some time to meself

Work today was semi-frustrating cause for the longest time I wasn’t echoing my $_POST variable (and after looking at it for about half a day it was really starting to piss me off)… so I finally relented (simply because I couldn’t stand being frustrated and I needed to get it done before someone thinks I’m retarded) and asked my seniors how it was supposed to be done~

Just one sentence, and everything clicked together for me – after that it was just an hour affair. When this happens I usually go “zomg why didn’t I think of that?! It was staring me right in the face!” Double redirects really threw me off course. >_>

That aside, seniors do speak wise words. I guess that’s why they call it “wise words” instead of “wise paragraphs” or “wise lectures” – they’re meant to be concise. *nodnods*

Kinda glad I didn’t have to pick up ti till later, so I got to go grocery shopping with guama after dinner! We were purposely speaking louder to each other in the car in a cho lo way that it made us laugh our heads off~~

“Uu jik pai wa lo ka ee eh kang nang ta ue, ta ho tua sia so ee eh baby sa jok wa lor meh eee, ee eh mak kim kim toi wa, kia tiok si boh, heeheehee!”

Which I thought was pretty funny cause weiwei simply adores guama.. Everytime she goes over to their place or he sees her, he’ll literally say *really* loudly “GUAMAAAAAAA~~~~!” and that’s how anyone knows she’s around XD I guess I used to be like that too when I was little.

I also (not-so) secretly like the fact that I don’t have to do the dishes after I came home =P I’m lazy, but then again that’s no real surprise.

mmmmmm~ the feeling of picking up Stargate Atlantis right after where I left off…. is fantastic XD I don’t profess to be a sci-fi geek per se, but the characters *are* cute and funny, and make a pretty fun crew! Interesting humanitarian issues being discussed here (which was around the ending of Season 2) and I do like the variety of the crew. Starting off Season 3 and just finished the episode with the very obnoxious guy, with me going “zomgWTF!” every other minute simply because the fandom was just…. really. creeping. me. out.

on a side note, shirohiro’s trackpad isn’t working. bah! it does get pretty irksome cause while lying on my bed I prefer to use a trackpad instead of something external to it. *rolls around*

And there went my Friday night. XD

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