loving these long weekends

it’s just kind of unfortunate that they tend to be too short =P

The house now is filled with people =D Aunt and uncle from my dad’s side are all here to celebrate my dad’s birthday tomorrow!~ Aunt using my room, Uncle downstairs, ti & Joel in one room, me with mom & dad.

Amazingly, I didn’t hear the orchestra XD Must be from sheer tiredness =P

Thursday night was spent at Laundry at e@Curve with Chris, Sean & Zhien. Awesome band was playing that night – if Silverchair and Incubus is in their setlist, it is a good night XD I think we were the syok sendiri gang singing along to their songs and probably being the most appreciative of the lot, cause after their sets ended they came over to our table XD
Tweets for that night:

Surprise, surprise, we’ve got Glee on the setlist!
[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/scy_krylief/status/29677251983″]

Their rendition of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” was pretty good too XD
[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/scy_krylief/status/29684204496″]

Haha here’s when I realize I was being a pure head-fi geek:
[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/scy_krylief/status/29687026675″]

Lawl to quote Sean on the night:

“what band? all i heard was #4 :p” – @seanx2, 2010

HAHA oh yes, before I forget! Since kitaorang tengah syok sendiri, we were having loads of fun watching Zhien ‘act’ high (or so he claims!) and Chris joining in the fun XD And this is after ONE round of drinks XD

“i don’t know what was that joget thing.. seriously.” – @seanx2, 2010

It’s awesome fun to hang out with these people, anything and everything can happen XD Nearly died of laughter that night XD

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/scy_krylief/status/29691535854″]


The next day was mostly spent prepping the rooms and cleaning up the house for the arrival of the guests, folding 2 rounds of laundry, grabbing a quick lunch.

Then off to the airport to fetch the guests! XD

It wasn’t till we reached home that I realize they had brought. SO. MUCH. FOOD! both frozen (seafood, veges etc) and homemade, cooked goodies! Apple pie, cheese cake, chocolate mud cake, chai tau kueh (I Swear this is so much win!) I just kept staring. ZOMG XD I am so happy I tell you!!!

So we ate the chai tau kueh and the apple pie with yam ice cream all the way from Phillipines! =D Yummo combi if you ask me =D Haha didn’t manage to take any photos cause I wolfed them down as soon as the plate reached me~~

Went out to 1U to kaikai for abit, and Omar called~ haha he was going “zomg Sookie I’m sooooooooooooooo bored! Are you free, let’s go out!” Unfortunately timing wasn’t right, so I just entertained him on the phone la, talk abit of rubbish here and there~

Today, my duty was to be an official driver XD Went out to Sungei Buloh to have us some bak kut teh in the morning (9AM!) It was more like a lunch meal, fuuh was soooooo full after I just wanted to go back, curl up and sleep! =D

But I didn’t. =P

After ‘brekkie’ (seriously, there was a whole day to go) we went to my aunt’s mecca – a baking provisions shop in Taman Megah. I was just telling my dad “You know you’re at the right place when you step in, and you’re hit by the overpowering smell of baked goods”~ dragees, butter by the cartons, cranberries, almonds (flakes, powder, shelled, the works!) in huge packets (i.e. 250g, 500g, 1kg and up!) heaps of cupcake molds, baking trays, huge slabs of chocolates… whoah I tell you. It just went “whoosh” over my head when I saw the shop. XD

Headed out to Midvalley after, haha I thought we were gonna stay home in the afternoon and chill around the house. Apparently not. =P

Things I saw in Midvalley that I wanted to buy:

  • a pair of bootcut jeans from Dorothy Perkins
  • a pair of flowery shorts from Cotton On (sigh abit the steep, RM50 for a pair made of pretty thin material, but I’ll think about it)
  • some tank tops (I was wearing chickenwing’s and hers is an awesome shade of electric blue)

haha midway through browsing clothes in Topshop, I remembered that Zhien was working this weekend for the PC Expo. =P Paid him a little visit to kacau him XD Went out and had a drink, talked some rubbish, laughed abit. Didn’t stay for long though, had to run off soon after since the relatives were getting abit bored (and tired).

Dinner was awesome, pork, pork and MOAR pork @ Bavarian Bierhaus! XD makan sampai going to explode =D

fuuuh tomorrow will be an exciting day XD can’t wait!

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  1. Oh if you wanna try buying good baking supplies, try ‘House of Ingredients’ but its in Kepong Industrial park though.

    Google it and see, might be worth your troubles.

  2. ooh I will keep that in mind, thanks!

    This time round I only managed to bring my aunt to Chang Tung (next to La Manila) and Bake with Yen, both on the same row @ Taman Megah.

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