was thinking of the upcoming trip to Tokyo (zomg 10 days to go!) and discussing with El where which maid cafe we should head out to..

I thought her face was rather cute, I just dunno why I failed to make her seem like she’s looking straight.

kinda makes me want to work part-time in one (like a real one with the master-servant interaction thingy) just to see what it’s like..

geek chic

Spent my entire evening in front of the idiotbox, and I thought why not?

My 2 fave geek chicks from NCIS and Criminal Minds respectively.

First up is Abby. Very Emily Strange-esque, but quirky. Gibbs treats her like a daughter and she thinks of him as a father figure. =D Their relationship is sooo cute!

I was thinking of drawing her full scale and having red/black striped socks.. but somehow that didn’t work out too well. My only consolation is that at *least* she doesn’t look like a man here. =P

Next up there’s Garcia. She has this really close relationship with Morgan (whom I also find really hot XD and smart) which I quite like; they’re like siblings watching out for each other.

I liked the reference picture cause there was alot of colour. =P I definitely did not do the hairpiece any justice, but I did try with the hair. =D


My fave character in Tron – the reviews describe her as ‘quixotic’, haha which I find rather cute. =D

I originally intended to draw the lightcycle.. maybe some other time =P

I had to ‘animize’ my drawing cause there’s no way I’d do Olivia Wilde any justice =P

I do like the way the logo turned out. =D


this movie’s the first movie I’ve entered the cinema watching the end credits roll first. =D


okay, so I’ve been supercharged by the coffee this morning, but it doesn’t change the fact of what I think of the movie.

I loved it. =D

The geekery of it all was just mindblowingly awesome, the lights, the motorcycles, the planes, the ‘games’. I think I was mostly suckered in by the very pretty lights, I never thought of orange as an acceptable colour. The cool blue is expected, but the shade of neon orange they used for this is very. nice. XD

First time I set eyes on Olivia Wilde playing Quorra, I just went “zomg!” well the hair didn’t suit the character nor the feel of the Grid, but that aside she looked nice. XD There was also Gem – she reminded me of something possibly out of a Lady Gaga MTV. It’s neat though. =D Wicked eyelashes!


Although I have to say that there are some things in the movie very reminiscent of other movies:

  • ‘orphaned’ child, although in this case the father abandoning the son cause he was actually stuck in the Grid.
  • also the character Zuse is very much like Joker/Riddler.. he’s flamboyant, has a cane(!), has a creepy smile and is a sneaky one
  • the Flynn arcade reminds me of the theater that Bruce Wayne went to as a child when his parents were killed (well, the outside of it anyway)
  • again, the hidden office at Flynn arcade is very much like the Batcave

Star Wars

  • I think this one is mostly because of the father-son relationship. Also, the way Flynn Sr. dresses (come on, a hooded robe!) is pretty much a giveaway, no?
  • Also, the part where Sam first meets CLU, he thought that CLU was really his dad. Very Anakin – Luke-like, somehow.

Another thing that I caught myself observing is the gadgets that they used.

  • Sam used a Nokia N8 to mosey his way into the ENCOM Tower. Watching this movie didn’t impress me on the device either, haha however if it was an Android, then I might not have said the same.
  • Alan had an iPad (I’m pretty damn sure that’s what it was) at that board meeting.
  • The touch surface that was being used in the ENCOM board meeting, is very similar to Microsoft Surface.


The music was mostly Electronica, which suited the futuristic feel of the Grid very well, Daft Punk did a great job on this one. Even at Castor’s bar/club, the deejays were awesome. Lucky them! XD In some sense, the Grid reminded me of animes that are set in neo-Tokyo, like Ghost in the Shell or something. Just that everything was black and neon blue/orange.

I also saw a terminal and commands similar to that of Unix commands, purists FTW! XD


I’m glad I decided to not skip today’s entry. Head’s been hurting again, probably from staring at my computer screen for too long at work.

I was originally inspired to draw something corporate-y when I was in a G2000 store looking at a picture of a guy wearing a blazer and vest. Hawt as. I love men in vests and blazers.


aaaanyway, when I got back and decided to get sketching I thought I’d manage to find a picture of Neal Caffrey (White Collar, anyone?) in a vest. Unfortunately not. So I decided to sketch him instead. =P

I think this is failing because the eyes are too big, seriously very anime style. ahhahaha! And his lips are.. ahhh I was going “guh whatever!”

Although I have to say I like my own smudging skills, it gives the face abit more shape. XD

Makes me feel like doing more realistic sketching. Man there are so many things I’d love to improve about this picture. I only wish I had them 1337 skeelz. =P


no post for #projectaida2011 this time.. my head’s been aching all evening, killing my mood to do pretty much anything that requires brainwork. =P

will continue tomorrow.

Had my annual assessment/appraisal today, and was pretty surprised I guess. I thought I’d been rather lackadaisical this year since I didn’t really work on anything major. Was nice to know that I’m an “independent” person and able to carry out my own decisions well XD Need to fill in the work goals for next year and hand it in.. I don’t really expect much extras I guess, since I’ve heard stories here and there. =P

“I”ve nothing against you, apart from your attendance..” –JS, 2010

This made me laugh so hard XD

I tried my hardest not to see the points he gave me while he was scribbling on it. There were some silent moments I guess, and I remembered the many times I had to wait in this kind of silence while my examiner wrote notes after I performed each piece at my piano exams when I was younger. =P Same-ish situation.

I guess I graded myself pretty lowly so I expected his scores to be more or less the same. And then, I thought as I was filling up the last bit, might as well see, so that I know what he expects out of me. My only snag is that I need something that’s quantifiable to fill in. Now that makes it an even tougher cookie than before. =P

Been poisoning myself with a whole lot of things that I *really* really want. My top 3:

#1: Google Nexus S (if preordered from people in LYN, ~RM2400)
#2: 13″ Macbook Air (tricked out with 4GB RAM, 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo, ACPP – with the education discount, costs around RM6500)
#3: 21″ iMac (tricked out with 3.60GHz i5, 8GB RAM, 2TB SATA, ACPP – with the education discount, costs around RM6700)

I need to save. =P

kaze no oto

again done during office hours.

I remember thinking, “how am I gonna make sure these sketches don’t get smudgy?”

And I *do* do this sometimes. Helps me clear my mind.

I think I shall stick to pure pencil sketchies, my crayon colouring skills not up to par. =P

mayuge = eyebrows

So far my favourite sketch of the book, it made me grin so wide while I was doodling this XD I have to admit I was in the midst of reading icanhascheezburger and thinking of yotsuba, and this was its result =P

“hmm.. I wonder…” – what would kids wonder about?

I was originally wanting her just to peep out of the page.. but ah well, things happen =D

I was also thinking about some anime where this guy’s eyebrows look like seaweed strips. XD
also, does the nekosan remind anyone of Bagheera from the Jungle Book? Or maybe it’s just me.

1) so the answer is… WHY NOT? XD
2) it does keep the creative juices flowing when you think your well of inspiration has run dry.


On days like these, I do feel like I’m meant for extraordinary things.

Makes me feel like a superhero! =D


after I coloured the hair in, I think it doesn’t look as nice. And the eyes look like they’re going to fall out of her head. But nonetheless, this is one of those ‘inspiring’ moments while sitting in the office. When I’m clearly supposed to be working. =P