gallavanting with reeis…

… is one helluva experience, I tell you.

Started off the day with eating cheong fun that mom brought back from the Section 17 wet market, awesome stuff I tell you. After I washed the dishes, and was reading the paper, mom comes out with the lightsaber bubble blowing thingy and goes “hey what’s this I found in the bathroom?!” and the rest of my morning was spent entertaining my parents while blowing bubbles using the lightsaber bubble blowing thingy XD (well, until reeis showed up.)

We went to have nasi lemak @ Village Park (excellent nasi lemak! XD) and had a chat on how college changed our lives, and the way of thinking that there are many ways to get to the same answer, none being more correct than the other. And some things we really struggled through during school life – the rounding up of numbers (me) and the failure to grasp physics concepts till 2 weeks before SPM (her)~

Next stop was what I call the Neo-Nazi Building~ aka PJ Trade Center. Seriously, at first glance it looks like some building from the post-industrial times (quote reeis) and it looks like some unfinished construction site.. So I was quite *meh* about the whole thing at first. After taking a look around, though, there is more than meets the eye to this place. It’s really.. raw and organic, and I think if they decided to use flourescent lighting for this place it would look like some Nazi detention center or something – creepiness factor up by 10000! @_@ Unpainted cement walls, tile bricks for walls (lotsa natural light), halogen lighting… it was certainly *weird* at first sight.

When we exited the lift we were really surprised by a few things~

  • For some reason they have this idea to have the ‘floor’ made out of metal grilles so you can see the floor below, and the one below it.. you get the point. So if you look down, and you’re afraid of heights, this might be a real challenge for you. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty cool.
  • There are hanging gardens wth! Cool but totally out of place imo!
  • There is a hanging chair thingy that is made out of iron/steel mesh thingy and it was SO FUN to sit on it! XD
  • Not to mention lawn furniture made out of real wire meshies that remind me of the ones @ KLPAC. Totally unexpected!
  • The wind that blows through this ‘rest area’ is reaaaaaallly 気持ち! Caught us both by surprise~ Plus, there are proper bean bags here too!
  • The restaurants downstairs have equally nice decor that fit in with the rest of the building structure. woot!
  • IMO the place has a very raw, unfinished feeling to it but throwing in all these super-modern touches gives it a unique identity. Very naisu!

To which I was commenting to her how we’ve forgotten the actual reason we came here – there was some Bata warehouse sale that she wanted to check out, haha so finally after snapping enough pics like tourists, we went to sniff around the sales area.

PS: Photos up on Facebook here =3

I considered it as a pretty good find as I found this adorable pair of yellow sneaks! XD This pic was after I got home, and decided to try out new ways of lacing the shoes – settled with lattice lacing on one side, and over-under lacing on the other.

Went to Ikea and browsed Daiso and Yamaha as well! XD Wasted alot of time in Ikea simply because it is Ikea XD Daiso had some real fun stuff too (usual lah!)

And we saw this MTV video at FOS (totally wtf XD)~~ the song’s called “15 Minutes” by The Yeah You’s. Catchy!

Had a nice dinner of nasi briyani with mom and dad XD yummo! Followed by durian and cherries XD

Also helped ti out (hopefully) with tackling his exam questions on initializing arrays in Alice. =P

*considerably long pause talking to aichan about petticoats*

#off topic no.1: petticoats

We trawled eBay and some other sites, but I found this site which I thought was really.. wow! House of Olivier – the photos are incredibly good, and apparently you can wear these as regular skirts as well! Double win XD Faves so far are Sofia and Juliette~

#off topic no.2: youtube video

This is simply hilarious! XD First of all, loving the Brit accent, and secondly, the remarks are snarky XD Will continue to watch the rest of it once I find time for it.

the regular mixup post for the day~

Today was pretty fun, headed down to Taylor’s College Lakeside campus after lunch with ti.

