The Shape of Water

I decided to dress up a little, and go out to catch a movie by myself. You know, the weird thing was that I kept thinking of who else I could invite to come together with me. The other part of me went, “stop depending on others for company – you got this.”

Lipstick was suuuper bright, just because what the hell, why not? It was nice! But because it was so bright.. I think the rest of the outfit needs to be 100% plain so that it won’t be overall neon bright. Slouch black top, grey jeans, worn out navy sneaks works. But I think I need a new pair of shoes 😀

Did my eyebrows too, and the lady was surprisingly quick and efficient. And it didn’t feel as painful as the previous times. Done in 5!

I enjoyed The Shape of Water very much. The protagonist characters are quaint, awkward and adorable. ALL OF THEM. The antagonist was also quite good in his portrayal, actually – those two fingers I felt were significant. It somehow tied in to his descent into very dark times.

The era in which it’s set meant that you saw heard some lovely tunes, got to see a beautiful teal Cadillac, and see the All-American home.

However, that also meant that you got to see an extremely racist America. Also a very homophobic America. It was portrayed as a picket-fence perfect life, but there is this darker side to it that people sometimes gloss over. This stark contrast was what made the character development wholly possible, and boy was it a good one.

Regarding the Asset himself – and how Eliza could find a connection between them, that piece that she delivered to her housemate was a message I felt could resonate with anybody who has ever felt alone, not understood, not cared for, and cast aside. It’s a very core human sentiment that I’ve had to sit through and so, I understand it.

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