Day One, short and sweet

I woke up at 3:45PM. What the flying fuck.

Haha I was so shocked at myself, and I still can’t believe it! My cousin was on the way back alr, so I thought I’d greet her first before deciding what to do next.

We had a good laugh when she walked through the door, but she just said “ah, it’s your holiday! Zero shame in waking up whenever you want and doing whatever the hell you want!” now those are words of wisdom.

Decided to do what I wanted to do for today, and that was to cycle around Stanley Park. Best idea ever! I just headed to the nearest bike rental shop to our place so that I could get cycling!

I was a bit optimistic in thinking that I could cycle around the entire park.. The place is ginormous! But also very very scenic.

The marina area where they have all the yachts and seaplanes kinda reminded me of the Flisvos marina in Athens. Cycle abit more, to.. Hallelujah Point, and you can get a really good skyline of Vancouver. Further on, along the seawall, is just a huge body of water, peace and quiet, and me generally enjoying the wind against my face.

I think cause I also haven’t cycled in awhile, it’s extremely freeing to be able to control where I wanna go, and when I wanna stop. And the initial fear of cycling in traffic, I mean there are some dedicated bike lanes, but otherwise I’m still cycling on the same lane as a car! And on occasion I cycled on the wrong side of it too.. So that was slightly scary! Haha and trying to beat the red light so that I wouldn’t have to stop.

Had to begin my journey back when I reached Lionsgate Bridge, cause it was getting abit late and I had to shower and head out to dinner. That ride back, though, really reminded me of driving through Hokkaido. That forest view! Also drove past some flower garden and an entrance to a lake.

Nearly expired cycling uphill on the way back to the bike rental store. But the gears are really good! I survived it! Just got abit confused at some of the intersections. XD

The evening eating plan for today was also quite fabulous. Blackened creole chicken at Cactus Club! Tasty, tasty indeed. And also, Bella Gelateria. There was a queue! But happily enough we didn’t have to wait that long. Besides, dinner was pretty filling, so it wasn’t a problem! We ended up with Whisky Fudge & Lavender. 😀

And I can’t sleep, which is why I’m awake at 4am. Damnit jetlag! Slept for about 4 hours nia. Maybe I’ll tire out myself tmr properly so that I’ll sleep normal hours.

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