I think you deserve your time to be yours. And so do I.

Or something along those lines. My mom. I wonder if it meant that it was time to get some help on taking care of my father. She deserves it alot more than we do.

Still sometimes hurt by the distance that is put in place by friends with whom I thought I was impossibly close with. However I think I’m slowly learning to forgive myself for being so distrustful of those actions, to mean something else more malicious when it probably isn’t. Friendships are dynamic, and they’ll change with time.  I think I’m just afraid of losing them, even if they tell me it’s not true. I just gotta believe in what we’ve got.

I had a good time tonight at Hou’s place, with the guys going for their half / full marathons this Sunday. All the best! Also, his mom makes the best desserts! Tonight we had homemade pavlova with fresh cream, longan + pineapple, and some strawberries on the side. Haha, she missed out the passionfruit sauce but it still tasted great!


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