Day zero – travelling back in time(zones)

My sleep cycle is completely messed up.

Midnight flight from KL – Narita was still alright, I slept through that and was feeling fine for the 3 hour layover. Japan possibly has the nicest airports! Neat shops and stuff to buy, and I think I just really like Japanese things in general 😂

The food on this flight, well, I only got breakfast and that was mihun + egg. Hahaha quite a Malaysian fare, I think! But I thought it was OK lah.

Wandered around the terminal a little bit, and bought some Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory biscuits for May Yun. They looked really good, gorgonzola + honey, and salt + camembert flavored.

Second leg from Narita to Fort Worth.. I think I slept through a fair bit too, watched some movies. But this time, for some reason I started to feel my brain crying out in despair! Like I started to feel abit bored.

Didn’t help that the American Airlines air hostesses were kinda strangely curt. Manalah tau that some things are self-service? Like water? 😂 And I’m not even being rude when I ask for things. So.. That put me off abit.

The food on this flight was pretty good though, haha I took all the Asian options. Pork + rice, and teriyaki salmon + rice. Quite liked both of it. There was some cold side dishes like banchan that was really tasty too!

Had like 7 hours at the airport this time. I was starting to feel more tired at this point and I decided not to go out into town although I should have had enough time. Might have been a good idea in hindsight.

Immigration was kinda cool, they had kiosks you could scan your passport so that you didn’t have to fill in forms manually. Doing this meant that the officer just had to eyeball you and make sure u look like your passport and you were free to go!

So I wandered around 4/5 terminals. Ate a pork rib sandwich for lunch, and that was quite good, actually. Was a toss-up between ribs or Tex-Mex. Also was quite tempted to eat ice cream, but I held off. Reckon I’d get my fair share of it in Vancouver.

Final flight, from Fort Worth to Vancouver. I was already nodding off at the terminal, so this flight I just KO-ed. But it felt kinda cold, so I didn’t really get to sleep well. But I am thankful they at least gave some water and.. Some snacks to pass the time. Cause I was starting to feel a little hungry by this time.

So landing in Vancouver was a “THANK God this is over!” moment 😂😂😂 I just wanted to have a meal and shower and sleep!

They also had the kiosk for the immigration but it couldn’t read my passport.. Had to do it manually.

Anyway, it wasn’t hard to spot my cute host, she was wearing a duck hat after all! 😍 We took the train back, and her place is quite quaint! Chucked the bags, and headed off to catch dinner at a comfort food place. Stole some of her pot pie, and had some pork tacos which were a little dry, but alright. That pot pie, though, was delish! Chunky filling and nice sauce too!

We rounded up dinner with some servings of cake, and the biscuits I bought from Narita. And some peach tea. Verrryy noice.

Was also introduced to Queer Eye, and I love how they managed to bring out the best in their clients! Haha and that they’re quirky. And take care of themselves very well. Haha they’re really all quite good-looking! My faves so far are Antoni & Tan, they just appeal to me.. Haha like their general “type” of look. (lolol I pronounced Tan like a Chinese surname and just went, wtf kind of name is that?!)

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