the work week begins.

Today I learned the hard way that to be able to fast for a day, I have to start the day right. Simple meal of bubur cannot last me until buka puasa. Daaaamn hungry by the time dinnertime came around.

It’s not like I intended to do so, I just kinda forgot about lunch cause I was busy with things.

Today’s dinner was at Rumah Makan Legoh — Andre asked me to try the babi cuka but because I was too hungry, I completely forgot about it. SAYANG! but I will definitely go back there to try again, cause the cumi lada garam was actually quite tasty, and the broccoli jamur was a good complement.

Also had the first dose of jus alpukat! :3


The bear was also in town for the week to help out with some projects, so we walked a short distance to BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza). Time and time again, it has been proven that supermarkets are a very good way to pass the time. Bought some biscuits, sunshine carrot juice and chloro broccoli juice! Can’t wait to try this random stuff.

Also, before I leave, I am going to buy back random assorted packs of instant noodles. They really have an interesting selection!

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