Mainly to visit reeis though.. but when I arrived she was busy with another prospective student, so I just waited and read the college newsletter-magazine from cover to cover while waiting. Reminds me of my SAM days, every other week there was something on, and we were a great bunch that could never keep still – always wanting to do something fun. Glad to see that hasn’t changed~

Reeis then took me around the campus, around her ‘hood and showing me her students’ works (of which she’s very proud of) and also wandered around the entire campus.. One thing I have to say, it’s really breezy and nice! Especially where the MPH is and where the lake is.. if only the weather were cooler, people would be sitting out on the lawns and basking in the sun!

There’s this little amphitheater space where reeis says would be great to perform open plays (kinda like busking but theater-style, I suppose) and speeches and stuff like that. Can see why she says that. Also, there are COWS! Well, the area next to the campus is a cow farm so she says almost every day at noon the campus folk get a whiff of their wonderful aroma as they head off to lunch (or the next class)~

The library is a work of art, and it really reminds me of the Gipps library! Windows on every floor (great natural lighting) and ample space for sitting, discussion rooms and shelves and shelves of books, it’s a really nice place! The orange just disagrees with my insides though.

This is the kind of place that makes me wanna be a student again. lesigh!

Bought some duck, hokkien mee and kungfu chau maifun for dinner! YUM XD My dad wanted something simple and appetizing for dinner so this was an excellent idea XDDXDXDXD Happy Father’s Day dad! XD You know we love you XD

Tonight’s lineup on the History Channel was really interesting!

First one was about the reign of Qin Shihuang Ti and his accomplishments~ however the ending kinda insinuated he went totally bonkers and ironically poisoned himself by drinking mercury-infused immortality potions while trying to live forever. Watched this one before but still I loved watching it again.

Second one was about really final rites around the world.. Like burying oneself alive to attain enlightenment and peace (in Tultec culture i.e. Mexico), living with the dead to have a grand funeral (somewhere in Indonesia), plastification (by some dude living in Germany), mummification (no prizes for guessing), offering bodies to the Ganges river (in India).. very very insightful one that was really entertaining.

Wanted to watch the other one about Mao Tzedong but had other chores to do (like cleanup the table and fold the laundry I’ve left aside for days, I know I’m a lazy ass)

some time to meself

Work today was semi-frustrating cause for the longest time I wasn’t echoing my $_POST variable (and after looking at it for about half a day it was really starting to piss me off)… so I finally relented (simply because I couldn’t stand being frustrated and I needed to get it done before someone thinks I’m retarded) and asked my seniors how it was supposed to be done~

Just one sentence, and everything clicked together for me – after that it was just an hour affair. When this happens I usually go “zomg why didn’t I think of that?! It was staring me right in the face!” Double redirects really threw me off course. >_>

That aside, seniors do speak wise words. I guess that’s why they call it “wise words” instead of “wise paragraphs” or “wise lectures” – they’re meant to be concise. *nodnods*

Kinda glad I didn’t have to pick up ti till later, so I got to go grocery shopping with guama after dinner! We were purposely speaking louder to each other in the car in a cho lo way that it made us laugh our heads off~~

“Uu jik pai wa lo ka ee eh kang nang ta ue, ta ho tua sia so ee eh baby sa jok wa lor meh eee, ee eh mak kim kim toi wa, kia tiok si boh, heeheehee!”

Which I thought was pretty funny cause weiwei simply adores guama.. Everytime she goes over to their place or he sees her, he’ll literally say *really* loudly “GUAMAAAAAAA~~~~!” and that’s how anyone knows she’s around XD I guess I used to be like that too when I was little.

