I’m glad I decided to not skip today’s entry. Head’s been hurting again, probably from staring at my computer screen for too long at work.

I was originally inspired to draw something corporate-y when I was in a G2000 store looking at a picture of a guy wearing a blazer and vest. Hawt as. I love men in vests and blazers.


aaaanyway, when I got back and decided to get sketching I thought I’d manage to find a picture of Neal Caffrey (White Collar, anyone?) in a vest. Unfortunately not. So I decided to sketch him instead. =P

I think this is failing because the eyes are too big, seriously very anime style. ahhahaha! And his lips are.. ahhh I was going “guh whatever!”

Although I have to say I like my own smudging skills, it gives the face abit more shape. XD

Makes me feel like doing more realistic sketching. Man there are so many things I’d love to improve about this picture. I only wish I had them 1337 skeelz. =P

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