walkabouts in Bandung

Taxi drivers are interesting people.

One of them nearly ended up moving to KL but he couldn’t bear to leave his family behind – so he stayed back, preferably till he could afford to bring his entire family over. After all, his wife is taking care of his youngest child at 6 years — his 2 others have grown up, and maybe one of them will get married next year. Orang Bandung sememangnya peramah.

The other guy preferred to talk about religion — I mentioned that Buddhism had origins in India, and has a pretty large influence in Thailand. We did agree though, that as long as religion teaches you to be good, and not harm others, you’re pretty much doing okay. =)



The day started off at Trans Studio Mall — nothing interesting, reminds me of Times Square cause it’s got a theme park in the mall. However, I did like the glass roof =D

I loved the bookstore though. It’s like on crack – they have bags, art materials, books. Found some pretty fun things!


Owl bags! I thought of Reeis somehow.

And was once again tempted by the travel themed Moleskine books. =P





Wandering around the older quarter where the Bangunan Asia-Afrika is, and along Jl Braga, was really fun. Just looking at people do their thing.


The Ed Fest 2015 is a small street fest (at least from what I could see) but there was quite a number of interesting street stalls and food stalls there. There was a band that was playing pretty bossa-nova / jazzy style covers of “Love Me Like You Do”, “Just The Way You Are”, and even a nasyid song. Pretty good! The main stars, are the bassist and the drummer. Don’t stereotype *anyone* =D Tudung girls rock!

There was also a Charlie Chaplin street performer, and a Hello Kitty street performer too. Hahaha, all kinds of stuff you see after sundown.


There was also thisĀ sculpture that just made me go, WTF?! hahahaha I don’t even know what or why it was where it was.


Also, the field right outside the big mosque — also known as Alun Alun Bandung was CROWDED. FULL OF PEOPLE.

Surprisingly people love taking photos of themselves! #selfiemania I tell you. Along the same lines, there happened to be alot of street photographers taking random shots, and also some people doing fashion shoots along the streets. Kinda unexpected.

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