Sparks of Broadway

Omg sparks of broadway = kawaiiness overload! XD awesomess at every single minute!less than a minute ago via mobile web

Just got back from watching “Sparks of Broadway”, and I was highly entertained by it – wonderful music, excellent performance and kawainess overload! XD

Some good favourites were:

  • “Fully Dressed” – Annie
  • “Nothing” – A Chorus Line
  • “Seasons of Love” – Rent
  • “Mack the Knife” – Threepenny Opera
  • “Bring Him Home” – Les Miserables
  • “Summer Night” – Grease
  • “America” – West Side Story
  • “When You Got It, Flaunt It!” – The Producers

A pity the mics weren’t working properly during their first performance, which was Chicago’s “All That Jazz”, but the rest of the show pretty much made up for it =3

I can’t express in words how *cute* the kids were on the show! Jumping everywhere, dancing like there was no tomorrow – the pure energy and effort put into the performances just made you wanna jump up on stage and go join them, really XD

The vocals were very good too – surprisingly good. Especially this girl who sang Fame’s “Out Here On My Own”, as well as the singer for the song “Nothing”, those two in particular stood out to me. There was another girl who sang “Summer Night”, who had this really sweet voice! Also noteworthy was the guy singing “Bring Him Home” (oh, so, difficult song, but he nailed it just fine!) as well as the singer for “Mack The Knife”.

Didn’t notice it till mom pointed it out, but it seems we were sitting behind this Malaysian Idol singer Zamil (had to Google this, haha~ I recognize the face but not the name)! XD Oh since we’re on the topic on more famous people, saw this politician dude as well as 2 comedians from the local scene (I have this gut feeling they’re from Senario or PiMai PiMai Tang Tu)… unfortunately I’m not the best with names =P

Nothing ends a weekend better than re-instilled faith in the Malaysian talent! XD


During halftime, took this opportunity to check Facebook and twitter (haha! such a social media addict, then again what’s not to love! =P well okay, so Facebook could work on their privacy issues, but not gonna touch on this right now, there are enough people on Zuckerberg’s case as is)

I saw this horrific piece of news on my feed – the StanChart KL Marathon (10K) saw the loss of a life due to poor emergency assistance. I was honestly rendered quite speechless by it.

*Note on Facebook here*


Initially I was quite annoyed with the ticketing system.

Tried buying the tickets on Friday night using mom’s credit card, but once I got to the page I couldn’t go back once she realized she didn’t remember the passcode… I mean, what kinda page doesn’t allow you to go back/cancel the payment *before* you’ve paid? Nonsense lah. Tried with another card, same thing. So silly ok! Plus the seats we were gonna buy were marked as “sold” which kinda made me go “wtf” for abit. Maybe someone just happened to buy the tickets, but all 3x we tried to pay? Oyh something’s wrong here buddy! Also, using Microsoft Silverlight.. aiks. >_> Nearly jammed up my Chrome & Firefox. Could be shirohiro acting up, but also Microsoft was never really well-known for proper memory management (neither is Firefox, but if we’re playing the blame game you can see which side I’m *not* on)

On Sat, tried again but this time using Maybank2U. Paid successfully apparently, but I get the status message of “Successful, but some parameters missing” – which again, “wtf?! so does that mean I paid it or not? ” Wasn’t amused with the possibility that my money could’ve vanished in thin air. Also, when checking the purchase status online, I get a “Tickets Released/Invalid Reference No.” error. uh… at this point I was going “nehmai, going to bitchslap them kaukau tmr if they try to bs me with this error bullshit” – which luckily I didn’t have to resort to.


Had some awesome fish for lunch at this place deep in that neck of the woods people refer to as “Kota Damansara” with the parents and the parents’ friends that my dad has known since his uni years. Awesome bunch, awesome food to boot! XD The place serves fish in 3 flavours (normal, spicy or super spicy) XDXD So I kinda ate more than half the fish (I’m such a glutton!) and we had some taufu (with egg sauce, naisu) and vege (cooked with salted fish, also naisu) and sweet & sour chicken (nothing noteworthy). What was lacking was a proper drinks menu, but aiyah with all the ginger, garlic, green and red chilipadis might as well just down some good ol’ H20.

Dinner was some super duper nasi briyani with chicken (had strong tomatoey flavour despite its curry-ish appearance), ditto the mutton curry, some acar and dhal-like kuah from the TTDI pasar malam XD mmmmmmm *is hungry!*

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