Friday evening in Cibadak

So after work today, Me, Bear, Andre & Nadya met at Cibadak.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I was not expecting the amount of food gloriousness that night.

The main agenda here was Nasi Campur, so we rushed off to get a number (street stall being efficient, I LIKE!) so that we didn’t have to wait too long for the food to prep when the stall ‘officially’ opens at 7pm. Nadya suggested we take a walk and explore the rest of the street, so off we went.


Started with Putu Pisang! I spied it from the corner of my eye, and I thought — hey, that would be a good appetizer. So off we went! It was fresh, full of banana, and the combination with dried coconut shavings was amazingly good. (Then again, I could have been biased because I was starting to get hungry.)


Walking on a little further, we saw some Sate Babi. Was thinking of whether to eat there or not, when Andre said that we could tapau it and eat with the nasi campur when we got back to the stall. Done deal. OF COURSE I’M UP FOR SATE BABI. =D Bear and I stayed to pick up the tapau while the couple went off to make sure we had seats for dinner later, and wait for the food.

After the tapau, we headed back to wait together with them for dinner. In the meantime, there was a Sekoteng Jahe stall right next to it, and we were getting a little hungry. (Sate babi with the food, remember?) so we had a bowl of that to share.


Ingredients (It’s a mix of these ingredients in jahe (ginger) sweet soup):

  • the jelly thing reminiscent in the Thai dessert Thab Tim Grob
  • bread (I have no idea why, but somehow in the grand scheme of things, it works)
  • peanuts
  • attap chee (i.e. palm fruit. another omgyay moment for me! I LOVE attap chee)
  • crackers / biscuits

Finally, the main agenda: Nasi Campur 88 (Siang Siang). CHOCK FULL OF STUFF! And is very tasty too! Each portion was about IDR40k so I don’t think it was cheap, but the plate was packed full! Also, they have some crazy spicy chilli oil thing which I made a mistake of taking a small spoonful. The hot soup helped lift the chilli off my tongue so it was a real lifesaver.



  • a generous handful of Samcan (i.e. siu yok)
  • also another generous handful of Casiu (i.e. char siew)
  • some fish paste thing, sliced thin
  • some meatball thingy, also sliced thinly
  • and a bit of chicken, I think.

With that done (remaining stomach space: maybe 40%) we went on in search of more snacks. =D Saw some yummy looking guotie, and Andre was in the mood to eat Bakut (basically pork rib soup + sayur masin / salted vegetables) so we went to eat BOTH. =D Forgot to take pictures of the bakut because we were too busy eating it. =D Bakut itself was good, milder in taste than the ones we get in KL.


The guotie stall guy taught us how to mix the epic sauce, which included garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil (but this is flavoured I think) and vinegar. Heavenly combination when eaten together with the guotie.

Next up was the yakitori stall, which we stopped by cause it also happens to be owned by Nadya’s friend. The marinate sauce they dip it in before BBQ-ing the sticks is sweet, and topped with some spice powder. The interesting one was the ham & cheese sando on a stick. It’s surprisingly palatable =D


Heheh what we also discovered while eating this: Nadya’s friend looks ALOT like tai sou. Especially from the side view. Bear and I agree it’s because of the high cheekbones, and just the way she smiles. Maybe its the pointed chin, and the eyes. =P No pics, cause I promised her I wouldn’t sell her pic. =P


By this time we were almost full (maybe not the Bear, cause that’s what he is.) but we had enough space for one more dish. Ending it on a sweet note, we headed off to the stall across the street – Wedang Ronde Jahe Alkateri!

Wedang Ronde basically is Tangyuan. The soup’s gingery kick was just whoa (but in a good way), and they even give extra ginger extract / sauce(?) to make the soup EVEN MORE GINGERY (or if you feel like it needs to go over 9000). It was a mix of big and small tangyuan, the large one stuffed with peanuts. Yummy. =D


And that concludes the epic food trip, on an epic food street, with epic food people. I’ll always be thankful for the hospitality you both have shown me. =D

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