Day Three, 서울

Today’s main itinerary was the National Museum of Korea.

We had samgyetang for lunch at a really small cozy place near the hostel. Probably the healthiest meal we’ve had this entire trip.Still awesome, made even more awesome cause they gave one cup of soju too!

The museum itself was massive and beautiful! Reminded me of MOMA in San Francisco. The special thing about this museum though is that there is a lake and a little pondok kind of area where people sit and look out onto the lake… And there are ducks still swimming about even when half the lake is already frozen in.. And that you can see the marks on the ice where the ducks were waddling on before they went swimming.

Ahem. Sorry. On with the museum.

The museum had a lot of weapons on display for some reason. Even if I wasn’t really paying attention to all of them, I guess I just generally like to explore museums. The children’s museum was quite cute too.

We stayed till sundown, but the museum actually closes at 9PM.

Street food of the day. Tonkatsu and rice where the tonkatsu was too much panko, daejang chicken which was awesome, and taiyaki. The Japanese ones taste better. XD

Socials tonight, and I went to Swing Zoo! Was so much fun to see Mung Chi again, and dance with him too 😀 it was one dance after another, nonstop! Superb fun. XD

On my way back though, I realized I lost my Tmoney card, so I haas to get another one. XP

Surprisingly I expected the Myeongdong area to be really crowded, but it was empty by the time we got back. Hmm.

Aaaand I got back just in time to greet everyone Merry Christmas! ;D

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