days that pass by too quickly

Very true fact, and loving it (and while I’m at it I might as well try my hand at fiddling with Twitter’s Blackbird Pie:

i like the fact that guama and i can greet each other with “meow meow!”less than a minute ago via Chromed Bird

On a totally unrelated note, I heard my door open and without thinking I said “meow meow!” not knowing that it was my dad instead of guama. XD

On to other ramblings…

Sometimes I wish the days would slow down abit. After I get home from work, have dinner and watch tv, it’s time for bed – and the cycle continues.

Today I had to pick up ti from his friend’s place around 930-ish cause he was group studying for the exams coming in a few weeks… hope he tries his best! Arrogant kid but he has what it takes if he channels his energy & efforts in the ‘right’ direction.

I feel like doing something mind-blowing. But what?

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