this movie’s the first movie I’ve entered the cinema watching the end credits roll first. =D


okay, so I’ve been supercharged by the coffee this morning, but it doesn’t change the fact of what I think of the movie.

I loved it. =D

The geekery of it all was just mindblowingly awesome, the lights, the motorcycles, the planes, the ‘games’. I think I was mostly suckered in by the very pretty lights, I never thought of orange as an acceptable colour. The cool blue is expected, but the shade of neon orange they used for this is very. nice. XD

First time I set eyes on Olivia Wilde playing Quorra, I just went “zomg!” well the hair didn’t suit the character nor the feel of the Grid, but that aside she looked nice. XD There was also Gem – she reminded me of something possibly out of a Lady Gaga MTV. It’s neat though. =D Wicked eyelashes!


Although I have to say that there are some things in the movie very reminiscent of other movies:

  • ‘orphaned’ child, although in this case the father abandoning the son cause he was actually stuck in the Grid.
  • also the character Zuse is very much like Joker/Riddler.. he’s flamboyant, has a cane(!), has a creepy smile and is a sneaky one
  • the Flynn arcade reminds me of the theater that Bruce Wayne went to as a child when his parents were killed (well, the outside of it anyway)
  • again, the hidden office at Flynn arcade is very much like the Batcave

Star Wars

  • I think this one is mostly because of the father-son relationship. Also, the way Flynn Sr. dresses (come on, a hooded robe!) is pretty much a giveaway, no?
  • Also, the part where Sam first meets CLU, he thought that CLU was really his dad. Very Anakin – Luke-like, somehow.

Another thing that I caught myself observing is the gadgets that they used.

  • Sam used a Nokia N8 to mosey his way into the ENCOM Tower. Watching this movie didn’t impress me on the device either, haha however if it was an Android, then I might not have said the same.
  • Alan had an iPad (I’m pretty damn sure that’s what it was) at that board meeting.
  • The touch surface that was being used in the ENCOM board meeting, is very similar to Microsoft Surface.


The music was mostly Electronica, which suited the futuristic feel of the Grid very well, Daft Punk did a great job on this one. Even at Castor’s bar/club, the deejays were awesome. Lucky them! XD In some sense, the Grid reminded me of animes that are set in neo-Tokyo, like Ghost in the Shell or something. Just that everything was black and neon blue/orange.

I also saw a terminal and commands similar to that of Unix commands, purists FTW! XD

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