geek chic

Spent my entire evening in front of the idiotbox, and I thought why not?

My 2 fave geek chicks from NCIS and Criminal Minds respectively.

First up is Abby. Very Emily Strange-esque, but quirky. Gibbs treats her like a daughter and she thinks of him as a father figure. =D Their relationship is sooo cute!

I was thinking of drawing her full scale and having red/black striped socks.. but somehow that didn’t work out too well. My only consolation is that at *least* she doesn’t look like a man here. =P

Next up there’s Garcia. She has this really close relationship with Morgan (whom I also find really hot XD and smart) which I quite like; they’re like siblings watching out for each other.

I liked the reference picture cause there was alot of colour. =P I definitely did not do the hairpiece any justice, but I did try with the hair. =D

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