impressions on their uncle joe and the italian cafe

So for the most part of their childhood, Scy and Rainy kacau their Uncle Joe who owns and is the head chef of his own Italian cafe/restaurant. Their Uncle Joe is quite tough and stern, but is a very decent and street-wise guy. His good-natured being does rub off on them somewhat, but he’s serious when it comes to being smart on the street – he’s seen the good, bad and ugly of the world. Quite a well-traveled chef.

During Scy and Rainy’s teenage years, they help out at the Italian restaurant. Rainy’s the cashier/waitress, and Scy plays a bouncer/bartender type role. Their Uncle Joe, as mentioned earlier, is the head chef and owner of the place. Occasionally when business is slow he’ll man the till.

The kitchen crew are also Scy and Rainy’s best childhood friends. They’re like a pirate crew that sticks together no matter what – and it’s just as well as the restaurant had to take quite a punch during the recession, and each of them pitched in for the sake of saving the restaurant. There’s the sous chef (is a really funny lady who has this strange obsession with peaches and is married to a teacher), the dessert chef (whips up a mean panna cotta and tiramisu who has a nephew that drops by once in awhile, also training to be a dessert chef), the dishwasher (used to spin plates in a circus, still performs some antics while doing the dishes), the chopper (chops and slices and prepares the foodstuff, ninja style), the sauce chef (who is highly experienced and could have made more money working in a hotel, but is loyal to Uncle Joe from their early days) and the kitchenhand (a young guy who’s a chef in training, goes to the nearby culinary school).

initial impressions on their parents

Scy and Rainy have parents, like most kids do. Their folks are auditors working in a Big 4 company, so they rarely have time to spend with their kids.

Unfortunately the parents don’t realize it till it’s too late,and it wasn’t till secondary school that they decided they should expend some effor to repair their somewhat screwed up relationship with the kids. They do this by taking them to some crazily extravagant event with their colleagues once a year. This could be a cruise along the Carribean for a month, or staying in a summer house in France, or going to a ski resort during the peak season for two weeks in winter. Something crazy like that.

Mom is a terrific craftswoman – she used to have heaps of craft projects, scrapbooks and needlework that she’d make for the kids – like a scrapbook on their early childhood days, a knitted scarf for them both (that they still use), some cute skirts for Rainy and a vest for Scy (this is most likely why Scy loves vests, he was lucky to have all of his hand-made). Unfortunately, she sucks at cooking and this is probably the gene that was handed down to Rainy as well.

The father still listens to heaps of 60s and 70s music and loves singing. Has a great singing voice too. When Scy and Rainy were really young he’d sing them to sleep, as opposed to having a bedtime story. No matter how late he’d return home, they wouldn’t fall asleep until they heard their dad sing. He dearly loves them both but doesn’t talk very much. So during the rare times they get together, they jam together. Or go to a karaoke joint and rock the house =)

initial impressions on rainy and ben

Rainy on the other hand is quite the adventurous girl. She’s always wanting to try just about everything once, since she believes life is too short to live by the rules. However it also means she’s more often than not testing the boundaries and does land herself in quite a pot of trouble. Doesn’t help that she’s quite a looker with long brown hair and a pair of legs that most girls are envious of. Quite a sporty person, she loves playing baseball/softball and has a killer swing. She’s also an animal lover – she does keep a pet iguana called Ben which she keeps in a cage outside her window (once it got too big to fit into a cage) . She’s also a hopeless cook, so Uncle Joe and Scy try to keep her away from the kitchen, but due to her need to explore and experiment, she often finds away around them.

Ben is Rainy’s pet iguana. In fact, Rainy is the only person that Ben actually responds to, and Ben is loyal to her and follows her around like a puppy. He doesn’t care too much about Scy, as he recognizes his relationship with Rainy. However, he doesn’t like Reeis very much either. Partly due to the training that Scy has given Ben to bite Reeis’ photo on sight.

Rainy is always trying to get away from Scy mainly because he’s way overprotective of her, and all she wants is to find her own way in life. And some freedom to make her own decisions without thinking of how Scy might react.

She does know she has the looks and the brains, and works it to her advantage. This might be when she realizes her calling was in journalism, where one cannot always play by the rules to get to the crux of the main scoop. She’s strong on work ethics though, given her prior experience working with a voluntary body that focuses on protecting animals which in a way forces her to uphold those ethics.

initial impressions of scy

Scy is inwardly a rather geeky person, but he’s trying to be as nonchalant and as badass as possible. He does manage to pull this off most of the time, and only falls flat on his face when he hears *absolutely anything* to do with Rainy – whether she’s in trouble, or she was seen talking to another boy, or dressing rather indecently, or just generally trying to stir up trouble with Reeis.

He considers Reeis to be a really bad influence and initially does not like his guts – at all – because he’s the reason they both got caught trying to skip school. However, they kinda get used to each other after all the detention sessions and toilet-cleaning sessions they’ve had to spend together and form a strange bond of friendship.

The first thing that I could think of Scy’s temper is that it’s pretty short when it comes to Rainy getting in trouble – so he’s practically her bodyguard, and does his job just a little too well for her liking. He’s extremely protective about things and people that he cares about.

Scy is very knowledgeable, he reads and knows alot about.. alot of things. His sense of fashion is questionable until post-secondary school, where he learns some basic dress sense and develops his own style. Likes to wear somewhat preppy casual clothes and cannot leave the house without his favourite pair of faded jeans and sneaks. He’s not that into sports, but does prefer somewhat more different activities like mountain climbing and scuba diving. He’s also developed a love for web developing, creates and maintains his own site and blog.

He’s never had a girlfriend so far, he’s way too busy trying to get Rainy out of trouble. He does occasionally get dragged into friends asking him to set them up with some other random girl, and noone actually knows why he’s been rather successful at it.

let’s begin!

I promised reeis I’d do this months ago, finally decided that this was the time to jot everything down.

It’s about the Inner Guy story, which is Reeis’ brainchild that she’s been working on for ages! So since she’s dragged me into this I might as well give some background story to my two alter egos, a pair of siblings – Scy and Rain (although everyone else calls her Rainy).

Besides, now’s a good time as any – after all we’ve discussed a fair bit about our characters, and some little stories here and there.

I’m not sure if I should create snippets in different posts, or just combine everything into one. For now, I’ll try different posts with the chara tags.