atsui – あつい

today’s weather has been really. really. hot.

and it does seem like endless blue skies everywhere you look.

soooooo true! haha remembering summers in Melbourne where cold watermelon and ice cream/icey poles would be cure-alls XD


gonna keep this short =P

Actually copied this off a menu stand at the vegetarian resto I had dinner at tonight… =) Obviously I is has #fail cause I can’t draw vertically flowing patterns in a straight line. Ah well.

This time, the blue stands out.

a birthday filled with the lulz

oh. my. gawd.

seriously, if anything, Chris’ birthday was “filled with the lulz”. For two main reasons, really.

  1. After we finished dinner, we told Chris to go get the karaoke room first since we were *already* running late anyway. So he did, and a few minutes after he pottered off we decided to call for the bill.

    Guess what, the restaurant crew was planning to celebrate his birthday and give him a milkshake-like thingy.. The waitress came up to us saying “ok so who’s the birthday celebrant? Who’s the one who’s celebrating a birthday today? ” To which we stifled a rather matter-of-factly “He’s not here right now..” cause we didn’t exactly know what *else* to say. There was someone else celebrating a birthday too, so she went “oh, okay, we can wait… we’ll go do the birthday thingy for another person first alright? ” and promptly left.

    At this point, Jordy, Ming and I just stared at each other trying not to burst out laughing right there. So while they were doing the birthday jig for the other person at another table, we were busy laughing, and laughing and laughing over the irony that we actually (unintentionally) “chased away” the birthday boy XP and we also ate the choco milkshake-like dessert thingy. XD

    Lesson learnt: Malaysian service is as such – waiters only come kacau when you don’t really want them to (at *completely* inappropriate times), and somehow never see you when you’re waving your arms like a drowning seaman/woman, however you play it.

  2. The karaoke room. Omagawd there was so much going on I don’t quite know where to start. As Ming suspected he was busy filling the playlist with songs, and there was Taylor Swift (to which Ming retorted, “HAH! TOLD YOU SOOOO~~”) and Justin Bieber which got appropriately booed off the screen (hahaha!) and alot of Jiwang songs..Towards the end we had more Glee songs (like, everything they had) and we were busy belting our hearts out till we pretty much lost our voices. But hey, that’s what karaoke is kinda all bout yea?

    [blackbirdpie url =”″]

    Lots of rapping action going on too. Because he was being such a mike hog (it’s his birthday, we forgive him! hahahah) every song was graced by his melodious voice, which never failed to send the rest of us laughing gleefully – that is how high his entertainment factor was. He’s an awesome sport =D

    Fave songs for the night were the Glee selection, Zombie (Cranberries), Sara Bareilles (Gravity, King of Anything, Love Song), Empire State of Mind (Alicia Keys) XDXDXDXD we had a pretty fun night, alright. =D

    “We should have a KLSwing album man..” – Ming,2010

And that’s our birthday celebration with Chris. XDXD Happy birthday old man! (well, he’s not really that old but he just insists he is – and really, who are we to argue? =P)


I actually marked random pages of keywords so that I had at least ideas on what to doodle if I couldn’t churn out any keywords for that day =P

And this marks my first *real* entry =)

Planning to fill up the book, half with words, the other half with pictures. =)

Doesn’t the colour red just stand out beautifully?

For the lindy hoppers out there, is this not oh-so-true? =D makes me happy just looking at it. =P

And since reeis gave me these markers to color, and primarily for this project, I shall try to use it as often as I possibly can =)

In point form cause I was in office, haha I somehow am never tempted to write paragraphs in public. =P

Although sometimes, I do feel that my writing spoils everything…. I might revise this, but then again writing adds a pretty and human touch to it.


Guess what finally came in the mail? XDXDXDXD

Sketchbook Project 2011!!

We originally ordered it in August, but somehow Reeis’ and mine came in *so* late we were starting to get suspicious.. thankfully aichan asked about resending the books, and she sent it to us via registered mail, SO HAPPY! XDXDXD

At the dinner table, dad went “Hey did you know you got a package from England?” And my heart leapt to the sky! XD

So I had to take some customary shots of the spanking-new book. The pack is really simple – the notebook on which we have to unleash our brainfarts on, a Brooklyn Library card, and a postcard-like piece to remind us of the rules and some ‘hints’ on what to do~

And this project is special, therefore it warrants a name. Which I have promptly named Aida. =D

The theme that I chose this time – … in 5 minutes.

I’ve got 40 right pages, and 40 left pages to work with. I’m thinking to maybe draw on one side, and a writeup on the other. =P And I probably have to do one every day to get it completed in time.

I will also definitely try to take a photo for keeps since it’s to be added to their permanent collection once I send it in. XD

*is very excited!*

But I’m worried at the same time, cause I dunno what to do.. I will start tomorrow. For now, naming the book is special enough for me. A pity about my really ugly cursive writing – I shouldn’t have done that, but I think all in all it is quite me. hahaha!