My first work famirry – the end of a journey.

10th Aug, 2018.

My last day with my first work famirry at 123RF. I was there for 8 years and 7 months.

My day started with “What The Fuck” as I saw my entire desk covered with bubble wrap. From monitor to laptop to chair.. To even my water flask, and my alpaca. 😂😂😂😂 You guys definitely did it well with this one.

Deployment for card reuse was successful, and within the time frame too, no drama!

Had lunch at Jibby & Co. Haha it’s so hipster even the waiters match the decor.

Rolling around as usual in the afternoon, just waiting for my exit interview.

Then did my rounds to give my thanks and appreciation to everyone I’ve worked with. Took some pictures, joked round abit 😀 Glad I worked with some decent people.

Met Eng Eng at the door, and I hugged her alot! All will be well. 😀

Most beautiful sprint burn down graph I’ve seen so far 📈

Had a quick dinner at Big Wantan. Silly David and Bobby went to the one in Uptown, but we were all at DJ! Sibeh fail lol.

Karaoke time was epic 😂 everyone was in an oldies mood that night, some Japanese songs were played, and The Miao Miao song! What happens here stays here (just that we have some damming evidence of it)

OH MY GOD, you guys are a bunch of idiots..made me tear up properly, you did. I made the right choice to open the farewell gifts at home.

I started with the farewell card, with the hand illustrations.

Still okay, and smiled a little at their notes.

Moved on to the photo book. Holy moly there were so many good moments in that book, with people past and presently in the company.

Heart began to twitch a little. Oh dear.

Lastly, decided to open the gift box hidden at the bottom of the bag.

It came in a LeTao packaging.

“What? Is this cake?!”

Removing the packaging, revealed a very smooth dark rosewood box. I kinda knew what it was at that second..

HOLY SHITTO IT’S AN OTARU MUSICAL BOX! This is not something people buy on a whim.

Opened the box to hear the melody of… Radwimps’ 前前前ぜ. And next to it was a small stack of very cute notes.

This was the moment where my heart really grew heavier.

As I opened the notes, one by one.. I didn’t really realize how much I have impacted them, and how they’ve accepted me for who I am.

Somehow after I read my Bossu’s thank-you note, all floodgates let loose.

My first work famirry made me cry.

Because I know how much they meant to me. I also know how much I am going to miss them. I grew up with them, learned so much from them, and taught them in return too.

It’s not something I’m likely to ever forget, there’s nothing I ever regret, and everything I will cherish.

Had so much more great times than rough times, and I’m gonna carry on out into the world with all the love and support you guys have shown me. I will do well, and I hope in turn everyone does well too!

I really love you guys. 😀