silly of the day

I grab a wiping cloth, and I say to guama

“wa ai ki lap ming ch’ng”

and she just staaaaaaaaaaared at me like I’ve gone crazy.

“le ai lap ming ch’ng? si mi si ai lap ming ch’ng! lap ch’ng si bo ar? hahahahahha”

lawlllll I felt soooooo stewpit, but it still gives me the giggles. XD


On Tuesday, guama woke up and said:

“Za meh wa nngk si hau… lo chueh lou ai chuk ke, kia ji ko, jia hi ko, boi tik chue lou chuk ke.. pia ji ko, pia hi ko ping sama ou ou kai.. then uu ji kai ta pou kia lai, ee ta ‘eh ah sou, lai tue wa, kia lou chuk ke si na hi poi la..’ wa pung tue ee kia lor – wa ee si ta jing kai wor, wa tue ee ke, kia ji ko, kia hi ko ma chue tiok kia lou chuk ke.. then wa ki lai liou! mm zhai ee kai ta pou kia si mi kai nang kai, ou ou pue mm zhai si mangali or si mi kai.. hahaha ho ki khuai..”

Talk about dreams that linger on even after you’ve woken up.

Been playing Valkyrie Profile these past few days – I think video game dubbing isn’t as terrible as anime dubbing. They still sound fake-ish but it somehow is more appropriate. I like collecting my random Einherjar (and seeing the story of their final moments as a human before Lenneth comes along to take their souls). And the fighting’s fun, I like shooting the crystals to climb up and up and freeze those enemies *take that!* XD

Can’t bear to finish Suikoden I cause I love playing it so much I don’t want it to end! =P So I’m close to the end, will go back to it when I have the time to finish it off in one day.

Next I’m obviously gonna play Suikoden II, and maybe Star Ocean..

Work has its good bits, and has its bad bits. There are things (albeit small ones at that) here and there that irk me to the point of indignation (my spelling and repo as thesaurus/dictionary going down the drain with this) but I try to not let it get to me… so in an effort to repress it I suspect it’s draining my brain.

Sometimes I get home, and fall asleep right after dinner *at* the table.. sometimes, I miss swing because of it.

So gaming after I wake up helps me unwind abit, stay away from the outside world abit to recollect my sanity (and have some fun in the process) and helps me escape (from what? maybe the idea of just *escaping* is fun)

random point: going out with reeis tomorrow to watch Toy Story 3!

Made her go out with me cause I haven’t been to a movie in what seems to be *aaaaages* (lawl makings of a ronerryyyy despo person? XP)

This Facebook Note…

Makes for an interesting conversation.
Personally, I like this note very much – I wish I was as gutsy. =) I don’t have to be… yet.

some time to meself

Work today was semi-frustrating cause for the longest time I wasn’t echoing my $_POST variable (and after looking at it for about half a day it was really starting to piss me off)… so I finally relented (simply because I couldn’t stand being frustrated and I needed to get it done before someone thinks I’m retarded) and asked my seniors how it was supposed to be done~

Just one sentence, and everything clicked together for me – after that it was just an hour affair. When this happens I usually go “zomg why didn’t I think of that?! It was staring me right in the face!” Double redirects really threw me off course. >_>

That aside, seniors do speak wise words. I guess that’s why they call it “wise words” instead of “wise paragraphs” or “wise lectures” – they’re meant to be concise. *nodnods*

Kinda glad I didn’t have to pick up ti till later, so I got to go grocery shopping with guama after dinner! We were purposely speaking louder to each other in the car in a cho lo way that it made us laugh our heads off~~

“Uu jik pai wa lo ka ee eh kang nang ta ue, ta ho tua sia so ee eh baby sa jok wa lor meh eee, ee eh mak kim kim toi wa, kia tiok si boh, heeheehee!”

Which I thought was pretty funny cause weiwei simply adores guama.. Everytime she goes over to their place or he sees her, he’ll literally say *really* loudly “GUAMAAAAAAA~~~~!” and that’s how anyone knows she’s around XD I guess I used to be like that too when I was little.