I also (not-so) secretly like the fact that I don’t have to do the dishes after I came home =P I’m lazy, but then again that’s no real surprise.

mmmmmm~ the feeling of picking up Stargate Atlantis right after where I left off…. is fantastic XD I don’t profess to be a sci-fi geek per se, but the characters *are* cute and funny, and make a pretty fun crew! Interesting humanitarian issues being discussed here (which was around the ending of Season 2) and I do like the variety of the crew. Starting off Season 3 and just finished the episode with the very obnoxious guy, with me going “zomgWTF!” every other minute simply because the fandom was just…. really. creeping. me. out.

on a side note, shirohiro’s trackpad isn’t working. bah! it does get pretty irksome cause while lying on my bed I prefer to use a trackpad instead of something external to it. *rolls around*

And there went my Friday night. XD

catching up

Last night I went out with chickenwing to dinner and to help her buy stuff for her folks at home – also taking this time to bersampat with her, which was absolutely fun! Hahah it is so funny to see how she thinks it’s easy to buy stuff for guys but difficult to buy stuff for girls. I think most people would have the exact opposite sentiments. She’s a very cute person to go shopping with, I’ll say =) She also got me something! It’s a really pretty handmade bracelet from one of the blogshops (yea haha I have poisoned her to the world of online blog shopping =P)Also took the time to go kacau the people at Fish & Co. and I’m amazed to say they still remember me! And Vince was there too! XDXDXD I haven’t seen him in quite awhile, at least I’ve seen the makcik and Keat (studying electronic engineering @ UNIMAS, woot neatness!) Glad to see everyone’s doing great XD aaahhhhh I miss the good ol’ days (damn I sound really old when I do that, but then again at first glance people can’t tell whether I’m still schooling or in uni anyway =P)

crazy chickenwing! pack earlier k next time! talk about a real close shave <_<less than a minute ago via TwitterGadget

Today I got woken up at 8:30AM by a call from some random 016 number, and it didn’t strike me then who this might be. I was considering ignoring the call, but I picked it up anyway to find.. It was the taxi dude who was supposed to drive chickenwing to the airport as she was flying back to Brunei at 1:30PM.

At first I thought she was in the toilet, so I thought you know, just ignore it and go back to sleep. Which was exactly what I did.

about 10 mins to 9AM, the same number calls again. He went “ok so this is confirm cancel ar?” to which I mumbled, “Maybe she’s getting ready, I’ll try calling her.” Which I did, and to no avail since she didn’t pick up. So I thought, oh damn she really is oversleeping! But try as I might I know that phone rings don’t awake people who’re sleeping logs. So I rushed off to work.

11AM beckons, and now I get a call from the chickenwing. She goes frantically “zomg… do you know what just happened >___< ” and this time I reply “Yes I know what happened..” haha! I cannot believe I was being so.. blunt. Told her to calm down and just take the first taxi from her apartment to LCCT.

Thankfully, thankfullythankfullythankfully she got there just in the nick of time to check in before the check-in counter closed.. And she texted me to say “zomg thank God!” (with the capital G) for which I was pretty glad for her. =)


Later on in the evening, went out to dinner with some of the S9 gang. Attendees of the night were:

  • me
  • rowena
  • mishan
  • bobby
  • vincent
  • ken
  • guan
  • hh
  • jiun

A pity hou couldn’t join us cause he’s got exams the following day.. but still we remembered you! XD everyone was asking why you couldn’t attend~~ hh was pretty funny going “hey you know I met up with the moomoo guy when I was attending an interview with xxx company” – to which ken and I went “huh? who is this moomoo dude?!” Turns out he was referring to Andrew Chew. Hahaha! Some nicknames really do stick.

It was a hilarious affair as we were watching the first game of the day… South Korea vs Argentina. Messi and Higuain were amazingly good, and yes Ken Seong was pretty much right – every time the camera focuses on Maradona he’s doing some funny expression. We also got to discussing other funny sportsmen’s habits like Nadal having to pull his shorts like he’s got a wedgie, rub his nose then serve the ball. Stuff like that.

watching #kor vs #arg with the s9 gang, hilarity ensues #worldcupless than a minute ago via mobile web

Anyway, it was unfortunate that Korea played pretty badly, and that the ominous sign was scoring an own goal. Ken Seong was saying “Hey Korea got pretty good defenses okay~” to which Vincent retorted, “haha yeah, but they still scored their own goal! oops” – to this, I gotta say “oh snap!”

