about the angkot

So yesterday, the Bear and I took the Angkutan Kota cause we were too damn lazy to wait for a cab. Finally managed to board one (I know! It’s nothing interesting, but it’s an experience!) and I was surprised. =D

There was a girl who was neatly dressed, carrying an inkjet printer. She asked us where we were headed, and we told her. She was like “ah! But this one doesn’t go there, it goes to BIP! Maybe you can board another one that will take you much closer to where you need to go.” We also made some small talk about how we were actually here for work, when she asked us “Siswa?” (which means ‘graduate student’ – she meant to ask if we were studying! XD makes me feel young again!)

The ride was slow and steady – was altogether enjoyable barring the fact that we were already late. Who cares!

The driver was also being quite funny – because we are pretty tanned, but we don’t speak Indonesian, he assumed that we were Filipina. And he went on to talk about Manny Pacquiao. (laughs) but it was kinda fun listening to him talk about it.

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