caturday noons

went out with pika + wh, chris + eve.  lawl I am such a tiang lampuuuuuuu!

We originally intended to go to Dirty Nelly’s, but the plan failed seeing that the place was closed when we reached there close to 1pm! -.- so we ended up going to Craftbrews and had a pretty long and satisfying lunch. =D The burger tasted great but I dunno why the patty was so crumbly. Still loved the goreng-pisang tasting potato wedges. XD

Ended up watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes after lunch – it’s a really good movie! I clicked with it on a more personal level though, seeing the pain that Rob had to go through with his father having Alzheimer’s and him desperately trying to cure him of it. But on the flipside I was pretty amused to see some comedy sitcom actors in the movie. 3rd Rock from the Sun (zomg 90s series, does anyone remember this?) and Fraiser!

edit: just ninja-pressed some key (I think) and suddenly my screen’s reso is 1024×768… whaaaa?! I need to learn how to do that!

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