The girls got down to talking about the lengzhai Korean players and Jiun was saying “wow, these girls are really keng! We’re not wearing glasses, but they can see more clearly than we can!” hahaha! and also “aiseh Rowena! You support Korea then say they lengzhai, now they’re losing you say they look like pekerja buruh!” ahhaha sorry but it was too funny to not remember XD

someone’s gonna drink 3 glasses of drinks at chili’s tonight XDless than a minute ago via mobile web

vince and ken made a bet, whoever lost had to drink 3 full glasses of whatever they were drinking (we were in Chili’s, so that’s a substantial amount of fluid to be drinking in one shot) and ken was like “yeah I can do it!” XDXD towards the end, vince went “hey you better empty your bladder as much as you can!” – no prizes for guessing who sided who. =P

We’re thinking of going clubbing next week Friday, and staying overnight in the city~ I haven’t done that since uni.. damn it’s been awhile =P

days that pass by too quickly

Very true fact, and loving it (and while I’m at it I might as well try my hand at fiddling with Twitter’s Blackbird Pie:

i like the fact that guama and i can greet each other with “meow meow!”less than a minute ago via Chromed Bird

On a totally unrelated note, I heard my door open and without thinking I said “meow meow!” not knowing that it was my dad instead of guama. XD

On to other ramblings…

Sometimes I wish the days would slow down abit. After I get home from work, have dinner and watch tv, it’s time for bed – and the cycle continues.

Today I had to pick up ti from his friend’s place around 930-ish cause he was group studying for the exams coming in a few weeks… hope he tries his best! Arrogant kid but he has what it takes if he channels his energy & efforts in the ‘right’ direction.

I feel like doing something mind-blowing. But what?

balancing the bleh

ugh today somehow sitting at my desk and reminding myself of what I’ve yet to do, switched on the ‘bleh’ switch and I couldn’t turn it off all day. So it kinda resulted me in wishing that there were more things in my Google Reader to read.. and not wanting to touch the thing all day. =P

Well I couldn’t avoid it completely, so I just got myself together, and used music as a motivator. Of course this sometimes backfires on me cause I’d get too caught up in the music and forget about doing work altogether =P It’s hard to find a balance, but when I do hit the sweet spot time can pass by in a flash!

Found myself wanting doses of sweet things (candy, chocs) at the oddest of times – usually at the times where I feel most bleh. Again, this can backfire on me cause it’ll send me on a sugar rush, then an ultimate low where I have to try my hardest not to nod off to sleep from crash in sugar levels not too long after.

Weekly meetings are somehow very boring, why is that? Probably cause I’m not involved in alot of things, and I’m mostly there just to keep up with what everyone else is doing – good to know, but I feel like my presence is just that bit redundant~ I’ll doodle, shift around in my seat, flip the same 2 pages over and over while pretending like I’m thinking of something.. and reading some sorely mistyped events (i.e. working to develop some iPhone app when I’m clearly just studying Objective C…helloooo there is a world of difference there dearie!)

And today, I discover that I’m not the biggest fan of smarty – simply because it makes development such a pain in the arse (for me, anyway). The syntax is totally different, I can’t easily interchange php and smarty (well I have to assign every other damn thing to smarty if I want to use it). It’s meant to seperate the front end layout from the back end scripting but but but it’s *such* a bitch to work with! Maybe I’m not exposed enough to it, but building more walls around certain sections of code doesn’t make it any more neater. I hope we get rid of this thing soon, seriously. bleh.

odd but good

yesterday was a public holiday, and yet we had to attend one of those talks by image consultants about what clothes to wear… kinda like shopping 101/shopping for dummies. Can’t say that I enjoyed it very much, it was kinda boring and I do know some of this stuff – besides, if I really needed to the Internet and uncle Google’s always there to point me in the right direction. And we were there for the entire afternoon (from 1PM – 6PM! lesigh – I want my public holiday Saturdayyyy!)

