guess this is what keeps me sane during trying times. I wouldn’t say that this is one of them, since 17 years of life in shelter and security and everything else I have to be thankful for doesn’t really count as a trying time. Maybe trying in sense that I’d like to get around on my own, standing my ground on a little patch of earth I can call mine. I think life actually starts when you’re going around feeling your way in the dark as how to live life the way you want it, away from being twiddled around your parent’s little finger. Sure it’s painful, sure it’s lonely.. but hey, no pain no gain.

a draft of whisky, and Robinson Crusoe

Yeah, if I were Gabriel Betteredge, that would work just fine. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Probably worried about today’s paper. Thinking of hirose koumi – groovy! So I got up, and read Oscar Wilde’s The Moonstone. It’s not bad a book. I’m close to finishing Gabriel Betteredge’s narrative. He’s such an interesting character, I can easily understand why Sergeant Cuff took an instant liking to him. And I like Sergeant Cuff myself. Always arguing to the gardener about roses.

goddess, take me now, it’s as good a time as any other.

I’m so exhausted. BM papers 1 and 2 in one day is really a killer. A murderer, a convicted felon that never should have set its eyes on the sun.

At eight am, everything was still fine. At ten am, sanity is fading. It’s a struggle just to keep alive at that moment. Just finished bm paper 1, so me and ai-chan went to get some milk. =D Feel somewhat more refreshed. Then back at eleven am to sit for history paper 1. Tricky, tricky, tricky, that paper was. At half-past twelve noon went to pizza hut at ttdi for lunch. It looks like a professional restaurant now, and no, I can’t say the same for the service. Everytime you’d like a waiter to attend to you they’re all looking in another direction, gossiping on the phone or just plain mia. Proves very much so that you can’t judge a book by its cover, let alone a restaurant.

Then back for the last paper of the day, bm paper 2. During the first hour, it was so hot and humid I felt sticky and uncomfy sitting for the exam. The fan’s cooling effect out of reach, I could only pray for wind and rain. Whaddya know, “orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal”. Soon after it started raining.

The worst part was that I dwindled time away writing the summary, leaving my literature section to the birds and the bees. Of course, like training has taught me, to answer every damn question so that I can scrape off what marks I can. Which left me finishing the paper 2 minutes before time. Tense, pressured against time, sticky skin, painful wrist, pressing the pencil too hard (I’m just glad I didn’t break it in half, just gave the ghost finger more pain) is not a desirable sensation at any time. Which brings me to say this; I’m relieved that I’m relieved of this subject. I don’t think I’ll be seeing it for a looooong time.


Today is dad’s birthday. The highlight must be the karaoke session. All of us were required to sing a song before we were let off. That was, of course, after the nice Italian lunch and tiramisu, chocolate cake and cocolate cheese cake. =D They were so tickled. My dad’s a homebody, as mom puts it. So we spent most of it at home. Where I got to stuff in more studies. And mom and dad get to serenade to each other those really, classic oldies. And read the papers, and do all that regular stuff with a twist, since it is after all dad’s birthday.

Best thing was I got to wake up late on a sunday XD I love to sleep in late and wake up late…and miss tkd (I am so lazy..yeah I know~)

Ti’s going off to stay with tsing and ming..I think for a couple of days. Wether I would miss him or not I wouldn’t know. He’s on a ghibli rampage now. He’s watched every one of the 12 feature films of theirs, and now he’s watching them all over again.. I wanna watch tooooo~ T-T

of better temperament

The human temper is a delicate thing, a gentle touch and it will fall to an extreme end. Which was what happened a few moments ago. Felt slightly ticked off at ti for no apparent reason. After taking a bath, the mind cools and regains sanity. It came in a torrent, left in a trickle.

For the last 3 days or so its been raining heavily, steadily. I enjoyed it. I love it. It’s wonderful to be warm and snuggly under shelter when the rain beats on the glass panes. But even more so when you’re in the rain itself. I miss it, I’m always told to stay indoors when rain beckons. Sometimes though, it’s nice to break the rules. It’s fun, especially jumping in puddles in the field. It’s like a cross between a paddy field and a swamp right now. Kids my age are building dams of mud there…And there’s malay lit. and history on monday. yk dropped by to get the ‘kerusi’ to study tonight, and he stared in bewilderment at cj playing in the field. “You crazy? There’s exams on Monday and you’re here playing in the mud?” I’ll readily say yk works well under pressure, and enjoys every minute of it.

Firn’s mad. Her current craze is pairing up the ffviii charas. She’s on a roll, her next(last? I don’t know) is lagunaxjulia. But if memory serves me well I’ve *never* seen Julia’s face before. oh well. Good luck to her~

spm day one part two

oh crawps. the 2nd paper was my opinion anyway. I barely had enough time to finish..and during the very last minute I found a mistake that would cost me 7 marks.. I hope I managed to correct it correctly in time..

It was raining midway on the trip back to school for the paper.. So to brighten the occasion I was using a bright orange umbrella. It’s drying out nicely now.

That aside.. My head was throbbing when I got home.. So I did my favourite thing (for now anyway) – sleep~

And like dad says.. Just look forward to the rest of the exams. I’d say there’s no turning back.