I also (not-so) secretly like the fact that I don’t have to do the dishes after I came home =P I’m lazy, but then again that’s no real surprise.

mmmmmm~ the feeling of picking up Stargate Atlantis right after where I left off…. is fantastic XD I don’t profess to be a sci-fi geek per se, but the characters *are* cute and funny, and make a pretty fun crew! Interesting humanitarian issues being discussed here (which was around the ending of Season 2) and I do like the variety of the crew. Starting off Season 3 and just finished the episode with the very obnoxious guy, with me going “zomgWTF!” every other minute simply because the fandom was just…. really. creeping. me. out.

on a side note, shirohiro’s trackpad isn’t working. bah! it does get pretty irksome cause while lying on my bed I prefer to use a trackpad instead of something external to it. *rolls around*

And there went my Friday night. XD

tiger balm

When I was little the fatties and I really was afraid of the Tiger Balm smell, cause guama reeked of it! She’d use it as a cure-all for just about anything –

Colds: Generous amounts of it would be rubbed onto our nose*, chest and back.

Coughs: Generous amounts of it would be rubbed onto our nose*, chest, back and neck.

Mosquito bites: Generous amounts of it would be rubbed onto the bite area.

*When it was rubbed onto our noses, or more specifically the nostril area (not actually in the nostril, but you get the idea) it was almost like sniffing wasabi, I swear! It was so minty/spicy/whatever you called it that we felt it was kinda difficult to breathe because of it. The thing was, it usually worked cause the blockage would disappear!


“Ku za uu no kuang kai, ji kai ang kai, ji kai pek kai.. I like the white one cause that was what my parents always used on us. My dad would do the same for me, and I remembered I hated it so much! But the funny thing was that it actually worked, so as much as we hated it, we just had to bear it. ”

“Le toi uu ane joi kuang kai, tapi ji kai kuang si Singapore kai…”

Then she’d go on to describe the history but I don’t really remember it apart from there being 2 brothers in the business, the original one being the red one and then later on one of the brothers decided to make the white one. Or something to that effect, anyway.


There were times (usually after the Sydney trip when guama visits ah yee) that she’d tell us how the kiddos commented on the smell~

“Wa ke si hao ngk ah soi ti/Rhys kai pang keng…Wa ngk jik meh, ka teng ma meng ki ah ti ta ‘wah guama! your room uu hi kai Tiger Balm kai bi ho strong wor’ (laughs!) si ho chao bi meh? Wa yong ka joi liao si bo? Wa jai wa uu ji kai bi, tapi mm zai si mi si,┬ábo yong jik meh bo song wo..”


zhang season’s just around the corner! so guama needs to go and get the ingredients ready to pak zhang~ maybe I’ll fetch her to the mini mart to get the stuff.


“Will ask the buay chai nang to help me get the stuff so that the next time I see him I can get the items in time to pak zhang on Friday.. sigh, where am I going to find the time to do it?”

“My mother-in-law is actually pretty good in doing alot of things, sa ma pun oi tik cho, kou ping kalak ke (laughs)…. Last time when the pak zhang season came around, she would ask me to chop the he bi, mushroom finely, then fry it till bi pang pang… then when the time came to actually pak zhang she would chase me away, asking me to ‘go over there and do something else’.. why is it that she never wants to teach me how to make it? I have to observe for myself and didn’t really get to take part in it. I do know that the chuk bi will have to be steamed properly so the texture is right..”

“Once I’ve fried the he bi and mushrooms, I will pak zhang, but this zhang is not the normal ones you buy outside, my mom says that you have to add something special to the mix… it’s this slightly spicy black grainy powder, in it I’ll mix pek hou chio hung, ou hou chio hung, and some bi chai ji, you know, the seeds that will grow into this fine, long pretty plant.. sometimes they’ll use it when they cook chicken or duck, then just sprinkle a little on top of it after the cooking’s done.”

“Also, the special thing about this zhang is that it’s not black, like the ones you can find at shops, but mine is white.. cause I don’t use soya sauce, also a neh ou ou sek kia si lang, pek pek sek baru sui sui ma.. bo pe io bi tou kai!”


sidenote: I find trying to type in teochew very interesting cause unless you know what the word is, guessing the meaning might get pretty tricky. Plus I think the phrases are very guama, translating them into English kinda does them no justice.