If there’s one thing I…

If there's one thing I learned tonight – these SPR guys have alot of sass at this crazy hour of the night.. it's very funny! #ge14 #pru14


Hahahah thank goodness I said nothing to Leo.

It was kinda cute to see him gush about a girl that he likes! It’s like, I know why.. But I can’t see how. Maybe I don’t really see them interact, but their communication styles look distinctly different.

We talked about many trivial things, and I guess I can see why he is like that.

Also, having manja cats as company, over coffee is very fun. 10/10 would do it again , because you get to see your own and others’ reactions around them. And boop the cat’s nose all the time. XD

Having a crush is cute. 😂 Having that crushed may not be as cute though.