late night latte

About letting my thoughts out. Friday was a very, very good one.

Feels like being myself, with other people. Opening up to them, I mean. Of course I still choose who I tell things to, but this one with Sulin was really good, though it took a good unexpected turn.

We had dinner with the guys beforehand, at Miligram. Surprisingly the food is good (had sausage + carbonara pasta) – previous time I went I only had cake and coffee, and while the cake was alright, the coffee I remember it being decent. Leo would be playing outside with the 2 kittens whenever possible (lol usually when people went to order food or take toilet breaks).

Talked about high school life, girls and boys schools, movies, random snippets, -wrong- snippets, and more nonsense. They’re all younger than me, but I am quietly happy to know that we still share alot of things which are the same. It was a good evening.

After we parted ways with them, Sulin and I went for a drink. And we talked about wok. Everything about work that was on my mind, that was bogging me down, that I worried over not being able to do well, and also everything that I felt jaded over and that looked like it had no real light on the path. Some things we gotta plow through, others could be just working out people problems. Setting expectations, and seeing how others cope with the same problem.

The way we handled the issues are different – we complain and opt for a larger scale rewrite, the others chugged along and patched where necessary. There is a good, and a bad. And I have to learn how to manage the bad parts, which I haven’t been doing so well on recently.

Coming back to the other event of the upcoming techconf, handling senior-er people and just general YOLO spirit is not really the way to go forward, you know? It’s a huge gathering of 70 staff – not everything will just magically work itself out. I’ll admit that some contingency plans are needed (not for everything), but these plans need to be made. “Oh, we’ll think about it when we get there” is NOT a plan. When shit hits the fan we will need to have a united front and act accordingly.

We talked till 2:30AM.Holy smokes.

It was good. Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it.

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