After that was more fun though… we (+ lihao, adam, seon, feebs, jas, ed, eric) went to have dinner and bersampat about things we observed during that afternoon (apart from all the obscenity during that bit about sexual harassment that made us all cringe and laugh so hard at the same time, and especially some comment(s) we saw on facebook)~~

Went to watch the Prince of Persia after dinner, which was quite interesting. I kinda expected the prince to be abit more goofy and douchebag-ish but considering everything, he was alright I guess. Loved the action, I thought it really reminded me of the game itself – all that jumping and running around (which reminds me of Unchartered, really!) was really nicely done. We were kinda joking about all the ‘potong stim’ moments cause it was only a 3rd time lucky thing, and even on the fourth go it faaaiiled (lawls!) I did like the scenery and some of the charas,  but the story I suppose is kind of predictable. Nicely done costumes too. Although the last bit really reminded me of Unchartered/Indy Jones, it does make me wonder if they will someday make a movie out of Unchartered – it would be interesting XD Alot of witty lines and phrases in the movie made me laugh! Love the scriptwriter for that!

Went to Piccadilly @ Millenium Square after for some drinks.. I think for the most part we were talking about sports and some really compromising positions the fighters were in (we were watching some free-for-all fighting competition). Probably the first time I saw so many sports on so many screens at the same time. And I heard some really interesting stories too =P Hanging out like this, well it feels kinda different compared to just having lunches on a regular work day somehow. Not so inhibited (maybe cause the manager wasn’t there with us~) and alot more.. gossipy? hahaha! I guess that’s part of work life… which doesn’t really appeal to me, but I think as long as I don’t spread the fire along, it’s interesting to listen to. (although that means someone has to spread it in the first place =P)

recent random photos..

.. that I’ve been taking.. nothing great coming from a Sony Ericsson W595 but still XD threw in the occasional print screen where things are fun XD

zomg this morning as I was rushing out to work (haha yes I was *slightly* late today) the front gate terkepit (I can’t think of the english word for it for now, haha!) fleshy part of my palm and it hurt like *tooooooooooooooooot*! It was actually hard to drive with one hand, considering that I need my left hand to also turn the wheel, signal and shift gear (haha well I drive an auto so this doesn’t count, but imagine if I drove a manual! fml indeed…) because of this, my hand was totally numb for the next half hour or so…. gawd it hurt like hell! and nao there’s this long-ish line where the kepit happened and the black-ish area where I suspect will be the location of a massive bruise. This morning it was way worse cause I swear I could feel the swelling where my palm was practically screaming in paaaiinn~~

[update] dunno why photobucket removed the image.. *shrug*


Was at one of the weekly meetings (ok so I’m bored enough to doodle on the meetings =P) an elefunt, a platypus, a penguiney and a giraffeeeey! and they’re all tweeting! (well just for one bubble, otherwise the page would be filled with bubbles)


The next series of images is about the first ever pedicure I’ve had in my life! So jakun right! XD That day was feet day too~ so it started with the fishies and ended with painted toenails XD soo purdy! I remember when they were freshly painted I kept staring at them saying “zomg fatty (to my bro) isn’t it pretty and shiney!”


This was the zombie fish session haha! I think auntie nae freaked out cause she expected the fishies to be alot smaller! My first thought was *omg* it will be so geli! (which it was, I think my toes were curled most of the time when they were in the water)


This was quite some time ago while fatty and I were heading home… and we saw cars with distinct faces on them! XD


hahah isn’t it cute how Sungai Kelang is angled all over the face! Therefore I call this the wonkeh font XD


The picture really says it all! XD It’s just regular mints, but I just like the box so much that my manager gave it to me XD this was shortly after my manager and senior got back from an SQL conference in US.


[random note]

ZOMG so cute! I was looking for the button to link photos, and I saw this icon that says “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink”! hahahaha! Me thinks it’s very funny XD