Day 2, 서울

The day was quite leisurely.. went up N Seoul Tower. It’s basically like a Tokyo Tower.. But the One thing that I really liked was the Teddy Bear museum. Cost us W14000 for both the museum and the tower, but it was pretty and cuteness overload!! Plus, if you’re near the exhibit the bears will move cause they’re fitted wit some mechanics that enables them to simulate some actions in the scenery they’re placed in… Like farming , or some court scene, or telling a story.

The guys and I pooled some money to buy guama a teddy in a nice pink hanbok. And I bought myself a little Teddy as a keychain. XP

We went to the COEX mall after.. The place is basically like a 1U, but not as big. On one end is the mall, and on the others, there’s a exhibition hall, a cinema and an aquarium which har gau said was supposed to be really nice, but I think no one was really interested in going to another aquarium. Ah well.

There was a jazz band performing that day, so I sat around and watched them for abit. They were quite good, but the one at stole the show IMO was the emcee. He is one funny dude. Walked around summore, and I saw them advertising Just Dance 2 for Wii?

There was also this really cute shop called Artbox, bought socks there. Haha! I think if I have the chance I’ll go back there to get that bunny jumper, it looks really cute!

Oh, also went to dance at SwingTime Bar. Hahah it took kor and I a good 20mins to find the place. first time round we went into a really dodgy entry and wondered, “omg where the hell is this place?!” after asking some random dude, WE FINALLY FOUND THE PLACE!

The floor is a dedicated floor,it was packed, and the dancers there are all sooooo good I felt a little embarrassed having to ask one good dancer after another to dance with me. But the thick faced requests did their magic. I was so glad I came. I had a little door gift too cause i dressed for the occasion! I know a lot of them don’t speak English, but swing and lindy was always all bout how the lead-follow connection does the talking, after all XD

It was sooooooo FUN, I didn’t want to leave! but I promised I wouldn’t be back too late, plus kor was getting really bored. So I said goodbye and left as one helluva satisfied dancer.

Then some real winter magic happened. It was SNOWING gently, and it was so beautiful outside! Fluffy, light, and quite an experience indeed at Seocho.

What a perfect way to end the day. 😀

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