no post for #projectaida2011 this time.. my head’s been aching all evening, killing my mood to do pretty much anything that requires brainwork. =P

will continue tomorrow.

Had my annual assessment/appraisal today, and was pretty surprised I guess. I thought I’d been rather lackadaisical this year since I didn’t really work on anything major. Was nice to know that I’m an “independent” person and able to carry out my own decisions well XD Need to fill in the work goals for next year and hand it in.. I don’t really expect much extras I guess, since I’ve heard stories here and there. =P

“I”ve nothing against you, apart from your attendance..” –JS, 2010

This made me laugh so hard XD

I tried my hardest not to see the points he gave me while he was scribbling on it. There were some silent moments I guess, and I remembered the many times I had to wait in this kind of silence while my examiner wrote notes after I performed each piece at my piano exams when I was younger. =P Same-ish situation.

I guess I graded myself pretty lowly so I expected his scores to be more or less the same. And then, I thought as I was filling up the last bit, might as well see, so that I know what he expects out of me. My only snag is that I need something that’s quantifiable to fill in. Now that makes it an even tougher cookie than before. =P

Been poisoning myself with a whole lot of things that I *really* really want. My top 3:

#1: Google Nexus S (if preordered from people in LYN, ~RM2400)
#2: 13″ Macbook Air (tricked out with 4GB RAM, 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo, ACPP – with the education discount, costs around RM6500)
#3: 21″ iMac (tricked out with 3.60GHz i5, 8GB RAM, 2TB SATA, ACPP – with the education discount, costs around RM6700)

I need to save. =P

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