wrong turn, but right company. =)

Walking back from Hummingbird Cafe yesterday… I took a wrong turn, and I turned at one interesection too late. Met a girl who looked lost, and with a guidebook. At first I thought of minding my own business, but looking back, I changed my mind — and decided to ask if she needed help.

So it turned out that the backpackers place she was looking for was closed, and she had nowhere to spend the night. I asked her to follow me since I knew of a backpackers behind the hotel.

She’s French, on holiday in Indonesia for the past month. She’s travelled PLENTY of places. Jakarta, Surabaya, Solo, Jogjakarta, Palembang, Bandung, and headed to Medan the next day. Phew, what a list.

I let her stay with me for the night — Since I had a spare bed anyway, there was nothing to be lost by just utilizing it. =P

If it was me in her shoes, I’d completely understand the feeling of being lost and helpless at that moment. I’d help where I can, however I can. I’d do it for someone because I could see that they would do it for me.

The night went well – everyone had a good shower, a good sleep. And a good amount of stories being shared about herself, and stories about me. Some things to do with family, culture, and her internship in Vietnam.

“Was having a bad day, and I decided to stop at a bakery to treat myself – have some cake on the go. Since I couldn’t bring the whole thing with me into the subway, I ate it outside, while reading this advertisement about a work programme – and here I am! That cake has brought me places.”


Anais, thanks for the company =) You may not know this, but I was feeling a little lonely, a little homesick. And that my mind was travelling the darker reaches of my memories. You made me look forward into a world where people always keep their eyes, minds and hearts wide open, always learning new things about anything and everything at all. You helped me remember. =) Safe travels, and may we meet again sometime!

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