on traveling, happenings and what not! I love it =)

haven’t been here for awhile. So many, many, many things have been happening.

and poof, just like that, April’s gone.

I’ve yet to have a full writeup of my amazing time in San Francisco – I had such a hard time leaving the place. The kind of… mm.. aura that you get from the place – it’s relaxing, goes at its own pace, and really welcoming. Well, in the lindy scene, I really felt that. And I really loved it! =) Even if it meant putting myself out there more than usual, it was worth it. Danced with alot of cute guys, talented dancers, and met alot of new people. Loved the people I was staying with, just sort of living their lifestyle made me wish I lived there. gosh!

Visited Golden Gate Park 3x! Went to the Golden Gate twice, Haight Street is super awesome. Got this really lovely pair of heels there, and I think I wear it more often than any of my other shoes (at the moment).


Then there was the Labor Day weekend in Kuta, Bali. A pity that it was a guided tour, cause I think we would have seen more things on our own. =P The food generally sucked – except for 2 meals. First meal was the one we had on our own at some nearby Warong in Kuta downtown. Granted, it was nasi goreng, but it was pretty good =) The second meal was the lunch on the last day – I will never forget the awesomeness that is Nasi Timbel Komplit. ZOMG I WANNA GO BACK AND EAT THERE AGAAAINN!!

Then there was the really awesome night we had at Hard Rock Cafe. The band was amazing, their covers were good, and the band really had chemistry – with the audience, and amongst themselves. Had a mix of both male and female singers, so that was a refreshing change. I normally see all one gender or the other. We had a group of 6; but 3 of us drank a fair bit, I remember slurring, and I could barely keep my eyes open. Damn man, that was kind of risky. but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnn they were good. I was totally sold after they performed “Use Somebody”. XDXD I would love to see them live in KL.

Hmm the most fun I had was walking around Kuta and just *buying* things. Seriously. They’re nice, and they’re decently priced (as long as you give them the stare of death if they try to con you). Also, they really have master pengukir in Indo – such intricate designs on everyday things. In this aspect, it does remind me of Japan – their culture permeates and is a permanent inclusion in their daily lives, even with the rapid changing of times. This aspect I really love.

A pity we didn’t get to eat babi guling and we didn’t get to play in the sea, but hey, there’s a next time for that – I’m sure of it =)

Next trip: London for Reading Festival 2011, and being a tourist once more! =D Finally secured my tickets after a long period of dillydallying. Not good for the wallet, but still relatively affordable given the other choices we’ve had to work with o____o

Work’s been pretty slow after I got back, but the pace has been picking up again. I like. Dealing more with payment processing, and it’s quite interesting to see how messy some code can get simply because of the requirements thrown at the dept. Not entirely our dept’s fault, but I hope to clean it up a little. Ambitious plans for little ol’ me. =D I CAN DO EEEET.

And this week will be pretty happening for me too =D
Lindy classes on Monday,
Lindy socials on Tuesday,
Borneo Jazz Fest Preview on Wednesday,
Dinner on Thursday,
Karaoke on Friday,
Airport Driver duty and Meeting with Hou on Saturday.

I kinda love weeks like these sometimes =D
I remember having a period of time, 2 weeks where I had events and outings back to back – at the end of it all, I was just glad to have some time to myself. And a few weeks later, I’m thinking “man, I’m SO BORED!”

Satisfaction is a rare feeling for a human. Once obtained, hold on to it as long as possible! =P

my saturday

was pretty awesome =D

Sent chickenwing off to the airport, I missed the carpark entrance and had to circle around the main terminal 2x. bah! hahaha but we had a good time chatting and noming wedges & nuggets from KFC to pass the time. Prolly the only time I’ll see her this month! *emofied*

haven’t had dinner out with just dad and me for awhile, we went to have some Viet food. It was yummy XD I’m really addicted to that sweet-sour sauce thing they pour on just about everything else apart from pho. XD Talked about dad’s retired life, education and migrating and stuff like that. And joked about our family quirks.

In the midst of it all, got a call from reeis. This has to be the 2nd time she’s asked me out to dinner, and the 2nd time I’ve rejected. Excellent comeback though – “You’re the first one I thought to call cause you seem to be the free-est.” Eh lah woman what are you implying! hahahah *however* you know I love you enough not to try and chokeslam you the next time we meet. =P

karaoke night was good XD attendees were honorary guests mama ming and papa jor (lawllll! I am so amused by this – first time I heard the term had to be from Sam who’s happily in the States right nao), Grace, #4 & Chris. Originally it was supposed to be an orientation of sorts for #4.5 (a dude named Shawn, lawl therefore not #5 but just 4.5) but he couldn’t make it in the end. awh bummer!

We had a lot of jiwang songs going, then boybands, then girl bands, then the random mix of music including fengtau clubbing and Queen (which is almost a must everytime we go karaoke) XD And more duets than the usual, which is also good XD I should learn how to harmonize moar!

Later on #4, Grace & I headed out for mamak, but gawd damn the place was like infested with moskies, was almost eaten alive by the damn things. Proceeded to chat about:

  • drag queens
  • waxing/shaving
  • a barrage of lame jokes, #4 & Grace were on a roll! honorary mentions include blue elephants and receding harelines
  • how as kids both #4 and I never uttered a word till we were about 4-5 years old, after which we just could not seem to shut up (lawll amusing)


watched some kdrama with mom about this girl who seriously kicks ass and is a bodyguard to the President’s son. I like the chick, but as all kdramas go, some love triangle will pop up and everyone sheds some tears. It’s amusing though =D