heee an update on project kurohako aka. shirohiro 2.0!

Part I: Gathering of Parts


This image was.. a proud accumulation of aaaalll the parts! XD It was such an adventure to go get it. Let’s begin the storytelling. XD

Reeis was kind enough to teman me for the day as we shopped for parts – our journey took us to the following places (in order)

  1. Lowyat Plaza – We were here mostly to see if we could get some cheaper prices, and hopefully get everything at the same spot. So we started off at a leisurely pace, browsing from store to store.. mostly asking for prices of the processor and asking if they had the mobo I wanted.I think I must have surprised alot of them because:

    #1 there was a girl asking about parts to build a box, not asking about a ready-assembled one
    #2 wtf what ITX mobo? Not ATX? You sure? Which maker? What processor are you planning to use with this?

    At this point (maybe 1.5 hours later) I was going all “bitch please, I know what I want. I just want to know if you have it or not.” =PI guess I kinda enjoyed seeing their confused faces, I need to do this again.. but maybe not so soon in the future unless I’m getting my graphics card.

    Bought from ViewNet:

    • 120GB SSD
    • 2TB SATA HDD
    • 2x4GB RAM
    • i5 3750k


  2. Ampang – Next stop, to pick up the casing. Reeis is a pretty decent navigator, all the wrong turns turned into alternate routes (except for that one random stretch with a crazily steep uphill slope even I dare not risk Wanda on it – it was nearly a 45-degree incline!!)

    As we were nearing the place, we’re like “How the heck do we get to the front of the apartment?! There is no frigging entrance!” So we called the guy, and he says “Ah, it’s (the entrance) actually in the middle of the row of shoplots” and Reeis yells a triumphant “I TOLD YOU SO!” XDXDAnyway.. we had to wait maybe 10mins or so before the guy comes out with my beloved casing! XDXD The most exciting part of my purchase imo (mostly cause of the roadtrip that it required just to *reach* this place)

    Bought from DotaTech: SGO6

  3. Pandan Indah – Ah, our last stop for the day. Also the most important stop of the day – without this, I can’t even begin to assemble kurohako!

    The trek from Ampang to here actually wasn’t too far, haha and it reminded me alot of the time Novi and I were sending Ivana home, cause it was rather nearby (or some of the roads/highways looked rather familiar!)Upon reaching the shop, both the guys in the shop give us a good look (trying not to be too surprised, I guess) and while the junior guy was processing the payment, the senior guy goes “Hmm.. it’s actually quite rare to see girls wanting to assemble their own PCs.”*cue moment of nerd pride here!*

    He also asked if I was planning to get a graphics card.. ahhh I was so tempted but I told him, maybe not this time. =P

    Bought from IdealTech: Z77E-ITX

And with that, our adventure ended for the day (for this bit of it, anyway)

Part II: Assembling kurohako

I was actually quite chickeny to be abit rough with the parts.. cause I thought if I pushed something in the wrong direction, something would break!

The funnest part I suppose was taking the casing apart, see what goes where, how it all fits in, where all the screws go. It made so much sense! XD

Mounting the motherboard was easy peasy, so no problems there.. Although we were abit stumped cause it didn’t exactly fit the back panel nicely.. but we managed it in the end. =D

The trickier bit was figuring out where *everything else* went on the motherboard:

  • Processor: okay, this one wasn’t too hard. Snapping the heatsink was harder than I thought cause I really was afraid of either destroying the snap joint or the mobo! =P But fears were allayed, just needed abit more force. Hahaha, I was being too gentle.
  • RAM: hahah I thought I was inserting it the wrong way, then Reeis was like “aiyah I’ve done this a BAJILLION TIMES, just snap it in till this end bit pops up, and you’re good to go. Here, I’ll show you the first one. ” AH YOU IS GENIUZZ! XD
  • Connecting everything to the PSU: Ok this has to be the trickiest part – I swear, if it weren’t for the manual that came with the motherboard, I SWEAR I wouldn’t know where all the cables went. It’s like an octopus ready to devour the board (and power it up! XD) I think I bent one of the power pins =P But at least everything was in the correct place!
  • HDD: This one, easy. The slightly difficult part was to slide it into the mount where the SSD was (it’s 2.5″tray, then 3.5″ tray)
  • SSD: This one… *sigh* I had it in the bay just fine, plugged in the power cable just fine.. AND THEN CAME THE FINAL CONNECTION to the SATA port on the SSD itself. I pushed it in, and when I tried to remove it.. OMFGWTFBBQ THE ENTIRE L-CONNECTOR CAME OFF WITH IT! Like WTF IS THIS SHIT! Amazing thing was that the pins are completely intact and straight, it was just that flimsy plastic connector that ripped off. AISEY! I was so heartbroken at this that Reeis had to console me “Don’t worry, I’m sure we can exchange it or something.”

We even came up with a freaking song for the whole fiasco! (edit: with corrections from Reeis)

Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away
Then this L-tab had to break away

Fixing pc parts was child’s play
AND OMGWTF THIS IS SIBEH SUAY [something I don’t remember]

Now I’ve got to throw this cheap piece of shit all away


Part III: Initiating kurohako

The first time round, *nothing* booted up. The only sound I could hear was the chassis fan spinning. The processor fan was even quieter than a mouse.

*cue dramatic music*

This time round, I didn’t have Reeis to mock me (lawl that’s what best friends do, right?) so I had to open her up again, re-do EVERYTHING from scratch (as in, rinse and repeat installation of components) on turbo mode cause I was abit panicky, and boot her up again.


This was the truly miraculous moment of it all; when kurohako booted, and went into the BIOS screen. I felt like such a proud parent! =D MY BABY IS ALIVE! It was such a relief! XD Admittedly at the time I had no other spare monitor, so I had to make do with a 15″(yes, that’s how old this monitor was) just to make sure the innards were working fine. And I had to use it for a couple of days.


So say hello to kurohako! XD

Few days later, Aizat asked “Hey so when do you want to pick up your monitor?”

And AS IT SO HAPPENED I was meeting Reeis for dinner that day, so she *once again* had the privilege of accompanying me to get my monitor.


Tadaaaaaaaaaaahhh :3 my current 23″ Sammy monitor, Isn’t she lovely? XD


It’s still not the end though; I still have a few things to get to fully complete my list.

  • get my SSD from the shop and re-install my OS on it (I need to experience this insta-boot thing, as well as try out some games installed on it!)
  • a beloved mechanical keyboard
  • also, a decent set of speakers

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  1. …the song was something along the lines of
    “now i have to throw this whole thing away”
    “oh why did this cheap shit break on me?”
    something like that XD

  2. We thought of you the whole time!! XD So still here in Spirit when all this happened XD

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