Hahahah thank goodness I said nothing to Leo.

It was kinda cute to see him gush about a girl that he likes! It’s like, I know why.. But I can’t see how. Maybe I don’t really see them interact, but their communication styles look distinctly different.

We talked about many trivial things, and I guess I can see why he is like that.

Also, having manja cats as company, over coffee is very fun. 10/10 would do it again , because you get to see your own and others’ reactions around them. And boop the cat’s nose all the time. XD

Having a crush is cute. 😂 Having that crushed may not be as cute though.


I’m glad I got to hear both sides of the story.

So yes, we’re both at fault.

I came across as condescending, and I could have handled that better.

He reacted violently to it, which he could have handled that better.

It’s always strange that we misunderstand each other, but I can only try to be more watchful with what I say and what I do. And so can he.


When will the misunderstanding stop?

Maybe only when we really learn to take a deep breath, a step back – then take the time to think before reacting.

such idiocy

So angry today cause I got yelled at when someone was trying to join a conversation with a misunderstood context cause I tried to politely inform that he was being off topic. What the flying fuck?!

Why is it only me? There was nothing truly to be angry about – and I definitely have nothing to apologize for. I didn’t start anything. I didn’t raise my voice, sound sarcastic, nor did I try to look down on him. I was simply trying to explain that he may have misunderstood the context of the conversation.

What the hell?! I can’t read your mind, nobody can read your mind. You didn’t even bother explaining, just straightaway raised your voice and slammed your fist on the table. I don’t know what the fuck is going through your mind when you decided to do that. I don’t know what assumptions you made when you decided that it was a good idea to affront me like an asshat. It’s not who you are at all.

Just because I forgive easily doesn’t give you the right to step all over me and repeat this cycle of stupidity where you think I can forgive just about anything you say or do.

I don’t like aggression. I prefer to forget the bad, and keep the good. But if all it’s doing is giving you ammunition to bully your way into getting an agreement, well I’m going to try my best to put a stop to that.

I deserve better. Shame on you, for acting out like you did.

You’re important to me – but not if you keep taking me for granted.