On Tuesday, guama woke up and said:

“Za meh wa nngk si hau… lo chueh lou ai chuk ke, kia ji ko, jia hi ko, boi tik chue lou chuk ke.. pia ji ko, pia hi ko ping sama ou ou kai.. then uu ji kai ta pou kia lai, ee ta ‘eh ah sou, lai tue wa, kia lou chuk ke si na hi poi la..’ wa pung tue ee kia lor – wa ee si ta jing kai wor, wa tue ee ke, kia ji ko, kia hi ko ma chue tiok kia lou chuk ke.. then wa ki lai liou! mm zhai ee kai ta pou kia si mi kai nang kai, ou ou pue mm zhai si mangali or si mi kai.. hahaha ho ki khuai..”

Talk about dreams that linger on even after you’ve woken up.

Been playing Valkyrie Profile these past few days – I think video game dubbing isn’t as terrible as anime dubbing. They still sound fake-ish but it somehow is more appropriate. I like collecting my random Einherjar (and seeing the story of their final moments as a human before Lenneth comes along to take their souls). And the fighting’s fun, I like shooting the crystals to climb up and up and freeze those enemies *take that!* XD

Can’t bear to finish Suikoden I cause I love playing it so much I don’t want it to end! =P So I’m close to the end, will go back to it when I have the time to finish it off in one day.

Next I’m obviously gonna play Suikoden II, and maybe Star Ocean..

Work has its good bits, and has its bad bits. There are things (albeit small ones at that) here and there that irk me to the point of indignation (my spelling and repo as thesaurus/dictionary going down the drain with this) but I try to not let it get to me… so in an effort to repress it I suspect it’s draining my brain.

Sometimes I get home, and fall asleep right after dinner *at* the table.. sometimes, I miss swing because of it.

So gaming after I wake up helps me unwind abit, stay away from the outside world abit to recollect my sanity (and have some fun in the process) and helps me escape (from what? maybe the idea of just *escaping* is fun)

random point: going out with reeis tomorrow to watch Toy Story 3!

Made her go out with me cause I haven’t been to a movie in what seems to be *aaaaages* (lawl makings of a ronerryyyy despo person? XP)

This Facebook Note…

Makes for an interesting conversation.
Personally, I like this note very much – I wish I was as gutsy. =) I don’t have to be… yet.

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