combating jetlag

I’ve been really pumped up about this trip for weeks! And now I’m here, I’ll say it’s reminded me of Gipps more than anything, somehow. The spaced out buildings, small communities, cosy cafes, shopping centers like the ones in Traralgon or Morwell.

First flight to Hong Kong was alright, it just took off late.

Which led to the mad chase of trying to get to the connecting flight on time. We landed 30mins to takeoff, ran up and down stairs and also had to take a shuttle to a different terminal. I really thought I was gonna miss the plane, but really I juuuuuuuuuuust made it 10 mins to takeoff. phew!

The one thing I really hated about this long haul flight was that my legs ached so I had to climb over the rest (yeah I got the window seat, gah) to go out on pretext of going to the bathroom. Haha and for some reason, I kept watching animated/fantasy movies like Alice in Wonderland and Tangled. Tangled is *awesome, btw*. Fell asleep for abit, had my entire body ache for abit, then rounded up the movie watching with The Tourist and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina Jolie is.. woot! =D

Landing in SFO was a joy! Well, not the queue at the immigration counter, but the officer himself (and henceforth for this part shall be called CIO – Cute Immigration Officer), hahah! =D

CIO: So, where are you from?
Me: KL.
CIO: Ah, then did you bring any food over?
Me: Nope.
CIO: Not bak kut teh, nasi lemak, nasi goreng, charkuayteow..etc.?
Me: If I did, I’d gladly give them to you.
…. some more idle chatter…
CIO: Ah, I was just going to say that you don’t seem like a Singaporean.
Me: Was that a compliment?
CIO: Knowing the catfights you Msians and Sporeans get yourselves into, yes (laughs)
Me: bwahahha!

Totally made my day, this dude. XD

Met Jon at Mountain View! First time getting bear hugs from him, haha it was a real pleasure to meet you too after so long! XD Grabbed some Subway (oh BLT, I WUB JOO SO! point #1: they has honey mustard! point #2: they have BACON!) but since I couldn’t eat in the train, had to wait till I got to my hotel room.

On the train ride, I managed to spot some big name logos on buildings, like Yahoo and Aol, haha it’s just as iconic as seeing Microsoft! Or Google, or any other big tech corp that you can think of. You get the idea.

(The bit bout checking in at the hotel, I think the lady incredulously looked at me thinking, “You? Here? But you look like a kid!!”) Thaaaatt slight bit iffy that the room was furthest away, but that was soon ignored once I opened the door and stepped in.

ZOMG this place is like a fully furnished apartment! Proper kitchenette, working table with Internet connection, a living area with a LCD TV, seperated bedroom with *yet* another LCD TV, a seperate wet and dry toilet. I was so jakun XD

Jon & I decided to head out to the San Jose Marketplace, and that place has so much carpark one could only dream bout of back in KL. Bought some chocos, and wandered around most of the shops.

Dinner was Mexican food, haha I’ve come to learn that Jon does not like stuff with corn in them. So I ate the tortillas, he sapu-ed a fair bit of the salsa XD The service was abit sucky so I was abit hesitant to tip them, but I had this feeling she was trying to imply we were so cheapo that we had to share a meal.

Sure, it’s pricey, but we can’t eat much (mainly cause Jon had a Carls. Jr burger couple of moments earlier) and now I think what that excellent service they’ve given, I won’t be walking into this resto anytime soon.

We talked alot about disciplining kids, fussy eating, staff with bad waitering skills, work life.. haha he’s got a list of lessons to learn. Which is very reasonable indeed =D

Chatted abit with the folks over Skype, and now I’m friggin’ sleepy. Upload photos and tidur I go!

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